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Starseeds, feel the love – dancing

between dimensions – Part I.

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Why is it so difficult for some of us to be happy, confident and content within ourselves? What is it about Life that demands so much of us that we seem to wilt under its glare? As children we learn to play, put our own needs first and just enjoy Life in the moment. As we grow up we begin to acquiesce to the norms and values of society and for most of us, learn to work, obey and consume. What happened to that internal spark of curiosity, excitement, child-like naivety and need for change? These types of questions are vitally important nowadays because Life has become so fast paced it is leaving us so little time to stand and stare. Our work habits and social patterns have also changed as centuries-old practical and physical skills have succumbed to the de-humanisation potentials of the computer and digital age. Relationship issues are also becoming increasingly complex as ‘virtual’ social networking becomes the new normal. As a society, are we happier now than before? What is the truth of it all and what does it all mean? There are three steps we can take to make sense of it all: (1) understand Life as a ‘system’, (2) change our perspective of that System and (3) understand we are the System.


Life as a 'System' - everything is energy

The 3D reality we experience in our wakened states does not arise through random events, it is a result of Intelligent Design. It is a benevolent and loving system gifted to us, by us and through us to experience desired energetic states. Whether we believe it or not, every single experience we go through, including what we define as the good, bad or ugly, are initiated to kick-start our spiritual development and these experiences form the stepping stones of our unique journey. Each time we incarnate into 3D reality, we test the energies of the System. It is a prerequisite of our incarnation that we lower our vibratory frequency in order to fully ‘engage’ into this 3D reality. In doing so, we lower the veil over our former selves and a fog of forgetfulness descends around our persona. Forgetfulness is necessary in order for us to sometimes incarnate as a prince in one lifetime and a pawn in the next. In this way we work through myriad 3D experiences in order for us to truly ‘know ourselves’. These events and experiences are not tests of memory or commitment. They are acts of co-creative Love. In that cosmic sense, the words, concepts and associations around Life and Love are inter-changeable. We then bring these experiences back to the One. This is what we volunteered to do and why we are sometimes called ‘warriors of light’. In knowing our true selves, we begin to shine our light and thus change inappropriate energies within the System. To understand the system of Life, however, we have to step outside it. We can do this in various ways, such as each time we make love, fall asleep, fall in love, fall out of the constraints of time or experience significant spiritual or emotional events. It is relatively easy to understand the System of Life to varying degrees within all of these states due to a meld of understanding being created between the unknown (Pure Consciousness) and the known (our 3D understanding).

It is during these times that we free ourselves of the constraints of 3D lower vibratory frequencies and catapult our understandings beyond light-body consciousness. An example of this was Nikola Tesla*.   When asked about how he came up with his inventions, he said he was able to visualise his experimental designs during his wakened and sleep times. Imagine designing and building a component or machine that had no previous concept! Where do you start and how would you know what to look for? Nevertheless, Tesla was able to visualise the unseen and undocumented forces of Nature and build machines to harness those energies and frequencies. He was even able to visualise tolerance levels and limits not just of the physical bits and pieces of his inventions but also the bounds, interactions and unseen effects of those forces. In other words, he understood much of the System of Life and was able to effortlessly dance between the lower and higher dimensions and constructs of consciousness. Tesla was able to make sense of this world by not being of this world. Crucially, he was able to move into higher states of consciousness and bring back his novel concepts of how things really work to this 3D reality. We are all capable of doing what Tesla and others like him have done, yet there is no need for replication of any sort. As splinters of the One, we each have our unique paths back to Source. None are greater or lesser than the other.

No two souls walk the same path in the same way because that is impossible. In this dimension, everything is energy which is both entangled and quantum. That is the ‘soul’ reason why we are all different to each other, compliment each other yet still remain part of the One. For some of us, our life purpose is to listento others pour out their troubles and for others it is having the innate capability to make people laugh. We are all different and each loving expression we add to the System of Life is both unique and appropriate.

Changing our perspective on the System of Life:

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It is difficult to analyse a system – any system – whilst inside it. It is much easier to see how things work by moving outside it and looking in. When we are within the system, we have limited knowledge and understanding of the linkages between things and so the bigger picture is shrouded. It is impossible to see the woods because of the trees. I guess it is similar to chasing one’s tail and thinking it is a fun thing to do. Life, however, has a habit of calling attention to things that require change, mending or resolving. It is here that most of us experience an internal shock to the system, which gifts us a unique perspective on Life itself .Initiators of internal change are as varied as the colours of a rainbow and the more significant events (experienced by the author) are described in Seeking Authenticity: Kundalini awakening and the Resolution of Personal Relationships, Volume 11.

A change in perspective is important because it allows us to move beyond the mundane everyday understanding of our lives. It begs us to look at things differently and as we look at old issues from a much wider perspective, new and cosmically-integrated understandings arise. Synchronicity kicks in as we are led into a magical mystery tour of who and what we are and why we are here. These are magical times for those drawing breath within this 3D arena because the ‘secrets’ within the System of Life lay themselves bare. In any event, the System of Life has a cosmic ‘clock’ built within itself. The hour in which we are offered unique opportunities to awaken and truly ‘know ourselves’ does chime for everyone at numerous times within our lives. For those who choose to fully engage the process, an expansion in the awareness of consciousness beckons.

