About Me:

In 2014 I underwent a significant spiritual awakening in which everything in my life was turned upside down. When I look back I realise that every trial, challenge and issue I faced were exquisite jewels of inner transformation. The path of spiritual awakening is transformative, life-changing and unique. The process of awakening is very different to what you may think it is and regardless of where it may take you, it is a perfectly natural and sacred process. The aftermath of my awakening has led me to new vistas of thought, imagination and creativity. I am driven to facilitate those undergoing similar spiritual journeys.


I am a spiritual counsellor specialising in deep spiritual emergence and spiritual emergency. I help people understand what they are going through, especially those undergoing spiritual emergency. Regardless of the flavour of your awakening it will at some stage find a balance so that you may take some deep breaths and pick up the pieces of your new life. I help you understand all these changes in your life and facilitate the new ‘you’ as you make your way back into the world. Please click the ‘spiritual counsellor’ icon at the top of this web-page and check out the ‘articles’ section on this website. There is also a lot of information on spiritual awakening  on the WWW, particularly sites dealing with Kundalini awakenings.

I also hold workshops to discuss these and other issues including meditation, how to manifest your desires and exploring the fundamentals of Kundalini energies and other factors that may effect our awakening states. These general workshops include topics such as relationships, spouses, children, blasting through obstacles, finding your Life Purpose and discussing questions such as ‘who am I?’, ‘what am I doing here?’ and what happens near the end of my life.

Towards the latter end of my life working for others I was a scientist working in the Civil Service (UK). I hold three degrees including a PhD in Environmental Science and Environmental Radio-chemistry. I also hold a teaching degree in the Sciences. In other words I have found a balance between my rational and logical self and my intuitive inner child. Balance is important in all things. In the same vein, I am able to straddle this 3D world and its Greater Reality i.e. I never lose fact that we are in this world but not of it. This is particularly important for those of us who have undergone spiritual awakening and want to retain family and spouse relationships. These types of spiritual journeys can be difficult simply because it is not only you involved in the awakening process, everyone around you will be touched to some degree.

As I progressed through my awakening process I managed to re-connect with my partner and three children. We then slowly began to re-build our lives in a different country and the experiences we both went through strengthened our relationship even further. A couple of the fruits of my awakening were to start a consultancy looking at the adverse effects of microwave radiation on our biology, (mobile phones and wifi etc.). My EMF Consultancy site is here. My partner and I also produce gifts imbued with creative energies that positively affirm our true selves rather than who we think we are. We are Pure Consciousness having a 3D experience. Positive affirmations allow us to gently ‘re-member’ that which we are a part of. The address of this venture is: http://www.touchwoodproducts.co.uk