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Covid-19, 2020 and a different perspective, Part II

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This article is about how we can respond to events unfolding in our world in a way that gives inner peace and balance for the days ahead. The SARS COV-2 virus is just one issue. Our consciousness is presently wrapped around a bunch of critters that are sub-micron in size and have been around before the year-dot. We must dis-engage our thoughts, skewed imaginations and subsequent fears to embrace much bigger questions of Life.


Albert Einstein said long ago that you cannot tackle a problem with the same energy that created it. All the data around the SARS virus is quack-science, lies and distortions. It is very easy to dismiss the COVID-19 psy-op purely on real objective science. Problem is, the narrative between who is right and who is wrong will rage forever - there is a much easier way. In order to bring light to this and other issues we must first go within, re-frame the narrative, arrive at a new perspective and radiate out to others what we feel and why. Long story short, respect everyone's views on this issue, have compassion for who they are and what they believe in yet, keep on doing what you feel is right.


Today is 18 September 2020 and roughly eight years since the Mayan Calendar End Date of 31/12/2012. The Mayans stopped their chiselling of potential Life Events after this date because they knew that if we reached this point that (a) Life would never be the same again and (b) the timing and shaping of events that propel us into a Golden Age will be both individualistic and collective in the same moments i.e. these are quantum events that occur in 'no time'. The Mayans, aboriginals and other indigenous peoples understand the all of this and knew beforehand that it is not possible nor is it meaningful to predict/forecast in human linear time frames, what may or may not occur. During the past 8 years we have experienced a see-saw of world events designed to wake us all up from our sleep. Asleep or not, we are all on a Grand Journey to re-discover ourselves. We are multi-dimensional beings on a sacred journey back to the One. The cosmic joke is 'we arrived at our destination before we began'!


The very fabric of our reality is changing and morphing before our eyes due to the shock and awe of our awakening states. If you don't know a chakra from a chandelier, what does all this mean?  Quite simply, we are being forced to choose who and what we are and the basis of our Life Purpose. The choices we make are just that and there is no judgement on what unfolds. There are over 7 billion individuals alive at the moment and everyone knew before birth, the potentials of these times and what may unfold.


We gave permission for these events to occur i.e. mass awakenings and planetary ascension - in short, our journey is from darkness to light. In one cosmic sense, we arrived at our destination before we began but from a 3D perspective, we are not sure how long the journey may take or what we may experience along its way. From our first breath as a baby we forget our star-seeded lineage due to the 'veil'. The veil allows us to forget who we truly are so that we can exist within this 3D reality. We come and go hundreds of times and we call this incarnation. One life we are a princess, the next, beggar and the next after that a Dalai Lama! I define incarnation simply 'karma' or unfinished business. We come, experience, learn, forget, remember and ultimately evolve. Many of us have learnt and experienced all the stuff we wanted to do and are at the point of the next jump in our spiritual evolution. It is now time for our evolutionary and spiritual jump to a new dimension. Some call this the Golden Age or Age of Aquarius or the 5th dimension - none of that is really important. The important thing to note is that it is almost upon us, hence cracks and fissures within society around what was normally done or accepted - it is time for change. Many of us have forgotten what its all about but that is changing as well.


Cosmic Beings:

We have all changed since 2012. Life and its memories before this time appear vague and woolly, mere echoes of their former existence. The energies we experience today are raw, challenging and life-changing. The Kryon itself said "there is no sitting on the fence", choices and decisions must be made. Light illuminates darkness and as we see what has gone on, mostly in our name, we either claim it or dis-own it and create anew.


Although multi-dimensionally powerful, these energies are also subtle and discrete in their actions. These energies empower 'first thought' in novel situations, before your conscious mind shuts down all possibilities that might threaten its world of ego! Some individuals awake in an instant whilst others start the upward journey slowly by noticing changes in their perceptions of old events and their response to others and the environment.


Attributes of awakening

Our perceptions of time has dramatically altered, intuition and inner knowing has also become much stronger and significantly, we instantly note that the world we live in is now providing some unusual challenges and experiences. Just In case it slipped you by, what we focus on is rapidly created. As you think, so you become. It is the perfect time to be aware of long held inner thoughts, beliefs and ways of doing things. All of these cultural and habitual attributes of our former self will be blasted away in the coming days if they have not yet already disappeared. Our inner spiritual compass has shifted towards benefit to the collective and its life-giving environment, Gaia - the Mother, away from self-centred behaviours. Crucially, the decisions we make today determine the type of life we experience in its next instance. Some will embrace the Matrix and others will see it for what is and shatter the Grand Illusion of Ages - it's all made up.  


