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Moving into a new home? What to do if you are electro-sensitive or hypersensitive to microwave electromagnetic frequencies:

Ten years ago, the medical evidence on the non-thermal effects from microwaves on the human body was scarce. Now, in 2015, we have thousands of peer-review medical and epidemiological studies looking at very strong, if not causal, links between microwave radiation and a whole host of adverse biological effects including genetic damage and probable induction of various ‘rare’ cancers.

OK, you’ve done all your basic research prior to re-locating to a new area. Your checklist probably includes the following: you are within the catchment area of the school of your choice with good transport links nearby. There is also an old fashioned high street with butcher, baker and candlestick-maker. You also know of a local organic working farm where you can pick your own fruit and vegetables and, wonder of wonders, within spitting distance of family and friends. What else do you need or could ask for? If you suffer from electro-sensitivity (ES) to strong microwave (MW) digitally-pulsed frequencies, there is a lot more you can do in ensuring your dream move does not turn into a nightmare. In particular, individuals with electro-hyper-sensitivity (EHS) find it very difficult to live anywhere in the presence of strong or even weak MW EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies). These individuals may experience tingling along their arms or the feeling of currents running down their bodies, nausea, migraine, ‘ringing’ in the ears, vision-impairment, depression, severely disrupted sleep patterns and a general feeling of being ‘out of sorts’. If they continue to live within the influence of strong MW EMFs, they may go on to develop a variety of adverse biological conditions including high blood pressure, cancers and diseases of the nervous and immune systems. People who suffer EHS are literally the ‘canaries in the coalmine’: they are affected first and they signal danger and alarm to the rest of the population. Several Nordic countries have defined EHS as a disease in which the hapless individuals are moved to areas with almost-zero background MW radiation. The state may also move these individuals into state-funded specially shielded accommodation that keep MW exposure to an absolute minimum. Other countries totally disregard any health issues from MW radiation. Thankfully, there are several courses of action we can take to limit our potential MW exposure before we actually move house and also what to do once we move in.

I focus in this article on frequencies related to the high end of the electromagnetic spectrum between 900 MHz (megahertz) and 8 GHz (gigahertz). These frequencies are defined as microwaves and from an evolutionary perspective our exposure to these types of strong EMFs is relatively young i.e. 10 – 15 years. We have been exposed to low frequency high signal intensity radio and TV transmitters for at least 100 years with few large scale ill effects being reported. We now live in a sea of high intensity microwave radiation and, importantly, have no real idea of the latency period between MW exposure and consequent ill health. Sources of high signal intensity MW transmitters include telecommunication buildings, mobile phone masts, commercial WIFI ‘hotspots’ and buildings used by the emergency services i.e. police, fire and ambulance. All the following telecommunication channels use MW signals to enable communication between their source (transmitter) and receptor devices, which include smart TVs, residential WIFI, tablets, most baby monitors, PMR (licence-free public mobile radio), DECT (wireless) phones and Bluetooth devices. The first step in reducing local MW exposure is to locate key high signal intensity MW transmission sources within your chosen area. Key sites of strong local MW radiation to avoid include:

