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Welcome starseeds and old souls

               Part I: Bio-warfare, coronavirus lies and its upcoming second wave Part I

                             Part II: Covid-19, 2020 and a different perspective                                                           

                                                                        (published 15th and 23 September 2020)                                                 

Thank you for coming across my website - it is not an a accident. The contents of this site relate to our awakening states. I trust you will find something to make you think, ponder and create anew. The old world we knew has undergone massive change and all our old social, philosophical and spiritual descriptors are up in the air. These are auspicious times in which to set our intent for the type of world we want to live in. Currently, much is being revealed in regard to the true nature of our reality and ourselves. Everything is beginning to morph and feel differently. So it should because the energetic constructs of our reality that shape, define and control our perceptions of Life have undergone much needed spiritual change. We are beginning to vibrate at much higher frequencies, our Kundalini energies are being activated and some of us are beginning to or have undergone, spiritual awakening. Spiritual awakening is a form of mind re-boot in which everything in our lives is turned upside down and inside out. Nothing is ever the same again and the world we thought we knew has dramatically disappeared. Cosmic and benevolent energies from the Central Source are currently re-writing everything we thought we knew about life and ourselves. In spite of all our doubts about these uncertain times, much magic is being released in our corner of the cosmos. Be ready for change because everything is changing.

My new book release: Beyond the 5 Senses

My Experiential Journey Towards Spiritual Enlightenment: A Handbook for Spiritual Awakening

Beyond the 5 Senses

beyond 5 senses

Opportunities for spiritual awakening and enlightenment are here, right now and in this instant. I was touched by this magic several years ago and after my awakening and subsequent 'dark journey of the soul' I am fully in service to others. I offer counselling services to those undergoing spiritual emergence or indeed, spiritual emergency. Significantly, our outer world symbolises the major changes in energies we are beginning to feel in our inner spiritual bodies. The old ways and dark energies of the past 2000 years are slowly coming to an end.

The dark forces that have been in charge of planet Earth for eons of time understand their grip on humanity is slipping away. That is why there is so much negativity around us. They have lost the silent battle to win our hearts, minds and consciousness via the media, church and school. That is why they unleashed digital technologies on society to try and control our emotions, mind and consciousness. I have a whole section on this website devoted to this issue. In short, the dark t-shirts are fighting for their lives or should I say, their perception of what is and what is not allowed to percolate within the consciousness of human beings. In short, this site is all about throwing out the old 'us' and truly focussing on the the rapidly emerging New 'us', where we are, what to expect and most importantly and collectively, where humanity as an evolving species is ultimately heading.

This website is best viewed on a computer screen and read with an open mind. It's plain old fashioned, it's free, I require nothing from you and best of all, no pesky adds other than mine

Finally, this site is ad-free and has been in existence in one form or the other for some 20 years or more. Besides an ad-free environment I rarely sponsor links from other sites unless I am 100% happy with their intent, message and ultimately, how they do business. If I come across any site that invests heavily in ads, 'click me now' or other forms of covert sponsorship I avoid them like the plague. I guess-timate that 95% of web content is spam - see my articles on subliminal advertising to see its dark side and how it is used by our corporate and political leaderships to control and manipulate our subconscious thought and subsequent actions This site was developed using Adobe Dreamweaver 5.5 and it is not really viewable on smartphones nor is it optimised for the Google search engine. Google is an old energy monster and I am not interested in any of its activities nor do i want anything from it. I also avoided using Wordpress to bring this website into being because I like to keep full control of my website on my desktop and server. I now have the advantage of not needing to constantly update Wordpress itself and its myriad apps. Nor do I need to pay app developers to provide me with what I need. In short, this site is best viewed on a good old fashioned computer screen, preferably with your choice of nibbles and drink!!

I lean very heavily on sources of information you might not be familiar with - take the plunge and live life outside your comfort-bubble - hold onto your cotton socks, Life is changing fairly rapidly now.

Namaste,  Ellis

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beyond 5 senses