The real reasons for BREXIT

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The undisclosed reasons for BREXIT, austerity programmes, vaccines, chemtrails, lax border controls and use of sugar

We are the Bilderbergers lala la la

Nothing in this life is ever as it seems. Many of our political, military, economic and industry leaders owe allegiance to shadowy power brokers who have slithered in the shadows of our consciousness for many thousands of years. Many of our government safety departments carry out policies contrary to their stated objectives. Their stated and regulatory duties are to ensure what we eat, drink and are exposed to should be at ‘safe’ levels – this is rarely the case. The media has completely dumbed down rational and common sense discussions on anything of societal importance. Political correctness forbids any view other than a state view around any issues of gender, war, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Putin or the USA. Google controls what we are able to access via the Internet and Facebook controls ‘spook’ access to our social circles and interests. Life today is so much different to what it was just 30 years ago.

Behind all the state rhetoric on major societal issues, a grand plan of ages has unfolded. Many traps were put in place years ago by the controllers to keep us from discovering the true nature of our reality. They have panicked, lost the plot and now resort to brute power in keeping control i.e. note the militarisation of police forces and all sorts of rag, tag and bobtail state department personnel carrying lethal weapons. The nature of their control over us can be described as a predator /prey relationship.


maggie maggie the milk snatcher...

The political nature of their control over us is to place their blueblood offspring into positions of power. They also control both sides of the apparent divide in philosophy between right and left. To observant and awakened individuals it is clear to see that there is no daylight in the day-to-day policies of any political party be they left, right, centre, capitalist, communist or nationalist. The media watch over the backs of either ruling party by diluting or distorting the true nature of political and everyday reality. There are many example to illustrate how political and social power is exercised in this post-work, digitally-enhanced culture we now live in.


If I take just one example out of many, think about VoteLeave (British referendum on leaving Europe), Cambridge Analytica, AIQ, the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth and all the centralised wealth of many nations housed within one central structure following say, a global money market collapse. The following is taken from RT (Russia Today)  looking at the activities of Cambridge Analytica in view of the fact that it i s staffed by the British Establishment itself:

From RT: “the extended Royal family has become embroiled in the Cambridge Analytica (CA) scandal. As journalists investigate the shady deals of the consultancy firm, it has been exposed that ties to the data company go right to the top. As the week progressed, more and more links between Cambridge Analytica (CA) and the establishment have been revealed. Board members for parent company SCL Group include a Lords member, Tory donors, ex-British army officers and defense contractors… there’s even a direct descendant of a queen in there for good measure. CA is one arm of SCL group, formerly known as Strategic Communication Laboratories. The Observer article, which initially broke the CA scandal, said “for all intents and purposes, SCL/Cambridge Analytica are one and the same.”

SCL’s board is a who’s who of the British establishment, with minor royals rubbing shoulders with Conservative Party donors and the military top brass. Board member Roger Gabb is a successful wine merchant well known for his significant donations to the Conservative Party – half a million pounds, to be exact, in 2006. Whilethe Chief Executive of SCL is Nigel Oakes, an Etonian, who was infamously the ex-lover of Lady Helen Windsor. Rumor has it that Lady Helen reportedly smuggled him into her parents’ grace-and-favor home in St James’s Palace. He was at Lady Helen’s 21st birthday (hosted by the Queen) when he was arrested… there had been a warrant in his name for driving without insurance. He was also once rumored to be an MI5 spy.

The company’s upper echelons have links to the military establishment too; another listed director is Rear Admiral John Tolhurst. Tolhurst, as well as being an aide de camp to the Queen, is a former MoD assistant director of naval warfare at the Ministry of Defence.

There are closer links to her majesty, though, in the form of Ivar Mountbatten. He’s the third cousin once removed of Queen Elizabeth II and shares a direct line with none other than Queen Victoria. Such deep connections to politics and the establishment raise questions over SCA’s winning of contracts with the UK Ministry of Defence, the US State Department and NATO as well as their reported involvement in the Tory Party.

The London-based political consultancy has been at the center of a storm this week, after a whistleblower said the company had paid an academic to harvest the data of 50 million Facebook users, to build profiles of American voters before the 2016 U.S. election.Following this, a Channel 4 News undercover sting revealed that the company’s [now suspended] CEO Alexander Nix offered to use dirty tricks, which included bribery and the hiring of ‘Ukrainian women,’ to entrap politicians and subvert elections.

In other words, is it not strange that a ‘blue-blood’ British establishment organisation (data collection and political persuasion tactics) received almost 3.5 million British pounds from organisations determined to leave the European Union?  It can only be understood if it is understood that sometime after Britain leaves the European Union, the deliberate crashing of the money markets will take place. The Establishment is attempting to protect its own assets.


