Hello Starseeds. Welcome to my website. I am a spiritual counsellor interested in all aspects of awakening.

In 2014 I underwent a significant spiritual awakening in which everything in my life was turned upside down. When I look back I realised that every trial, challenge and issue I faced were exquisite jewels of inner transformation. This natural and sacred journey truly morphs one from pupae to butterfly. The path of spiritual awakening is transformative, life-changing and unique. Each awakening is as unique as the geometry of a snowflake.  The aftermath of my awakening has led me to new vistas of thought, imagination and creativity. I am driven to facilitate those undergoing similar spiritual journeys. This is part of my Life Purpose.

On this site, I regularly write blogs focusing on our awakening states (and how to sometimes ride on the horns of an angry bull!), provide links and information on spiritual matters and post about upcoming workshops that I hold. If you are interested in spiritual counselling and would like to book a session, click here.

I am also looking for authors to contribute to this site-blog. The focus of articles should be on our awakening states, causes, effects and hopefully, good advice to starseeds going through their physical, emotional, spiritual and cosmological stuff.

Finally, I am involved in the production and sale of meditation stools and other spiritual gifts to aid our awakening states. Please browse my store or click on the Touchwoodproducts button.

Have a browse. I hope you enjoy it!

Starseed Blog

The Sun, friend or foe?
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The Sun – Friend or Foe? Almost everything in our modern world is back-to-front and upside-down. Hospitals are not safe places to receive treatment because of superbugs and drug-resistant bacteria. Our schools dumb us down and our water is laced … Read More

Awakening to Oneness
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Awakening to Oneness    A common experience noted by many individuals who undergo a spiritual awakening is a knowing that we are All One and that everything is interdependent and interconnected into itself. This is sacred remembrance of who we … Read More

Antimicrobial properties of colloidal silver
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The antimicrobial properties of colloidal silver:   Prior to 1938 much of the sterilisation work carried out in hospitals was performed using colloidal silver. This was also the first method of choice in dealing with internal infections and for cleansing … Read More

Hollow Earth, First Contact and Wilful Environmental Pollution
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Hollow Earth, First Contact and Wilful Environmental Pollution I argue in this article that the environmental policies of global industrialists, which include the release of GMO fauna and flora, mobile phone radiation, fracking, oil production activities and the wilful release … Read More

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