Slowly, we allow ourselves to remember who we are and learn to dance within the constructs of our multidimensional nature and reality. As well as Life knocking on our door at various times in our lives, it is also possible to consciously and actively change our perspective on the System of Life. In order to fully engage the process of 3D enlightenment, you merely need to ask and state your intent to the System of Life. Begin with “dear spirit please show me what I need to know”(3). Let go of everything you ever thought about yourself, including any expectations or assumptions, and allow synchronicity to bathe you in what you need right here, right now. I suspect that for most people, this part of the process of initiating internal change is the hardest bit to get through. It asks that you bring to surface many issues related to how you feel about yourself, who you are, how you perceive others see you plus all the internal ‘buttons’ or triggers that set you off. Even concepts and musings around words such as ‘spiritual, ‘starseed’ and ‘enlightenment’ may bring up surprisingly strong and conflicting emotions. Nonetheless, examine the all of it and just let it all go. It is all part of the disintegration of our social programme. It is also Ego’s way of defending itself when it thinks it is under attack.

Simply put, and whether we are aware of it or not, we are all being offered these opportunities to shift consciousness and it is impossible to ‘sit on the fence’. The choices we are being offered are very simple: (a) to go deeper within the all of 3D reality or (b) to re-write the social programme of 3D existence by moving outside it. When we move out of the system in order to make sense of our lives, it is here that we experience a series of shocks to the nervous system which effectively blast away many ideas, concepts and beliefs we previously held about ourselves. We change and may become unrecognisable to friends, family, lovers and colleagues. It is a form of re-birth that occurs on many different levels and is not to be feared – it is both sacred, natural and just the way of things. These are indeed special times for everyone. That is why the Mayan called these times, the closing of 2012, the End Times. It is the death of the old consciousness of wars, death and separation. We now find ourselves in the transition zone between the death of old energies and birth of a new, lighter, global consciousness based in service to All.

It is a time of mass re-calibration of many things in this part of the galaxy. The amazing thing to note, is that the All of this is based purely on our choice on how we truly express and would like ourselves to Be. That is how magical we are.

Understanding we are the System:

When we put it all together, we see the System for what it is and our place within it. We make sense of our 3D reality and realise it is has purpose yet much of it is illusory. Life is still a beautiful experience yet we now understand the reasons and linkages for our 3D existence. Our 3D reality is dualistic i.e. we have choice in what we think, what we do and what we feel. The paradox is that in spite of the fog of forgetfulness whilst in 3D, we are still connected to Pure Consciousness via our Higher Self. Therefore, we are still able to co-create our chosen desires, outcomes and realities. What we focus on, we create and it is here that we test the energies of 3D in a deeply experiential way. It is here that we intimately get to know and understand the depth, width and diversity of our emotions. It is only within the constructs of 3D that we have the freedom to be or not to be. That is the nature of our dualistic existence. It is right here, in this dense, slow reality, that we experience every emotion imaginable and bring the all of it back to the One in order for Prime Creator to know Itself: we are both dreamers and warriors of the light. Probably the hardest thing we ask of ourselves is to accept that we are the all of everything in our reality.

Whether we believe it or not, we dream our reality into existence via a co-creative process. That is the very stuff of gods and legends. Stories of the ancient gods, myths and super heroes do not arise from thin air – much of these stories are based on what actually happened in the dim and distant past. As social as well as spiritual beings we have ceded control of the ‘possible’ or ‘impossible’ to layers of authority outside of ourselves. Many people have issues of self-worth around this facet of awakening whilst others cannot see it because of what they have been told to believe by their church. Regardless of what we choose to understand, accept and believe, we are individuated splinters of God-Consciousness having a 3D experience. From a much higher awareness of consciousness, we choose precisely what types of situations we wish to experience and we co-opt other splinters of Pure Consciousness to appear and act in our show-time productions. Because of the energetic constructs of 3D, we incarnate time after time within the same ‘soul’ group or family, because we all share similar and compatible energies. As a soul-grouping, we experience every emotion imaginable as male or female from the ecstasy of childbirth to the adrenalin-rush of fighter pilots. After countless lifetimes incarnating into 3D we will have faced and resolved almost every energy situation life has to offer.

Throughout it all, we are the architects of everything we experience and not only that, we are its audience, gaffer, tea-boy and ticket-seller. There is no-one sitting in judgement here other than ourself. Time itself has no essence during our Life Review and all subsequent planning meetings, thus no deadlines need be set or met. Imagine the freedom of soul and expression in planning such events with others of your soul family, lifetime after lifetime. Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God(2) series sums this up beautifully by repetition of our ability in creating “the grandest version of the greatest vision we ever held about ourselves". This is something we do in almost every moment yet the point is to remember and recognise these facets of our selves as we amble about in our day-to-day living.

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* Nikola Tesla was born 1856 and ‘officially’ died in 1943. His contributions to the development of modern life include many innovative and revolutionary inventions involving the design and implementation of AC (alternating current) induction motors. There is so much more to say about Tesla related to his insights and understandings regarding the natural currents that swirl within and around the globe. Significantly, Tesla knew much about frequency entanglement and how they affect our moods using no morse than specific sound frequencies. Suffice to say, Tesla is also credited with designing scalar technology that is used in space weaponry and HAARP.


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