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My New book: Beyond the Five Senses

My Experiential Journey Towards Spiritual Enlightenment: A Handbook for Spiritual Awakening

Beyond the 5 Senses

beyond 5 senses

The old ways and dark energies of the past 5000 years are slowly coming to an end. The dark forces that have been in charge of planet Earth for eons of time know their grip on humanity is slipping away and they are fighting back. That is why there is so much negativity around us. They have lost the silent battle to win our hearts, minds and consciousness via the media, science, church, parents and education. In panic they unleashed digital technologies on us to try and control our emotions, mind and consciousness. This was followed by the SARS COV-2 virus project. In short, the dark t-shirts are fighting for their lives because they cannot exist without us - they have fed off us since time out of mind.

Opportunities for spiritual awakening and enlightenment are here, right now and in this instant. I was touched by this magic several years ago and after my awakening and subsequent 'dark journey of the soul' I am fully in service to others. I offer counselling services to those undergoing spiritual emergence or indeed, spiritual emergency. Significantly, the chaos and disruption we see in our outer world symbolises the major changes going on as our inner spiritual bodies evolve to 3-stranded consciousness and crystalline light-body. The madness and the sadness we are witnessing today has been going on for thousands of years, yet we never really noticed the setup and what was behind it all - until now, the Great Awakening.

In short, this site is all about throwing out the old 'me' and truly focussing on the the rapidly emerging 'New Starseed'.


Finally, this site is ad-free and has been in existence in one form or the other for some 20 years or more. Besides an ad-free environment I rarely sponsor links from other sites unless I am 100% happy with their intent and business model. This site was developed using Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5 and it is not readily viewable on smartphones nor is it optimised for the Google search engine. Google is a very dark energy 'construct' and I am not interested in pandering to any of its 'rules', associations and activities, nor do i want anything from it. I lean very heavily on sources of information you might not be familiar with. Much of it is 'spiritual woo-woo' and from my perspective, the best information out there for answering those eternal questions of 'who am I', 'what is this Life all about' and 'am I on the right path'? Dive into its contents, breath deeply outside your comfort-bubble and hold onto your cotton socks, Life is changing fairly rapidly now.

Namaste,  Ellis