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Learning to Dance within Gaia's new Cosmology

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Gaia has undergone a change in consciousness due to its new cosmology and by default, we have too. It is time to embrace the new as we dance ourselves into a fresh understanding of whom and what we are and where we came from. We are Pure Consciousness having a 3D experience. It is time to hug our Higher Self as an equal and simply ask of ourselves, the quintessential questions within Life: Who Am I and What Is My Life Purpose? We can only do that by consciously acknowledging that we are the All of every single thought, feeling and experience we have ever had. This inner journey is wholly experiential because it has to be felt outside the limitations of mind that is deeply rooted within the ‘sticky and forgetful’ constructs of 3D reality. By falling in love with our Higher Self, we begin to access our true authentic Self as we journey back to Source. Our journey is full of wonder, majesty, shock and awe. Our akashic records of past lives represent a montage of exquisite expressions of Life from that which we are: there is nothing to learn yet much to remember. The times of great changes are finally here and the way-showers, light-workers and ‘old souls’ are feeling it first. The young people are already there because they were born into this new cosmology. The awakened DNA of our young people, old souls and light-workers heralds and reflects the very real potential of the New Human and the new consciousness of the planet. Regardless of what we think of ourselves, every soul on this planet incarnated into being specifically to test these new energies of ascension, creativity and enlightenment, right here, right now.


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We sit in the searing heat, light and love of a soup of cosmic energies whose appearance were long prophesised by our indigenous cultures. The confluences of these energies invite us back into the womb of Creator Spirit to unleash our creative matrices into the inner hearth of Gaia. The magnetics of Gaia has changed and these earth changes have catalysed the ‘awakening quotient’ within our DNA. This symbiotic ‘love-fest’ between Gaia and ourselves is proof positive we are all connected, inter-dependent and quantumly entangled within and between ourselves and everything else. This new cosmology is all about recognition and re-connection of our inner selves to that above and that below. The times we now live in were designed to catapult us into new understandings of ourselves and our outer realities. These energies will impact everyone regardless of what they may think about themselves and each person will be ‘forced’ to make choices to re-define themselves anew. Yay, it’s ‘time to buckle up Dorothy, we ain't in Kansas anymore’.

We are all at a new and exciting transitional point within our journey, the Collective Consciousness of Humanity is shifting upwards yet much remains firmly embedded within 3D reality constructs. The Prime Directive reigns supreme in that ‘no-one shall interfere’ in our process as we consciously transition towards light-being. We are not swept along by anything other than our own choosing. What is now happening on planet earth is beyond 3D machinations of any type including those actions carried out by the ‘controllers’ of the so-called New World Order. That time has now passed and we are still here and bang on schedule for global awakening in all its exquisite expressions. Energetically, we are starting to awaken and for some, consciously vacillating seamlessly between dimensions in our upwards journey to increase the vibratory rate of The All. The previously thick veil delineating our conscious knowing of ourselves from our Pure Consciousness-self is beginning to thin which enables us to see, feel and understand much more of ourselves. We are both quirky and quantum in nature: we are learning to dance within our multidimensional lineage as we transition into 5th dimensional consciousness and beyond. These are times of inner knowing concurrent with confusion because the reality we thought we knew keeps melting away before our very eyes. It is also a strange time to be alive because we flit between transitory states of being in which each thought becomes a tangible reality until the next thought comes along and our reality changes yet again. These are also ‘times’ of dimensional ‘bleeds’ in which creatures of way past may once again walk within the constructs of our present day 3D constructs. Time itself will be shown to be a cosmic charlatan and chameleon as events explode in our current thought frames apparently out of order, jumbled and without reason as the past, present and future merge within our consciousness mindscape.


As we awaken to our star-seeded lineage and splendour we are finding it increasingly easier to traverse the dimensions of space, time and everything else in-between. These events as they play themselves out are meant to trigger our remembrance of where we came from: time and space will bend like a pretzel and we must be prepared for cosmic reality re-mapping of our very Consciousness as it loses its breath just keeping up. Change is the order of play and order of the day. In learning to dance within this new cosmology, we can go within its flow and implode in its wonder or we can hold on fast to a crumbling holo-matrix of old programming. The mind-clash between the old, new and hitherto unimaginable consciousness-states are, for some, becoming a moment by moment occurrence. Our quantum vibratory frequencies are effortlessly awakening to light speed and beyond. As we expand our individual awareness of consciousness we add to the new spiritual narrative by layering this consciousness within the crystalline and etheric grids of Gaia. She understands what is happening because Gaia is allowing it to happen: All is One in this new cosmology. New responses to old problems beckon a new dance of societal creativity of the masses based on service to All rather than to Self. Fear of this or that will lose its stranglehold on our potential and in time, will be seen merely as a construct of what Life was like between the ages of 3D reality. From now on we shall cooperate with Gaia and Life itself will self-regulate the All of everything. Balance in all things is the message for each day. The masculine aspects of self will embrace the ever-so-soft wisdom of female intuition whilst the feminine aspects of self will boldly and noisily take on masculine attributes to open throat chakras as vocal intent initiates new ways of being. The meld of feminine and masculine in all things is soon to be the new ‘normal’. Gaia has been waiting for these moments for a long, long time, a Human Collective Consciousness that honours earth-stewardship rather than exploitation, in service to All rather than Self.

