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Do fears impede or enhance our awakening states? Originally published 5 August 2015

The ‘soul’ purpose of this article is to suggest that fears can either stymie or catalyse our awakening states. The significance and unfolding of our spiritual awakening is also dependent on perspective and perception. Thankfully, the paths to enlightenment are filled with endless possibilities and there is no prize for coming in first: we already are that which we seek, Pure Consciousness having a 3D experience. In early 2014 I underwent a Kundalini awakening in which I experienced myself as One with the Universe, sensed my vibratory signature in all things and understood that Everything in life is connected to Everything else. As a consequence of my awakening, many, many things in my life ‘fell away like pins’. I emerged from it all as a butterfly from its cocoon. These times saw significant changes in my life in which I worked through many different types of fears including lack of place and space, lack of familiar constructs, doubts, uncertainties, death (including my own) and fears around my spiritual awakening and what was happening to me. I liken these trials and tribulations as nothing more than my own initiations, rituals and ceremonies back into my Greater, Authentic Self. In truth, fears are nothing more than illusions of the 3D mind yet, they have the potential to close us down or, on the other hand, to catalyse us into a remembrance of our Cosmic Magnificence. Fears offer us choices on how we define ourselves in relation to our Higher Self in each magnificent Moment of Now. Our fears may also act as reflective mirrors on those aspects of ourselves we chose to experience before incarnating into the 3D realms.

Fear is the ultimate showstopper within our awakening states, or is it? Fear comes in all shapes and sizes and we all respond differently. All fears have one common denominator: they are mind-processed, followed by an emotional response based on past experiences. Almost all mind-based fears have their genesis in 3D reality because that is where most of us are in terms of our thinking and how we respond to situations we either do not understand or are not comfortable with. To this basket of tears and fears we can also add socialised fears. These types of fears become so habituated and common that we rarely experience life other than how we always respond emotionally to these situations. Thus, most of us respond predictably either psychologically or physiologically to perceived fearful situations. Situations such as having the feeling that we never have enough, never will be good enough, one’s status as defined through the eyes of others, loss of control and victimisation, play a rhapsody of chatter within our mindscape almost from cradle to grave. Thus, for much of the time and for most of us, we respond to fears in predictable yet individual ways. We may experience fight οr flight, mind paralysis or, like rabbits caught in the glare of approaching headlights, stage-fright with subsequent loss of body function.



There are three basic ways in which we can deal with our fears (1) face them (2) ignore them as far and as much as possible or (3) take a higher or expanded perspective of the whole situation and face them full on. The ways in which we deal with fears are not mutually exclusive because in facing our fears from a 3D perspective we offer ourselves the potentials of a massive shift in perspective which enables us to see the All of our current Life Path. To ignore fears is to ‘kick the can’ a little bit further down the road, it buys a little more time at great spiritual cost – or does it? Eventually we have to face our fears and life becomes much more interesting when we transition beyond the fringes of our comfort zone. From a much higher perspective, fears of any type can also be seen as potential initiators of inner jewels of transformation. Fears are indicative of many things in our life that are not working and they surface to allow us to work through them; this is a win-win situation. As we awaken from our slumber of 3D consciousness into greater and greater vistas of awareness of consciousness, we begin shifting 3D constructs of fear generated from mind-play into props of consciousness expansion.



This is when the magic of inner transformation is catalysed and we boldly step out of the groove of Life defined within 3D consciousness. It is rare for anyone to attain an enlightened state of nirvana in one experience and it is the norm that most folk achieve this transformation in progressive stages. Therefore, we still exist in 3D yet are also able to walk the bridge or transition to higher states of consciousness almost simultaneously. The trick here is in learning to dance consciously between 3D and higher states of consciousness. It is here that we discover our God-Self, the illusions within Life and our journey back to the One. It all happens in quantum fashion, simultaneously and all together – it is a flow of indefinable magic. It is during this part of our journey that 3D-based fears can sometimes morph into unknown territories simply because we have moved into such a high state of vibration that what we focus on we instantaneously create. For those who fear the issues surrounding their own immortality, they may experience the throes of death experientially. They have to go through much of the process of ‘dying’ in order to understand it. At some stage they will understand there is no such thing as death, it is a 3D imposter of Life. Others may fear loss of self because they see, sense and feel beyond the 3D confines of consciousness. Life here is perceived within shifting sands and it is almost impossible to get a handle on what is ‘real’ and what is not. Regardless of the experiences we encounter during our various awakening states, they ultimately show us what we need to know and understand as we journey towards the One.

Enlightenment of any type involves an implosion of 3D mind to clear away all its debris, chatter and clutter. Perhaps this implosion of mind is what all the masters of old went through in order to understand the illusions within Life and the infinity of our magnificence as beings of light, change and creativity.

Inner transformation into the One: Change of any type directly challenges mind and all egoist associations and it is here within the interstices of our mind-scape that the fires of inner transformation sear through us as we remember our true selves and begin to embrace the new. There is no end to this journey back to the One, merely staging posts along the way. As we awaken to expanded awareness of consciousness and assuming mind has no convenient prior ‘mind-pegs’ of these situations, how does 3D mind respond in these new and novel scenarios? Does it induce fear, shut down or let go? Some people, for example, refuse to acknowledge their grandness when gifted with significant spiritual awakening. In previous lives they may have faced death, mutilation and torture for simply telling or living their truths. Fear-based echoes of these past potentials express themselves each time awakening beckons for that individual. Time itself is a 4D construct that finds expression within our 3D mindscape. We think it is real because it provides us with a way to view the world backwards, forwards and within the present moment. Our concepts of existing within a ‘time-in-a-line’ type of universe is illusory and very much a part of the setup. We escape the confines of time, each ‘time’ we go into the ‘moment’. We do this sub-consciously much of the ‘time’ e.g. notions of time change whether we are in the dentist’s chair or when making love. During a significant spiritual emergence, we transcend time and become conscious creators in which the world we thought we knew simply dissolves, moment by moment. We have to let go during these times because we begin to experience our true nature and who we really are, we are Pure Consciousness having a 3D experience. Those things and fears we ‘hang onto’ become the focus of our creations and we experience these fears in all their gore and glory. Another way to explain this is to simply say that during times of inner transformation we begin to learn how to dance within the multidimensional attributes of who we truly are – we experience Life in all its flavours as One experience.

