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We are Magnificent Beings of Light & Love

We are magnificent Beings of Light, splinters of God-Consciousness, who knowingly stepped down in frequency to embrace the all of 3D reality. Our Life Purpose from lifetime after lifetime is to simply know ourselves as part of the One. In journeying back to Source, we have birthed galaxies, universes, planets and stars. We truly are Pure Consciousness having a 3D experience. Miraculously, we are starting to awaken from our 3D perceptual slumber chamber in much the same way as a butterfly emerges from its cocoon. As we awaken, we see our reality as it is, rather than how we were led to believe it was. Much that has been hidden or not known is frantically making its presence felt. These are times of accelerated spiritual growth, planetary and global healing. We can no longer stand by or allow Gaia to be used as a resource for the 1% to accrue monetary wealth, political and military power. Celestial gifts are showering all within this 3D theatre of Life as the new begins to replace the old. As our light shines forth, the dark energies have to pack up their stuff and go. They will not go away or give up without a fight however, but their time is now over. Our outer realities are slowly beginning to morph into benevolent systems of living/loving as we embrace more holistic lifestyles. This is now possible because more and more of us are awakening to new vistas of awareness of consciousness. The shifting sands of our collective mindset is firmly taking shape and birthing a New Human Collective Consciousness. The All of this new way of living will be based on cooperation, not competition, sharing rather than hoarding, and many, many creative inventions will harmoniously be shared. Getting on rather than getting rid of each other will be the new normal. The point is not to condemn and add to the heat of the moment, rather, it is to shine our light, compassion and empathy into the Grid of Light building up within and around Gaia. We are slowly becoming the change we have been seeking and waiting for.

The New Human will be heart-based and fully conscious on how things work. Suppressed technologies to fuel the energy needs of societies will explode into our consciousness as the vastly polluting, socio-economic and political power-structures of fossil fuel industries are relegated to the annuls of history. Energies based on a fuller understanding of the relationship between magnetism, electricity and what we call gravity will lead the way. Concepts of nationalism, economic growth, societal health and happiness will slowly change as we move away from the big cities and coastal areas to embrace the ‘small is beautiful’ principle of living. It is here that regional alternative energy systems based on the natural attributes of Gaia e.g. hot-geyser systems, wind, wave and tides will dominate where and how we live and what we need to produce. We will strive to seek balance in all things. Balance in all things is simply defined as service to all rather than to self.

The Old Energy Setup:

The old energies are currently in their death throes yet they will carry on doing what they have been doing for thousands of years. The dark lords that have been instrumental in shaping and controlling our societies live much longer than we do. Consequently, they are able to plan well into the future different economic and political systems and situations. They inspire and control political outcomes regardless of the political parties/ideologies that carry those policies out. They own and control all the major political parties from the UK to the USA, which is why the same agenda is followed regardless of which party is in ‘power’.

They are the ‘hidden hand’ past masters of history which is why their particular energy imprints are found within the dynamics of the Spanish inquisition, the African Slave Trade, decimation of the indigenous of Australia and red peoples of the Americas and of course, the Great Wars of the past. They, those known as the Anunnaki, understand how we think, act and react to all sorts of situations. Significantly, they understand the basis of Life as sequences of energies and they are expert at manipulating our lives via the use of frequencies. They are on the same journey as us, yet they choose a ‘technological’ rather than a heart-based approach to Life. They are therefore mostly devoid of compassion and empathy. Their actions reflect their survival-mode existence. Their societal control ‘fingerprints’ were meticulously laid down within and around planet Earth thousands of years ago by meddling with our DNA. They shut us down spiritually yet enabled us to be ‘brutes’ for work and reproduction only. They also created ‘religions’, then ‘science’ and more latterly, control of whole countries via ‘trojan horse’ political, economic and military means. They also have control of many of the significant food/health safety organisations supposedly tasked with ensuring the food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink are wholesome and non-polluted. They are also behind most of the global telecommunications industries, either outright or have their ‘people’ in place as key government regulators to ensure any policy decisions that need to be implemented to further their agenda of control and manipulation are able to move forward as quickly as possible. I detail some of the methods they use to control us in no particular order, yet I say once again, that regardless of how much control they appear to have, they are powerless in the face of our awakening. Simply put, our awakening simply equates to non-compliance or just saying no – that is all that is required for all their control systems to unravel in the glare of our awakened light. This is akin to the tiny fluttering of a butterfly’s wings in one part of the globe fuelling the energies of a tsunami 12,000 miles away – that is a portent of our collective power of Intent.