For those who spiritually challenge the Matrix, the most significant change we can see, feel and touch is the inner knowing that almost everything in our reality are constructs of someone else's doing. Part of our shift from darkness to light is to recognise who is doing what, for whose benefit and why. That is why we are being shown the world as it is really is, who controls its beat and most importantly, our role in this 3D reality to dismantle the all of it. Before the new can show itself, the old has to go!! That is the beauty and essence of the Matrix film released in 1999, it was intuitively felt by billions of people around the world and provided much light through the haze. As an aside, if you try to analyse the Matrix through 3D, analytical eyes, the message falls flat on its face, it cannot be understood. If you expand conscious outside of 3D perception and the message is intuitively felt, received and understood. Intuitive knowing is our birth-right and as each day passes, it is gets stronger and stronger.


Why is there so much negativity and confusion in the world?

The negativity we feel is caused by the cult scrambling to keep what semblance of power they once wielded. They have shaped and manipulated our consciousness since our appearance as homo-sapien, sapien over 200,000 years ago. Their playtime is over, their major project with planet Earth involved Niburu fell flat on its face (yet another story). Simply put, it is our time to ascend and this planet is due for a major re-set not involving the reptilians known as the Annunuki. The confusion in the world is due to the rug being pushed from under the feet of many individuals as their grip on reality loosens. The negativity and confusion we see is directly due to the light streaming into this part of the space-quadrant. The light has upset the apple cart and many of us are stretching frantically to bring in a new perception and consciousness of who and what we are. The cult think they own us and see us as babies or chattel. That perception is also due for massive change as well.


As a people and almost from Day One, our mores, common values, beliefs and cultures have been shaped and modified by a group of entities who live in the twilight and bark orders to their aristocratic rulers, states people and other facets of the chattering classes. Political and industrial leaders act as a front for these entities and these people are told what to do and how to do it.   Many of the thoughts we have are induced by others yet we claim them as our own. Many people are unwilling to accept this because we see ourselves as rational, sovereign beings who form conclusions, ideas and attitudes to other peoples and places consciously. If we peel the onion and notice the 'white elephants' in the living room, we can look detachedly on the 'norms' within societies around the world.


Think about the role of the priesthood and its almost institutionalised paedophilia, the role and subjugation of women in many religions, the hijack of health by Rockefeller /Big Pharma, environmental and human degradation by the 1% and skewed education by covert social engineers for us and our children, one can only sit back and wonder why we never saw any of this before?


Each of these 'traditions' or institutionalised ways of doing things have had  devastating effects on our physical and spiritual sovereignty. All these issues and many more are being exhumed in the laser-light of energies from our Central Sun. One quantum of light from this quarter highlights the dark deeds that require change. In days gone by, we couldn't see much wrong nor inclined to change anything even when noticed. The bias  in them days was towards darkness, it was strong. These were the days of the Spanish Inquisition, the spread of Christianity, colonialism, imperialism, the slave trade, world wars, tribal wars, deforestation, over-fishing ad nauseum.


The Pendulum of Ages, the yin-yang of duality has finally shifted away from darkness towards a bias of light. Accordingly, darkness is now fighting for its life, chiefly amongst themselves for the prize. The end game for them is total control of humanity as a much reduced global population hooked up to computer bio-mainframes and God-knows what else to live a miserable human/machine hybrid type of existence. We are  presently caught in the crosshairs of the 1% and its various commanders of industry, education, health and social engineers. Given its way and cheer-leaded by the likes of Elon Musk, they view Gaia as a planet of resources to be traded within an inter-planetary setup. That is why there is so much talk of life on Mars and the Moon.


As beings of Lemurian descent, we are slowly (at present) moving into a synchronised dance of collective thinking and as we think, we create. Unchallenged, we begin to remember our cosmic roots, pull together and are then able to build a world built on co-operation not confrontation. The SARS COV-2 virus has for the time being changed all of that because the dark knows how to manipulate and control many of us through the use of fear. The trademarks of fear include masks to muzzle and suppress, obsessive hand washing to remove any traces of others and social distancing to ensure we do form group-think. Thus, the unspoken story goes, we lose our physical, psychological and spiritual bonds. In this way, they hope to shatter our evolving spiritual consciousness by herding us into the coral using the currency of fear.


All issues around COVID-19 can be picked apart easily due to the quack-science used by the cult. Quite simply, the distance between a virus-threat and its proportionality of response by the state are universes apart. There is absolutely no need for me to go into further detail here because we all understand the genesis of lies and manipulation behind COVID-19.