Imagine a quantum scenario in which all past, current and future lives exist within that same exquisite moment of Now. Within this scenario, everything is connected to everything else simply because everything and anything is energy co-existing within entangled states. The future You can visit the present You, which in turn may impact a change in a previous You. Thus, fears born of spiritual awakening from a previous life may ripple across the dimensions of space and stop your current awakening process dead in ultimate show-stopper style. Your mind response could well be automatic, even before ‘you’ have time to process what is happening within you. Thus, each time you meditate, and as you go deep within the journey, indefinable past life ‘cues’ highlight this part of your journey as being significantly special. You may experience slight anxiety, slight dizziness and internally, start to spin as your consciousness spirals within the blackness and womb of Creator Source. You intuitively know that the end of this journey leads to completion, yet, for unknown reasons you sabotage yourself back into your 3D existence. Fear wins out again. Alternatively, during the next meditation you are visited by a more expanded, future version of yourself. The future You says to the current You: “let go of everything you ever thought you knew about yourself”. Bingo! The journey back to Source completes itself. In that magical moment of Now, you have also changed all past life versions of You to enable completion of their journeys too. All the other versions of You arrive home just in time for supper.

From one perspective, fears of any type, particularly within 3D reality, rob us of special moments within our journey. Paradoxically, fear of any type, from a much higher perspective, also propels us in our journey back to Source because fear and its expressions are also rich in offering alternative perspectives on those things we experience. Fear is a strongly bonded emotion because we have experienced many shades of its meanings through time and space, lifetime after lifetime. Feel the fear and do it anyway: Our habituated mind-body response finds expression within us, even before we ‘think’ what to do next. This is mind and associated nervous system doing what they know best: a cognitive response filter searching its emotional database to deliver appropriate responses to our current dilemma, based on how we acted or reacted in previous experiences or lifetimes. Fear is part of the Illusion within Life. Paradoxically, it also offers us opportunities to break apart the automated cultural and mind narrative we internally hold about ourselves. That single thought can set us free and allow ourselves to soar like birds above the self-imposed peaks of our 3D mindscape. Letting go of fear is the ultimate surrender which allows jiva (individuated cosmic consciousness) to once again fall and flow within the grace of Cosmic Consciousness. In letting go, one instantly senses the Grand Illusion, the Setup within Life. That is the ‘soul’ reason for individuals who experience the near death states. These individuals come back into 3D with completely new perspective of themselves: there is no death of Self, only of body. Ironically, death is transformation of the physical body whilst the conscious all-knowing, authentic immortal state cannot cease to exist. That is an impossibility. Fear has a habit of inverting these truisms.

How can Pure Consciousness not know Itself or ‘die’? These are primal 3D fears and Life begs us to resolve them. Some awakening states gently prod us to experience anew that which we always are: Pure Consciousness having a 3D experience. For some, however, even fleeting manifestations of fear may impede our spiritual progress. Meditation is a process in which we go deep within and experience the awe of our Higher Self.

This practice gives us a daily opportunity in experiencing the darkness of the void by simply surrendering to the Moment. This is difficult for some meditators because they fear the loss of control, the unknown and those things outside the direct experience of mind. Working through our fears is a straight path to enlightenment simply because we free ourselves of past associations and nerve-endings of 3D Mind. Freedom is in the knowing that almost everything we think we know about ourselves is either back to front, illusory or extremely limiting. We do not know what we don’t know, hence much within Life is or should remain a mystery – that’s a necessary part of the fun whilst in 3D body!!

From this perspective, fear is a necessary part of our mind-duality and of course, those things we focus on we create. Our thoughts, feelings and emotional responses to everything within our lives add to the flavour of the Human Collective Consciousness. Our recent history is replete with dark strands of global wars, separation, want and an almost dis-connect from Gaia Herself. Much of this has been fuelled by fear of the ‘other’. All of it is pure illusion, yet the illusion is capable of altering our perception of ourselves and the physical reality we constantly create. The All of That is slowly changing because energetically, we are now experiencing basic changes within the quantum constructs of Life. As we individually face and courageously resolve our worst fears, we imprint within our Human Collective Consciousness and the energy grids of Gaia, a new mind-narrative about ourselves. Eventually, the fog of fear that daily surrounds much of what we think, do and experience, will disappear. That new narrative firstly starts within us and is then transmitted to the Collective Consciousness and felt by everyone. As an awakening, soon-to-be lightbody species, we all resonate to the same cosmic beat of Oneness. How else can we explain the ‘100 monkey syndrome’ if we are all not connected and part of the One?

Simply put, that old adage ‘there is nothing to fear but fear itself’ is apt and appropriate because fear from a 3D perspective is pure illusion. From a much higher perspective and depending just how deep we are within our journey, fear can morph into all sorts of emotions including doubts, uncertainties and feelings of isolation and loneliness. They should or could be seen as initiators of cosmic jewels of inner transformation because these types of energies push and prod us into a total remembrance of who and what we are and why we are here.

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