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How to reduce your exposure from a neighbour’s WIFI router or DECT cordless phone

I recently discovered that we had a problem with microwave radiation in my son’s bedroom. This was caused by my neighbour’s WIFI router. My meter showed high readings, mostly limited to one corner of my son’s bedroom. The WIFI router emitted a fairly powerful signal and I measured 6.5 volts per metre squared on one spot on his wall. This is far too strong and biologically damaging.

In this short article, I share what I did to reduce my son’s exposure from this source of pulsed microwave radiation. You can also follow these steps if you have a similar problem, whether from your neighbour’s WIFI router or DECT cordless phone base. This article is especially useful if you live in a terraced or end-of-terrace house with party walls between you and your neighbour.

Many dwellings nowadays use DECT cordless phones or WIFI routers that continuously emit microwave radiation. Thanks to a prestigious $25 million mobile phone /rodent cancer study, the American government now has ‘clear evidence’ that exposure to microwave radiation causes cancer. This study formed part of a National Toxicology programme in which rats and mice were exposed to microwave frequencies 6 hours per day for a period of two years. The animals were sacrificed at the end of this period and examined for cancers of various types. Significantly, ‘clear evidence’ of brain and heart cancers was found with statistically significant numbers of other types of cancers observed.   The frequencies used in these experiments are the same frequencies used by WIFI routers, smartphones, smart TVs, baby monitors, BLUETOOTH devices, mobile phones, smart-meters etc.

If like me you have done everything you can to reduce your microwave exposure from the various devices within your own home but still find that parts of your house are exposed to your neighbour’s devices, you may find it useful to read on. Of course, you may be very lucky and only need a quick chat with your neighbour for them to agree to replace their WIFI with a hard-wired alternative (ETHERNET or optical cabling), or their DECT phone with an analogue corded phone. More likely, they may agree to move their WIFI router or DECT phone base to another part of their house which is further away from your adjoining walls. If you have no luck with your polite request, all is not lost – here is what I did.

I used my TES 593 electrosmog detector to identify the highest spots of WIFI radiation in my son’s bedroom. These meters cost about £250 or you can hire one for the day. Image 1 illustrates hotspots of microwave radiation from my neighbour’s WIFI router with the highest value found at 6.5 volts per square metre.

Image 1

Areas of high signal intensity of WIFI radiation

Once I determined the number and extent of pulsed microwave radiation hotspots, I painted over these areas with a special shielding paint (see Image 2).

 Image 2

Black shielding paint HSF54 covering areas of high intensity WIFI radiation

I used two coats of **HSF54 on the party wall between my son’s room and the neighbour’s router. I allowed each coat 48 hours to dry and partially cure. I also made a simple earth connector (see Figure 3) and connected it directly to the wall. The purpose of the earth connection is to ground any voltages that might be present on the wall from mains wiring ELF (extremely low frequency) voltages or other sources of transient voltage spikes.

I wired the ground wire (brown cable) from the earth connector directly to an outside earth system, consisting of a bar of copper hammered at least 50cm into the soil outside my son’s bedroom.

**The HSF54 paint is manufactured in Germany and you can contact them to find out a stockist local to you. The paint manufacturer can be contacted here:YSHIELD EMR-Protection Gewerbering 6 94060 Pocking GERMANY Phone: 0049-8531-31713-8, Fax: 0049-8531-31713-5. Email: contact@yshield.com Internet: www.yshield.com

Figure 3

Earth connector made from a scrap aluminium bracket


Illustrates the earth connector screwed to the HSF54 painted wall

 The two coats of paint which I applied to the wall resulted in an overall reduction of microwave radiation by about 90% which is a very useful reduction. I applied a third coat of paint just to the hotspot areas and this extra coat resulted in a further 3% decrease in pulsed microwave radiation. I estimate that in order to reduce exposure by up to about 98%, I would need to paint our party wall with at least 5 coats of paint.

In conclusion, the shield paint I used does exactly what it says on the tin and I can recommend it to reduce exposure from microwave radiation onto party and outside walls. Don’t be put off by its black colour; it just took two coats of white emulsion paint to cover it all again. Its major disadvantage is its cost, as it retails here in the UK for about £40 per 500ml bottle. If you have a window that needs shielding from external sources of microwave radiation you would need to consider buying shielded curtain material as well.

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