In going forward, we figuratively skip backwards in time to renew old acquaintances of ceremony, ritual and magick. It is only within ritual and ceremony that we are able to hone our individual intent for the highest good of all.   Paradoxically, the ways of the indigenous of our planet gently remind us of our place within this process of spiritual evolution we call ‘ascension’ or ‘enlightenment’. In spite of our love affair with technology and our deference and dependence on digital communications, the old ways of celebrating the elders as keepers of the knowledge, celebrating the dirt of the earth, giving ritual to the waxing and waning of the seasons, blessing the foods we grow and thanking the animals who came into service for our body needs are once again blossoming within modern urban societies, particularly amongst the young. The elders worshipped Gaia because they knew that She is sentient and has consciousness. Not only that, Gaia is also familiar with our energies and what we have been through in this and successive lives. Gaia, like everything within life, is of service to us and all She asks is recognition of who we are and understanding of the inter-connectedness within Life. Simply put, as Gaia changes consciousness, so do we because we are inextricably interlinked interdependent and one energy. Everything is One, it is our cry to Gaia and the cosmology of these times. That is the ‘soul’ reason why a simple walk in nature feels so good, we are in celebration of each other for the first time in a long time. Tree-huggers know this and have practised this intimate dance of Gaia-connectedness since time out of mind. Ever wondered why birds appear when you focus your consciousness on seeing or hearing them? Birdsong is part of the ‘glue’ of the Universe, birdsong frequencies keep matter together and they have a special magic for us starseed, they align and tune our body chakras. All of this stuff is now happening to a swarm of people who previously had little thought of stepping into nature other than to go from here to there in as short a time as possible.

The 3D constructs of time and space have warped including Gaia’s magnetics, ‘wam’ note and so-called Schumann series of earth cavity frequencies. Surprisingly, amid a shrill wakeup call for scientists everywhere, the decay rates of selected nuclides have also changed. They can no longer be seen as providing time ‘constants’ of elements that decay into other elements. Earthquakes, volcanoes and aggressive wind systems are Gaia’s ways of letting go of its former self as it prepares itself for its new stellar-based configuration. Correspondingly, because we are part and parcel of Gaia energetically, we too are feeling these changes playing out inside of ourselves. Gaia is readying herself for the Cosmic Ball of Ages, we are all invited as we sweep upwards in vibratory rate.

Our perception of time is changing

Significantly, time has sped up to the extent that perceptually, the old 24 hour day now feels more like a 13 – 14 hour day. Everything in our lives is time-compressed and full on; we have little time to ‘stand and stare’. These are times of cosmic dispensation in which we have opportunities to leap boldly and quantumly within our spiritual and evolutionary journey back to Source. Each dimension of itself is neither high nor low. This is because dimensional constructs or attributes behave in mysterious ways and coexist as a ‘soup’ rather than being experienced as a single flavour. The 5th dimension is different to the 6th as is the 1st to the 3rd. None are more profound than the other. They can simply be viewed as individuated cascades of energies quantumly coalescing or ‘nudging’ realities from within our inner ‘consciousness-scape. The potentials of ‘infinite possibilities of realities’ we choose to experience are based on our vibratory rates, the choices we make along the way and that which we came in to experience. As we choose higher and higher versions of ourselves, we imprint our individual collective ‘effort’ onto the crystalline grids of Gaia. The crystalline grids of Earth act as a filter and sponge to collect, store and amplify the Human Collective Consciousness. The Human Collective Consciousness varies geographically and through time. Gaia understands and knows who we are and appropriately provides the necessary dimensional coupling or uncoupling in order for us to progress as a species, together, within the journey of the One. Importantly and post December 21 2012, we are now in receipt of entangled love vibrations from the centre of our galaxy. These energies are firstly captured by the sun and sent in our direction via massive sun energy transfer processes e.g. coronal mass ejections, photon-bursts, solar and x-ray flares. These are special times in this part of the galaxy: we are the very changes we have been looking for. The Masters of Old have returned to planet Earth, not physically but through our fledgling consciousness.