A few Control System long term strategies to shut down our awakening states:

The Control System behind most of the doors and pillars of society have been shaping and pruning our existence for thousands of years. They think they own us and they see us as nothing more than real estate to be handled, negotiated and fought over. There are many topics of discussion within our present existence that could be detailed here e.g. vaccines, education, deforestation, de-population, loss of spirit etc. that are simply not working for the mass of humanity. Instead, I focus on some old chestnuts and a couple of relatively new issues we need to think about and bring into the laser-light of our consciousness. This is by no means an exhaustive list of dark deeds created by the Anunnaki warlord politicians, it merely illustrates the depths of fear these entities have about the potentials of our awakening. As we awaken, their lifestyle simply disappears.


  1. Water fluoridation – nothing to do with reducing cavities and directly related to calcifying our pineal gland. First introduced into widespread use by a company headed by Donald Rumsfeld (US neo-con). The source of fluorides are from radioactive wastes and great COSSH care must be taken in their handling prior to its use in water treatment plants.


  1. Food and animal feed additives – naturally derived or not, the levels of many of these substances lead to carcinogenic and toxic effects within the body. No-one has any idea either of the ‘cocktail effect’ all these additives have on our body or the bodies of animals. The food industry generally uses whatever combination of additives it wants in order to achieve its chosen goal, be it financial or other.


  1. Sugar is a real problem in our food supply. It is added to almost all foods in one form or another and one of its side-effects is to reduce the efficiency of our appetite-switch i.e. our body loses its ability to know whether it is full or not. Consequently, we consume even more sugar-laden foods which keep the food industry happy, yet has huge implications of obesity for those people caught up in western-style diets. Monosodium glutamate (MSG) also acts in the same way in terms of increasing our intake of food and also produces toxic metabolites within the body. Some people may be addicted to sugar and when its intake is decreased may suffer adverse withdrawal symptoms.


  1. Artificial sweeteners interfere with almost every metabolic pathway within the human body. They target the immune system and alter our emotional and mental states. For example, nearly all so-called ‘diet’ soft drinks contain aspartame and acesulfame-K.
  2. GMO-derived crops target certain parts of our DNA to effectively render our awakening states less effective.
  1. Chemtrails appear as whitish streaks of smoke that billow from either side of planes in flight at altitudes roughly in excess of 30,000 feet. These ‘chemical trail’ sprayings have been carried out in secret since the early 1940s. Most governments and global organisations such as NATO do not talk about what they are doing and why. When the truth cannot be contained any longer they say chemical spraying of our skies are related to ‘geo-engineering’ to control ‘global warming’/‘climate change’. Chemtrails are our ‘pink flying elephants’ of the skies, most everyone can see them but few people talk about them. There are many layered threats of dark intent woven into the release of these chemicals. The big focus now is on blanking out the sun’s rays which are extremely beneficial during these awakening times. Look up and see if you can recognise natural clouds in the sky or the chemtrail-induced grey haze that blankets almost every bit of blue sky on a daily basis. The amount of chemicals pumped out each day from all these centrally-controlled operations must be staggering. It also underlines the fact that the powers-that-were are very afraid of our awakening states and, in response, have increased chemtrail spraying in all sorts of ways. The environmental impact of elevated concentrations of aluminium and barium sulphates and coal-fly ash on soils, seas, rivers and biospheres are incalculable. The elevated levels of these heavy metals in us and our environment must in part cause dementia (aluminium seeks and deposits into brain tissue) and the incidence of respiratory illnesses have spiked in the last 15 years or so, particularly asthma. Most people are totally unaware of the threats from chemtrail spraying simply because they never look at the skies and/or they have grown up with chemtrails all around them. The media have remained silent on this issue and refuse to acknowledge or bring into public consciousness anything to do with chemtrails, the actions of NATO and the fleet of private, mostly defence, contractors who get paid to carry out these activities. I have never heard the BBC weather guys/girls mention anything about chemtrails in spite of their effect on blanketing out our blue skies and how much excess airtime the BBC gives over to their ‘weather bulletins’.