The cult at war with itself

From a different perspective, the virus provides those with eyes to see and ears that listen, the controlled and systematic lock-step manner of information as it tricked slowly throughout the globe by mainstream media and other actors of the state. The same quack-science and mis-information was almost identical from places as far apart as East Ham to Estonia. If you also look closely behind the COVID-19 inspired headlines courtesy of the mainstream media, you can see shadows of a bag-fight between two historically powerful crime syndicates.


A crude analysis of what is going on largely out of sight is to envision the red and blue colours of the same coin. In the red corner we have the BBC in conjunction with the Tavistock Institute,  Keir Starmer and his alliance of union leaders, chatshows such as LBC and much of the 'BREXIT-remoaners' camp. In the blue  corner, Boris Johnson, talkradio chatshow and remaining members of the Tory Party.  The leaders of these individual organisations ultimately bat for the same team and I simply view these dynamics as two gangsters battling over turf - unfortunately for us, we are part of this turf war!!



Is Science powerful because its true or true because its powerful?

From the same perspective we can go deeper down the rabbit hole to see that global regulatory health bodies are also controlled by these powerful crime syndicates. The World Health Organisation is always called upon to dispense dodgy  virus/pandemic advice because it allows politicians to legitimate any policies used to control /vaccinate populations. As the stakes for the cult get higher, they ramp up the fear and please look at the latest advice from the WHO on this pandemic in which they say "masks protect all of us" and/or "test, test, test"!! Bill Gates does not contribute so much time and money to this organisation because he is in love with The health of the world - quite the opposite.


Similarly, the white-coated badgers of Science are also used to legitimate the safety-narrative of epidemics/pandemics, bacterium and viruses.  The cult have complete control of the big-hitting academic institutions, notably on this side of the pond, Imperial College and the Oxbridge colleges. They provided the dodgy modelling data that legitimated the prime minister Boris Johnson to lock us down. To cut a long story short, almost everything about this virus barring its accidental release and the fact that it is a bio-weapon is total fabrication. All these dark institutional actors are desperately trying to keep/regain control of the narrative around the virus. They took advantage of this virus leak to impose their agenda of control. Regardless whether you believe any of this or not, the fact remains that the world's most powerful leaders and countries have either and collectively lost all sense of reason or they are not disclosing what they know about what is going on? Make no mistake, this pandemic and the ensuing bag-fight between the gangsters of darkness in wresting control from each other is set to change everything in terms of human consciousness and perception.


Positively, all these events are waking people up. As more and more of us awaken, we change the Collective Consciousness. Call this the 100th monkey effect or whatever you like but less than 1.5% of the global population is all that is needed to fully awaken the rest of humanity. The reason for this is very simple - we are All One and All is connected in quantum embrace. Those of a different energy cannot survive in this field of heightened energetic vibrations. Have you not noticed how many life-long friends suddenly and without discussion, disappeared from your life? They cannot acknowledge you, even to say goodbye!!


The energy signatures of each individual and that of the planet are shifting. Anything that holds you back or in check will simply disappear. It is our time to awaken and shine. An awakened and free human will be able to envision its perspective of reality, better-abled to think into being, a balanced world without constraints to an evolving human spirit. In future times, we will look back to the year 2020 and say that for many individuals, this was the year in which much spiritual progress and awakening occurred.


Geometrically speaking, the energies within the numbers 2020 signify a 4 which is representative of Gaia, planet Earth. It will not be long before Gaia expresses the earth changes she needs to go through in order to provide a multidimensional springboard for the remainder of our spiritual soul-quest on Earth. Very soon the Sun will release an awful lot of energy towards the atmosphere around Earth. These energies are significant because they are quantumly powerful and will destroy much of the ground-based space weaponry aimed at us from geo-stationary satellites. These weapons include high detail surveillance and microwave radiation satellites that are used primarily for mind control purposes. The uptick in consciousness within the global population when these weapons go pop will be huge - something to look forward to!! That said, not long to go anyway, just a pesky virus and a horde of dark t-shirts to bless, transform and send back to their source!


Time for love through meditation

In the meantime, we can all do our bit to shift the Collective Conscious of humanity using the spiritual language of love. You can group or individually meditate, firstly on congratulating yourself because you are in body for these most auspicious of times. To be in body during a first-time universal ascension event is akin to being surrounded by a springboard effect on your own spiritual development. Envision light surrounding yourself, your abode, your town, your country, planet Earth and outwards to all the known planets. Consciously send waves of light within and around everything. Give thanks to the One for making all this possible and then give thanks once more to yourself because we are all splinters of God-Consciousness on a journey back to the One (ourselves). Seize the time, meet like-minded friends and catalyse these special events through meditation events (see below).