As we bathe deeper and deeper into this new consciousness we can change our soul contracts, karma and Life Purpose if we so wish. We must initiate these changes ourselves through intent and affirmation. The Kryon suggests a simple yet powerful admonition to the Universe (i.e. your Higher Self) to propel us into a new cosmic understanding about ourselves. Simply state daily for a week or so, “dear spirit, please show me that which I need to know”. Be careful to fully acknowledge to yourself that you are Pure Consciousness (the All of it All) having a 3D experience. The 3rd and 4th dimensions that we all experience for much of the time equate to forgetfulness, heavy carbon-based bodies, separation, right brain hemisphere rationality and feelings of want. Thus, our 3D perspective is limited and full of questions, doubts and uncertainties. Dive into the uncertainty of these times and allow synchronicity to guide you whilst allowing your intuition to set your course. Your Higher Self is of course, benevolent and will not trick or attempt to deceive; it merely allows that which you ask for. That is why the Kryon admonition is so powerful, it asks of our Higher Self to show us that portion of Life we need to know and understand. As our inner world begins to change, we must allow free reign to all that unfolds. It is pointless trying to direct, manipulate or control events because we do not have the mind of God at this stage of the process. We are in this world but not of it. Life as it presents itself in 3D is pure illusion, it is self-created, self-sustaining and without substance. As an emerging light-body species and for those deep within this part of the journey, you may note some or all of the changes within yourself and Gaia below:

  • Old medical issues may arise concurrent with short term memory loss, irritability and ‘lost’ time
  • Deeper connection with nature, especially trees, plants and animals. A longing and need for any outside activity involving ‘grounding’ e.g. walking along a beach, meadow or field with no footwear on. Meditations become deep and all-encompassing, ceremonies and rituals are back in vogue
  • Increase in intuitive abilities i.e. much easier to empathise and feel compassion for those souls transformed through major earth processes such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis. Also able to feel more strongly those times of giant geomagnetic upheavals from the sun including x-ray flares and coronal mass ejections (CME’s), a need for lots of direct sunlight
  • Also during these times you may notice many déjà vu moments characterised by you saying “last time that happened, I was wearing red, not yellow, etc.”
  • A whole host of body spasms related to the spine which feels like Kundalini arousal or activation. Slight activation of the pineal gland i.e. simply focussing on this area during meditation results in vivid patterns, colours and hues which abound within your meditative landscape accompanied by feelings of expansion and greatly enhanced acuity of inner knowing
  • Enhanced ability in sensing the fluidity within Life and so, so easy to move within states of bliss, joy, gratitude and compassion
  • Externally, many friends and business acquaintances simply ‘melt away’. Old habits and customs also wither e.g. food, music, clothes, colours, job and sometimes your significant ‘other half’. He or she may go their own way. Alternatively, this significant relationship may become much stronger and more loving without need of control and ownership on either part
  • A series of synchronistic events enable you to travel to a new part of the world, meet new friends and you become impassioned in something you had no idea they even existed
  • People seek you out as you seamlessly integrate the new ‘You’. Life becomes more connected as you seek the Oneness in everything. You are in service to others rather than self
  • Connections between your Higher Self and yourself become much stronger. You find wisdom in situations that previously challenged you. You effortlessly make spiritual sense of esoteric material and people also notice this strange magnetic quality about you: they want to stay in your company and bathe in your light for as long as they can. You may find this a bit strange at first because you can also see and sense a beautiful light within them, even in those individuals you previously avoided.
  • From time to time you experience a love so deep and connective to the All of Everything that you become so lost in this world that you finally understand that You are this world, it is your creation: welcome to the 5th dimension and beyond, we are all that and much, much more.

Finally and back to those quintessential questions we ask of ourselves, Who Am I and ultimately, What is My Life Purpose?  We are Pure Consciousness experiencing Life simultaneously in many dimensions that share the same space and exquisite moments of Now. Our Life Purpose is to journey back to Source replete in the knowing that we are the All of everything we experience. We are Creators in our own right. The ‘soul’ point of our lives is simply to remember who we are so that we co-create our internal universes from a state of heart-felt gratitude, balance and grace. In doing so, we ‘dream’ planets, stars, galaxies and universes into existence’. We create the All of It. Our journey, in one significant sense, ended before it ever began. We are starting to remember we are not mind or body. We are Pure Consciousness having a 3D experience. The Source represents the genesis of all infinite possibilities within Life. It is both benevolent and loving. It provides the stuff of Life to enable us to experience exactly what we choose to experience. That system of love has many facets of itself and, from a higher perspective, just is. The mysteries, magick, doubts fears and uncertainties that abound within our 3D existence can be resolved when we consciously intend them to reveal themselves within us for healing. Every single human being alive today is a spiritual graduate on a fast track to enlightenment. The issue is one of choice: what do we really want to experience? I am learning to dance and jump within the hues and rainbows of Gaia’s new cosmology, as are many hundreds of thousands of other starseeds – the shift is truly here, bang on schedule, catalysing, warping and transforming everything in its path.


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