  • BREXIT was enabled as a way of safeguarding the undeclared assets of the Royal family. The Queen and all her stately and financial interests amount to staggering numbers of swagger, booty and land ownership. The UK Royal family are at the top of the reptilian blueblood foodchain. Once BREXIT has taken place, the money brokers and those who control the global money markets will crash all global major currencies. Much of the Queen’s assets will, they think, be ‘ring fenced’. That is the plan but it will backfire because this financial meltdown will trigger awakenings and ‘aha’ moments in many individuals and many will also ‘lose it’ – this roughly translates to a total loss of control by the elite. Following the deliberate crash of money markets, much of the world will be ‘zoned’ according to natural resources. Africa, India and parts of Asia will be subject to tyrannical control whilst much of Europe will be decimated because Europeans are deemed ‘consumers’ with no natural resources to offer the controllers of the ‘New World Order’.
  • Austerity programmes have been enacted in many developed countries in which the state has cut back on state expenditure and at the same time increased taxes massively. These programmes are part of Agenda 21 in which the global population becomes impoverished prior to a massive reduction in its number. The poor have become poorer, the middle classes have vanished and the 1% have profited massively from our financial disenfranchisement. Interlinked with austerity is the movement and decimation of many skilled industries, ship building etc. away from developed countries to China – these skills and ways of life will never return.
  • Vaccination programmes in many countries are enforced at the point of a machine gun. That should tell you that they, the secret controllers take vaccines seriously. Vaccines operate at many levels of our biological health and are administered in order to reduce our reproductive success, re-write our genome, increase ill-health, boost pharmaceutical profits and to knock us off our optimum spiritual and biological well-being.
  • Chemtrails also operate on many levels i.e. the deliberate release of organisms, viruses and bacteria detrimental to our health, aluminium and other heavy metals to acidify our lakes, lands and crops. These metals retard our neurological processes by the build-up of aluminium in our brains causing dementia and other adverse cognitive processes. Chemtrails are also used to terraform our upper atmosphere. This is a staggering attempt to manipulate its electrical and chemical properties in order that land-based space weapons i.e. HAARP for example can more effectively ‘steer’ wind masses from place to place. The sun is shut out every day by the massive amount of daily sprayings taking place across all the inhabited regions of Earth and no-one seems to notice. I have never heard any of the United Kingdom BBC weather presenters mention that dreaded word ‘chemtrails’!! These operations are clandestinely footed by taxpayer monies yet the agents of these activities slither silently in the background. They effectively orchestrate and marshall air forces of the developed world including its host of civilian subsidiary companies to spray on a daily basis. Very soon we will see in full colour the enactment of Operation Blubeam i.e. fake holographic imagery of aliens, messiahs etc. in yet another attempt at control of the masses.
  • In order to dilute nationalism and enable the ‘zoning’ of continents and countries based on potential natural resources, lax or non-existent border controls to migrants is deemed a necessity by the controllers, whether it occurs between Italy and Libya or America and Mexico. The controllers would like to ferment these zoning areas immediately after it crashes the world economy.
  • Finally, sugar consumption is toxic in the levels it is consumed by most consumers today. Sugar in all its forms is responsible for the turning off of our ‘appetite switch’ and we rarely feel sated. This of course increases profits to the food industry. The food industry ‘dark and laboratory suits’ link increased sugar levels in their products with increased profitability – sugar is present in vast quantities in most foods today, including savoury foods. The total daily consumption of sugar from anyone consuming processed foods in the West, particularly the US and UK is truly enormous. In years to come, sugar will be viewed as the ‘beast driving obesity’. As usual, sugar consumption in its present form operates on many levels, one being that obesity leads to various obsessions including diets or an unhealthy focus on one’s general appearance. Juxtapose sugar intake /obesity with media portrayal of a healthy body i.e. ‘Barbie-like’ imagery especially shown in reality series and dramas and you have a recipe for much of the population hating their bodies and by default, themselves.

The controllers of our world and their politician lackeys have spent an inordinate amount of time and scheming in keeping us in our place. That place is the subservient unknowing beast of burden that they like to milk for finance, resources and creativity. They planned all these apparently separate and disparate events many years ago because they knew that, from 2012 onwards, the mass of people will awaken and arise from their slumber. Global consciousness is on the rise and this time around, we are too many to be hoodwinked. They will be unable to get everyone to comply and without global compliance to our own slavery, they have nothing. As David Icke says, “we are many, they are few”. Wise up and choose to live on your feet rather than begging on your knees!!

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