I will act as facilitator and metronome for 3 meditations that have no direction other than generating love/light and sending it off to places it is needed. There is nothing to fix, no one person or entity to fixate on, just step aside from yourself, meditate with intent and allow these signatures of love to radiate out, within and between the All That Is.


Meditation ritual

Most meditations take place as a ritual for good reason. Our minds constantly chatter and thought nowadays is very powerful in creating realities. A certain form of discipline is needed to focus intent and put out there, exactly what you want to put out there.


Ensure your body is well hydrated, wear comfortable clothing, ensure you have a comfortable meditation position and away from any sources of electromagnetic radiation other than a source for playing music. If possible switch off all lights, viewing screens, smartphones, computers and WIFI. The microwave radiation emitted by most of these devices is not good for health and adversely affects the subtle energy fields around the body. In other words, use the ritual to consciously prepare ahead of time, what you want to achieve and create. The more we focus and concentrate beforehand, the easier it is to totally let go of everything as the meditation begins. Overlay your meditation with your favourite incense and ensure all your crystal and other spiritual friends enjoy and over-light the meditation session as well. I call this period prior to actual mediation as 'the storm before the calm'.


Listen to your favourite music before and during the meditation itself. Sound frequency is very important in generating quantum fields that open us up to higher states of being. Many music genres have as their basis, sacred geometrical structures that can be used to alter, shape and manipulate our 3D spiritual and psychological states.


I will be using the music of the Masters of Geometry, Be eh oven's moonlight sonata as intro to the meditation itself and the meditation will be played out with my favourite Mozart piece. Please note, use whatever music is good for you. No snobbery is implied in the tracks I chose because for my other music-moments I am well into Tu-Pac, Biggie Smalls, Ella Fitzgerald, 1950s doo-wop, 1960s pop, Buddhist chants, Gregorian chants, Indian religious music and throat-singing from Bulgaria and Tibet. If the music makes you cry when you listen to it, you can't go far wrong - meditation is a time of joy so please yourself and enjoy what you do!


The Be Good to Ourselves Global Meditation

The dates for these mediations will take place (BST, British Summer Time) at 21.30 on the last day of September, October and November 2020. Allow at least 33 minutes for the meditation.


(1)   At exactly 21.30 I play Moonlight Sonata (you play your chosen music) and quieten any internal chatter within by making yourself comfortable whilst taking several deep breaths. Open your crown chakra and breathe in the light from the top of your body, through each chakra point in turn to eventually arrive at the base chakra. As you breathe out, imagine the light flooding through the soles of your feet into Mother Gaia. Imagine this first breath of light forming a solid anchor  of light that connects you to the heavens above and to all of the below. Each succeeding breath expands this rainbow of light further and further away as you include within its blessings, every living thing in your house, street, neighbourhood, parish, town, country, planet and universe - All is One and One is All.   


(2) As the music fades out, go within and enjoy the peace and solitude of nothingness. Thank yourself, that part at the other end of your astral chord and rejoice in this moment - let go and celebrate.


(3) Spin even further out into the cosmos and merge with it all or just hang out in the void. Words cannot convey what happens next. You may see a light, a point or a flicker in the distance. Be aware but do not fixate on this point. If you seek it, you break the spell and that point of consciousness will disappear. Quickly re-boot your focus and pick up the threads of  the meditation again. Breathe shallowly and luxuriate in the vastness of spirit. Be one  with it all.


(4) As the meditation comes to an end, slowly pull up the anchor of light that anchored you to the below and breathe deeply a few more times. Breathe in further to complete your circle of light within and outside yourself and consciously pull in all the lotus petals that surround your crown chakra. Allow these petals to close and gently allow your expanded consciousness back into your consciousness on planet Earth - arrive back with a smile rather than a bump.


(5) Play your second piece of chosen music and luxuriate in the predictable chords of sacred geometrical music. Allow it to warm your heart and liven your soul. Be thankful for who you are, where you are and all that you have achieved thus far. Be grateful to the One who provided the props and everything else in your journey. Envision positivity and smiles on the faces of the people you know. Shower thoughts of freedom, creativity, diversity of expression to all in the world because we are a jigsaw of colours, cultures and ideas - all are equal yet different to each other. Finally, have compassion for yourself for 'working the puzzle' the best way you can. The journey back to the One covers many billions of different paths yet each journey end is celebrated in the same way, all is equal, we are All One!   


Dr Ellis Evans is a retired environmental scientist and spiritual counsellor living in the total obscurity of the North West of England. He can be contacted at: e.evans@hellostarseeds.net





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