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Choices, choices and more choices. Originally published on lightworkersworld.com in 2015

 Seeing through the Illusions

These are significant times for spiritual awakening. There is no sitting on the fence and nowhere to hide – it is inescapable. We all have a date with destiny yet we are free to choose how we experience it. The all of this is much easier to understand if we agree that everything in our lives is brought to us by us, through us, for us. We do not need to understand how it all works, just leave space in our mindscape to allow its ‘possibility’. By accepting responsibility for everything in our life, we implicitly accept we are both creators and created. That single acknowledgement is but half the battle of life. Thus, there are no victims or oppressors within all the stuff we go through. It is implicit within the setups of Life that we also create solutions to any problems we face. By accepting the possibility that we are much grander than we think we are, Life thus becomes much sweeter and stable as we enjoy the ups and downs within our lives and treat the good and bad with equal measure. No-one is doing anything to us other than us. That is a defining trait of a Master and it is ironic that all of us are presented with very similar circumstances, time after time and lifetime after lifetime. These experiences are gifted through us to provide opportunities for growth and enlightenment.


A few rules of the game

When we do not accept responsibility for everything we experience in our lives, we can at times feel oppressed, put on and disadvantaged – I call this the ‘why-me’ syndrome. The ‘why-me’ syndrome allows us to wallow in the dark niches of our divine expression. Life plays itself out according to what we think is going to happen rather than what is actually happening. Rather than being in the moment, we become stuck in the past or embed ourselves into nebulous futures. Thus, once we fully identify with Time itself, we slip ever deeper within the Matrix and lose the true essence of ourselves. Time has a unique ability to dissolve and dim our consciousness. Time is an artefact of the third and fourth dimensions. It is nothing more than a cosmic chameleon and charlatan. Once recognised, its power is broken. We break apart the habit of ‘time’ when we fully access each Moment of Now. Why dilute ourselves into the past or the future when we can access our true selves in each magical moment of Now?


What we choose we experience – choices, choices, choices

The other bits within the puzzles of Life relate to choice and the choices we make. This second part of the puzzle is much easier to understand, decode and translate within the software codes of the Matrix. The choices we make, whether to drink coffee rather than tea, to make love not war and whether to wear the purple t-shirt over the red t-shirt, inescapably define who and what we are. In choosing whether to go left or right, up or down or around and around, we stir up the quantum in our unified field. It is here that we meet head-on our Life Purpose and other energies we came here to experience. One aspect of our divine quantum selves relates to synchronicity and being not just in the flow of things but within Life itself. These aspects of Oneness relate to the depth and fluidity of the connections between our 3D and Higher Self. It is here that we feel rather than rationalise and it is here that the magic that we are is able to fully express itself in all its glory.

 The single determinant of the quality and happiness within our lives relate simply to the choices we make. Choosing wisely is the way to go, yet many people experience the same negative energetic constructs of Life, time after time. You deal yourself the same cards of life, time after time, make the same choices, yet inexplicably, expect a different result. Life becomes stuck, on you. Life will continue to play the same cards throughout your life until you get the message. Try something different, try different choices. Experience life differently, do something different, you’ve been there, done that so many times before. You begin to break open the software codes of the Matrix when you begin to change and enlarge your perspective. For many people, this simply means saying that perhaps there, is something here that I do not understand, let me be open and try something else. Live consciously.


In making conscious choices within Life we acknowledge fully, what we focus on we create. Whether we think of ourselves as being the ‘half full’ or ‘half empty’ types of conscious beings is irrelevant, the real point is to see through that particular illusion. Life in 3D is illusory and nothing more than a construct of this particular dimension. Practice ‘seeing through the illusion’ by choosing to be, the grandest version of the greatest vision you ever held about yourself (1). Once free of the constraints of time and according an allowance of infinite possibilities within the unified Field, Just Be – there is nothing else to do. We are simply Pure Consciousness having a 3D experience.



1. Neil Donald Walsch – Conversations with God Book 1