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The killing fields of 5G and the implementation of madness

 March 30, 2019

In this short essay, I want to focus on what is happening in our streets and neighbourhoods as the infrastructure of 5G is busily and silently being installed. As I’m writing this on 29 March 2019 in my not-so-sleepy part of Wirral, Merseyside, UK, the telecoms industry is in full 5G work-mode. I see many telecoms engineers installing new poles in my local streets as well as upgrading existing telephone wires and cabinets. One team of workers were installing cables at 11 o’clock in the night which was unusual. What is behind all this activity?  

 The UK telecoms spectrum police dog, OFCOM, has sold off sizeable chunks of the electromagnetic spectrum to the telecoms industry. The pink elephant in the room, of course, is that no recent safety testing has been carried out by the UK regulator, Public Health England (PHE), on anything related to non-thermal cell phone radiation exposures. The latest non-thermal rodent cancer data study from the National Toxicology Programme (NTP) shows clear evidence that exposure to cell-phone radiation causes brain tumours and heart muscle schwann cell cancers. The mainstream media has been very quiet on this data and the telecoms industries the world over want to get the infrastructure for 5G installed before we, the people, fully understand the biological dangers of exposure from 5G technologies. That is the sole reason why there is so much 5G activity by British Telecom and its installation team, Openreach – they are frantic to get everything installed before we stop them in their tracks.

5G antennas will transmit frequencies in the millimetre wave of the microwave radiation part of the electromagnetic spectrum. These types of signals do not travel very far and are easily stopped by urban infrastructures and rain. In order for 5G to work effectively, the telecoms industry is covering our streets and neighbourhoods in 5G antennas no more than about 35 m apart. 5G antennas have very small antenna footprints and can be easily installed on local street furniture such as road signs, existing telegraph poles and street lamps. The problem for the telecoms industry, however, is that they need to install additional poles in all residences, roads, streets, highways and byways. 

It is highly probable that local councils are working in tandem with the telecoms industry by cutting down any trees and bushes that might hinder the transmission of 5G microwave signals. Can you imagine all the trees in your road cut down and gone forever?  We have to stop this madness.

The picture below (picture 1) shows one of the many new style LED street lamps currently being installed in my neighbourhood. At first glance it appears as a modern council street lamp. However, closer analysis reveals a bit of a mystery. These lamps have a few unusual design features: they are shorter than usual street lamps; they are spaced about 35 m apart; and significantly, they are not installed by the local council but by BT as a telecommunications device (as explained on the note attached to the lamp, which can be seen on the picture!!

Picture 1

BT ‘street lamp’ telecommunication mast

This mast is about level with the house’s top floor, which gives the game away in terms of its intended use. If it was a normal council-deployed street lamp, it would be considerably higher. To my eye, this is a telecoms mast, which at some date will deploy 5G antennas.

You can see a close up of the note on the mast in picture 2.


Picture 2

The pole disguised as a street lamp is a telecoms 5G mast


The BT Pole Objection team has traditionally dealt with wooden telegraph poles that normally deploy telephone wiring to several houses. The telecoms industry has, thanks to its parliamentary friends, now unparalleled access rights to install its poles anywhere it deems fit. Believe it or not, this includes private land. Local planning laws have been neutered and there are only a few grounds on which you can object to the siting of any telecom infrastructure.

Picture 3 gives a visual on the spacing of the masts along a typical street in Wirral.

Figure 3

Spacing of BT 5G telecom masts along a typical street



In the not too distant future, almost everywhere inhabited in this country will be subject to 5G microwave exposure. These are the same frequencies that militaries use for psychotronic weaponry. The harm to us, animals and wildlife, will be huge. Remember that no safety testing has been or will be carried out by Public Health England. Phone your local planning office, find out what is going on, what is being installed in your street and try and stop it. Contact your local MP and ask him/her to ask Public Health England relevant safety questions as these frequencies induce all types of serious illnesses, including brain tumours and cancers.

This link is from the American government itself. The Food & Drug Administration asked a question in 1999 whether the frequencies used by cell phones are a danger to us. That question was answered almost 20 years after it was asked and the study cost just under 20-odd million dollars to complete. Long story short – exposure to microwave radiation causes cancers of the brain (tumours) and schwann cells of the heart muscle.


For the past 25 years, UK regulators, particularly Public Health England has ignored thousands of studies detailing non thermal biological harm from exposure to microwave radiation. They parrot time after time, “no clear evidence of damage from cell phone frequencies”. That bottom line on safety was changed after the NTP data showed ‘clear evidence of damage’. Public Health England have now updated their response by saying “there is no consistent evidence of harm”. In other words, I have no confidence in anything PHE has to say on the dangers of microwave radiation on our biology. I really think it is about time that PHE stand down and hand responsibility for biological safety from EMFs to another government organisation that has a real interest in consumer safety and not as it stands, the interests of the telecom industries.  

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