  1. The wearing of school uniforms in the UK is compulsory in most areas. Schoolwear bought from all the major supermarkets and chainstores are impregnated with TEFAL. The label proudly states that it makes them more resistant to stains, wear and tear. For the life of me I cannot understand why anyone would want to impregnate clothes with an artificial substance implicated in a release of carcinogenic gases and fumes when exposed to temperatures over 3500 There are a number of issues here: (1) how is this substance impregnated onto clothes? (2) what are the safety implications for children wearing TEFAL-impregnated clothes? Is it possible that TEFAL can rub off the surface of schoolwear and be absorbed across the skin of children to enter the bloodstream? (3) Could nanotechnology in any form be used in this process? TEFAL-impregnated schoolwear are very cheap with most items under £3.00. It is also difficult to source non TEFAL-impregnated schoolwear and the only types available are made from organic cotton which are expensive to buy. So many questions relating to the every-day use of a very basic item of clothing used by hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren the country over – perhaps that is the point.


  1. We now live in a digital age. The opportunities for frequency entrainment of society from watching tv, using computers and using mobile phones etc. has increased exponentially relative to a short 20 years ago. The controllers now have the opportunity to literally ‘dial in’ specific frequencies to alter our moods, pacify our persona and literally send us to sleep or into a rage. People are also becoming addicted to their technological widgets and this is done on purpose. Induced zombie-like states of consciousness are part of the control structure. Many of these control/entrainment frequencies are ELF (extremely low frequencies) and these are mixed in with the main carrier frequencies normally found within the microwave regions of the electromagnetic spectrum i.e. WIFI frequencies


    Besides the use of chemical coshes and frequency entrainment of mind and body control methods, we are also subject to the antics of the media. Digital TV signals carry a lot of information and there is much going on in terms of subliminal visual and audio ‘messages’. Much of the focus of destabilising the spiritual awakening states of our young people is carried out via various media platforms. TV is significant because images and symbols are the very backbone of universal language recognisable by anyone born anywhere on the planet. The simple act of flashing images onto a screen very fast is capable of inducing all sorts of adverse effects within the spirit-mind-body complex. There is much going on when one views MTV or any TV channel targeting young people and their lives. The Control System is heavily reliant on frequency-entrainment as a form of social control and social conditioning.


    The magnificence of our Being

    These long term seemingly disparate and un-connected control strategies hide a very empowering thought or two. The technological, scientific and economic shaping and development of human societies formulated by the Controllers was laid down on shifting sands and connected together through deceit. The cultural narrative we have been told is not tenable anymore because we are waking up to our own enlightenment and in doing so, our 3D enslavement. In spite of the best efforts of the Controllers, we are past the point they would like us to be, namely subservient, obedient workers and consumers. The young people have come in with different areas of their DNA activated. Many light workers and old souls have evolved their DNA to cope and nullify most forms of frequency entrainment. Although slow, we are seeing cracks and splinters in the old societal control programmes e.g. trending news-bites now speak of rampant paedophilia within the judiciary, military, political and religious orders, rampant scientific and financial corruption in Big Pharma and rampant greed and corruption within all the banking dynasties and global stock markets. The globalisation of many areas of our economic activities, including all the chain stores seen on the high streets from Beijing to Bangkok to London and Liverpool, are on the point of collapse. That is as inevitable as the striking of the hour by any clock at anytime, anywhere. Financial markets have become unstable, unpredictable and cannot be controlled by the Rothschilds any longer.

The old ways of doing things are now falling apart because we are slowly waking up to new ideas and concepts of individualised yet socially-cohesive living – one based on service to All rather than self. We are slowly imbuing these new ideas of gracious living into the Collective Consciousness of the New Human Being to include those already born as well as those yet to be born. In time to come, we will form jigsaw and mosaic community living, harnessing all the natural elements of the earth to sustain ourselves. The ‘small is beautiful’ concept of societal living is signifying a dramatic and earth-saving shift of emphasis within the Human Collective. That is how amazing we are and it explains why almost everything provided by the State and/or Industry is back-to-front. There is no need for Big Pharma when we can heal ourselves, nor to look to anyone outside ourselves to provide food, sustenance and spiritual well-being for ourselves and families. Imagine how the institutions of religion and education will look when people recognise the need for root and branch change and those very people become the changes they would like to see? All of this is part of the Shift of Ages and that in itself is a magnificent thought or two.

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