Electromagnetic Radiation and moving house

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Moving into a new home? What to do if you are electro-sensitive or hypersensitive to microwave electromagnetic frequencies:                                                 Ten years ago, the medical evidence on the non-thermal effects from microwaves on the human body was scarce.                                          Now, … Read More

Choices and more choices

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Choices, choices and more choices. Originally published on lightworkersworld.com   Seeing through the Illusions These are significant times for spiritual awakening. There is no sitting on the fence and nowhere to hide – it is inescapable. We all have a … Read More

Antimicrobial powers of colloidal silver

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The antimicrobial properties of colloidal silver:     Prior to 1938 much of the sterilisation work carried out in hospitals was performed using colloidal silver. This was also the first method of choice in dealing with internal infections and for … Read More

The energies of Positive Affirmations

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  The Energies of Positive Affirmations, Intent & Colour Therapy Positive affirmations, honed through our pure intent and said out aloud, carry great creative energies. In fact, everything we say, hear or do has cosmic energy simply because we are … Read More

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