  • police stations
  • hospitals and ambulance carparks /garages
  • fire stations
  • large shopping centres
  • commercial WIFI ‘hotspots’
  • mobile phone masts
  • The location of mobile phone masts within the UK can be found using the OFCOM site finder link: http://www.sitefinder.ofcom.org.uk/. Once identified, these areas can be completely avoided or minimized by distance. Now that you have found an area that is relatively clear of the major sources of MW radiation transmitter sources, the second step is to borrow, rent or buy an EMF ‘electrosmog’ meter to measure and ensure MW signal intensity within and around your potential home is as low as you wish it to be. It is fair to assume that the majority of households and occupants within a 500m radius of your chosen home will be using mobile phones and/or WIFI-enabled microwave devices. The third step is to use your EMF meter to check MW signal intensities within the vicinity of your potential home. How to do this is outside the scope of this article. The following Youtube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HF9Brnb0i1E shows you how to ‘sweep’ an area close to your home in order to identify and assess MW signal intensity. It is also advisable to check MW radiation at various times of the day and night, particularly from houses within 50m of your chosen home.
  • The fourth step is to weigh up all the pros and cons of the situation in order to make an informed choice on whether that house in that area is suitable for you to live in and raise your family. Last but not least, you must take steps to ensure the devices within your home do not utilize or operate at microwave frequencies. This is easily achieved using hardwired cable alternatives which may include:
  • Strategies to reduce EMF exposure
  • Fibre optic or Ethernet hardwired cable provide a higher and more stable speed connection to the internet. Ensure your WIFI router is properly switched off. The BT (British Telecom) HomeHub WIFI routers not only operate at two separate frequencies (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) they also use your router as a ‘relay station’ to enable other anonymous users to access the Internet via your WIFI connections! Instructions on how to permanently turn WIFI off are on the BT site and it is also a good idea to periodically check for the absence of WIFI from these routers because the WIFI ‘kill switch’ can be activated remotely via software ‘upgrades’ from BT.
  • Replace your DECT (wireless) phone for an analogue phone which is much safer
  • Do ensure your baby monitor is not operating at 2.4 GHz (microwave frequency) - you can still buy baby monitors operating at 30 MHz (ebay is a good source)
  • Do use the old fashioned hard-wired cable for your mouse and keyboard to computer, not the WIFI-enabled types
  • If you really must use WIFI-enabled devices, switch them all off when not in use and strictly limit their use and exposure around children and pregnant women, particularly within the first 100 days following conception.

Many vehicles enable operation of your mobile phone in-car. They use the Bluetooth system which, of course, operates at high signal microwave frequencies. Exposure to MW radiation within cars is full body due to the relatively enclosed space within the driving and front passenger seat environment. It is advisable to switch any Bluetooth-enabled devices permanently off. The instructions on how to do this can usually be found in your radio manual. A suitable EMF meter to measure microwave radiation from all these sources must be able to determine frequencies up to at least 8 GHz. Youtube.com is a good source of information in selecting an appropriate EMF ‘smogdetector’ meter. The previous link will also tell you how to ‘sweep’ your house for any in-house hotspots, particularly those areas of high occupancy e.g. your living room and bedrooms:

Depending on your sensitivity, you can then make an informed decision whether this house is appropriate for you and your family. As a general rule of thumb signal intensities above background levels are not acceptable. In all important decisions, however, there is always room for compromise and manoeuvre, particularly if we really must move into our dream house. Don’t be afraid to discuss these issues with your new neighbours and see what they think. There is no need to be ‘evangelical’ about this issue, just point them to the latest scientific and medical data and let them make their own minds up. Due to the sheer number and media-hype surrounding the launch and use of all WIFI-enabled devices, their use in residential homes has increased exponentially in recent years. This is in spite of all the ongoing concerns regarding their use and consequent ill effects on health. Most people are aware that mobile phone masts pose a hazard, yet few people seem to realize that WIFI and all dependent devices utilize digitally-pulsed MW frequencies. Ten years ago, the medical evidence on the non-thermal effects from microwaves on the human body was scarce. Now, in 2015, we have thousands of peer-review studies looking at very strong, if not causal, links between microwave radiation and a whole host of adverse biological effects including genetic damage and probable induction of various ‘rare’ cancers: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/

In view of all the doubts and uncertainties relating to the use of microwave frequencies and consequent adverse biological effects, the precautionary principle should be applied. That is to say, there is sufficient medical and epidemiological evidence out there that contradicts the current regulatory advice given by government bodies and the telecommunication industries. Safety levels for the use and regulation of the microwave portion of the electromagnetic spectrum were historically set on thermal heating of tissue only. It is time for non-thermal or biological effects to be included in any regulatory authorisation process. Non-thermal, or biological, effects are the litmus test for any meaningful interpretation of safety. We all deserve much better in terms of safety related to the use of these devices.

Be the change you would like to see in the world. We change the world one heart and mind at a time yet it always starts within us. The solving of this particular issue can only come about using a different type of energy to that which created it. This battle will not be ‘won’ using science or medical studies. It will come about when enough people understand the potential dangers to themselves and their loved ones. Informed choice based on the findings of independent scientists and medical research groups may lead the bulk of the population to say ‘enough, we refuse to buy or use any of these products until proven safe’. The market in that sense has no option but to follow the wishes of the consumer.

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