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Awakening & Enlightenment Meditations, letting go and inner peace of within The menace of mobile phone technologies Are you Sirius?
Are you experiencing spiritual awakening or spiritual emergency? Meditations from (CWG) Conversations with God It's official - exposure to mobile phone frequencies causes cancer Chapter from Pat Cori's book, No More Secrets, No More Lies
Spiritual awakening and its mis-diagnosis by psychiatry The first 3 steps meditation Student suicide clusters - is microwave radiation to blame? Subliminal Advertising Examples: One
I am Pure Consciousness amid a sea of infinite possibilities Pineal clearing meditation

Student guide in reducing exposure from microwave radiation at university

Subliminal Advertising Examples: Two
We are Magnificent Beings of Light & Love Quick guide to meditation Neale Donald Walsch Mobile phone companies target students on UK university campuses Subliminal Advertising Examples: Three
Awakening to our Authentic Selves Energies of positive affirmations Backgroud to student suicides within UK universities Subliminal Advertising Examples: Four
The ascension process and how spaceweather affects us Protection meditation Student suicide clusters on university campuses and its missing link Subliminal Advertising Examples: Five
Starseeds, Feel the Love – dancing between dimensions, Part I Our quantum DNA Part I Deadly brain tumours on the increase across Europe Subliminal Advertising Examples: Six
Starseeds, Feel the Love – dancing between dimensions, Part II Our quantum DNA Part 2 Is non-ionising radiation really safe? Subliminal Advertising Examples: Seven
Awakening to Oneness Our quantum DNA Part 3 English Heritage and churches site telecoms masts on their buildings Workshop 0 - intro to sacred geometry
Healing in the energies of the Photon Belt Meditation stools for sale infused with colour therapy and sacred geometrical design 5G Radiation the Perfect Tool Modify Human Brain Waves Workshop1 channelling, cymatics, Love & Light
I-Am consciousness Balancing the lower chakras using Tom Kenyon sound meditations Mobile phones, GSM, TETRA  and Mind Control Workshop 2 - everything is energy
Starseeds Poem   Smartphone addiction or brainwave entrainment? Workshop 3 - Earth changes & the Grid
Learning to Dance within Gaia's new Cosmology   Moving home if you are electrosensitive Workshop 4 - Sound Frequencies
Do fears impede or enhance our awakening states   BT 5G mast disguised as council street lamp? Workshop 5 - Tantra & Kundalini energies
Barbara Marciniak - The nanosecond   Is your neighbour's WIFI causing you problems? Workshop 6 - Taking our power back
Sunspots, EMPs and the end of surveillance   Mobile phone antennas and atmospheric propagation characteristics The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth - 5 Tibetan Rites
Button up, a mini ice age cometh   What is EHS - electro-hyper-sensitivity? Healing properties of water
Psychic protection and our starseeded sovereignty   WIFI in schools and its biological dangers to children Colloidal silver - nature's little helper
Consciously manifesting our reality in the exquisite Moment of Now   gsm tetra and mind control technologies  
Spaceweather is affecting our biology and spiritual selves   hd technologies and mind control  
    5G telecomm radiation the perfect tool to mass modify human brainwaves  
    Science & Philosophy - Thomas Kuhn  
Home Articles Book a spiritual counselling session
Meditation products My science Spiritual workshops and upcoming events