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I am indebted to Pat Cori for kindly allowing me to reproduce the use of material (below) from her bestseller. Please note this work is copyright and cannot be used or quoted without the strict permission of the author (contact details below).

Excerpt from Patricia Cori’s 3rd missive, No More Secrets, No More Lies: A handbook to Starseed Awakening (2002). Published by Lightworks Press Paperback – 230 pages ISBN: 88-901040-0-7 Website: http://www.sirianrevelations.net for further details

No More Secrets No More Lies, Media & Mass Mind Control, Chapter Ten

We observe how the human race is subjected to constant and violent psychological bombardment from all manner of advertising and aggressive iconography – designer illusions that imprint products, ideas and political opinion onto the mind screens of your souls. They are everywhere about you: on the streets; in the subways and buses; in the media; in your home and office environments.

The invasion of advertising and socio-political propaganda of those who wish to manage the human race is all-consuming, penetrating every aspect of your daily lives. Indeed, the controlling forces of your societies have imposed a form of consumption overload upon you, delivering millions upon millions of commercial messages via television, radio, the Internet, billboards and printed press – and your stimulated sensory receptors pick up every single bit … every day … every waking hour of your lives.

So all-consuming is the media war being waged upon humanity that you are simply unable to escape it – as long as you remain active participants of your ‘civilized’ world.

We are not suggesting that you behave as hermits, retreating from society to the caves of absolute isolation. Indeed, it is from the caverns that we wish to draw you into the full light of day. But we do believe that you can actively diminish the effect such ferocious campaigning is having upon you – once you understand and consciously dissect the motives and methodology driving the advertising industry, which forms public opinion through false and distorted global perceptions.

You can then take back whatever you have been giving over to the media — as individuals, as ‘target’ groups and as a people — to eventually alter the impact the military/industrial complex is having upon the whole of the human race. You can abort their mission of mass mind control through your cultivated awareness, while contributing to a heightened public consciousness. In so doing, you will be retrieving fragments of your identity and re-integrating on many levels, contributing to the progress of society and the healing of Gaia.

Ours is a call for you to reclaim your sovereignty by liberating your minds — for once and forever — from all imposed control channels currently operating in your realm.

We are eager to be a part of that process — in whatever way we can — whenever you decide you are ready to open your eyes and rise up from your servitude, no longer blind and silent servants of the ruling elite.

Your search for liberation from the dark influence of the establishment begins with your willingness to consciously dedicate time and attention to the glaring problems facing your civilization. It involves expanding your perception from your personal realities to a more universal perspective and then bringing it back in again — that you may create and manifest right thought and action in your immediate world. It requires that you be willing and determined to scrutinize what is being either blasted or subtly filtered into your consciousness, for in so doing you learn how the external reality affects not only your inner peace but also the harmony of Gaia.

It means that you are going to have to look and listen to advertising in its overt and subliminal, Freudian forms like you never have before.

Hopefully, you will slowly extract yourselves from the inane programming and superficial icons of television, radio and magazines, as well as the constant negative entrainment of your newspapers – all designed as backdrops for the selling of product and the targeted forming of public opinion. As you do, you will feel increasingly uplifted; you will feel liberated on many levels. You will realize your lives are fuller and more meaningful without the incessant intrusion of advertising and a subtle calm will wash over your minds, no longer battered and torn by the emotional pull of its de-humanizing and manipulative messages.

You will have more time to nourish yourselves and to pursue more lofty thoughts – thoughts of what is truly important to your lives and how you can share your vision with the rest of the human race.

Personal freedom and the spiritual progression of any civilization are formed from a fundamental understanding of how every thought affects and creates the greater reality – just as the global reality imprints the personal experience. Remember: all aspects, dimensions and realities are merely reflections of the One – the All-That-Is. So are you all; so are we.

So is the darkness; so is the light.

Never, not even for a moment, do you exist in a state of separateness: not at birth, when your spirit takes form by crystallizing soul consciousness as matter; not in death, when you shed your weighty sheath and take wing; not now, as you walk as physical beings in the world of samsara.

We know how you desire to shut out the frightening, unthinkable acts and consequences that are currently raining down terror upon your world. We understand why you prefer not to acknowledge or even contemplate the manifestation of evil, Dear Ones – but your ignoring the dark side of reality is not going to make it go away. Like all suppressed energies, the fear only festers within you, like the most insipid malignancy – growing grotesque and mammoth as it lingers deep in those murky waters of your emotional reservoirs.

The truth is that your journey into the light eventually brings you to look at all the shades of shadow and experience the many layers of density, just as the Buddha explored and experienced human suffering before attaining enlightenment.

These aspects — the dark and malevolent doings taking place just outside of your experience — may not touch you personally, but they touch others and so, by nature of the oneness of all things, they do qualify as your experience.

On levels you may have yet to understand, this is as much your karma as it is of those directly involved, which is why you made the cosmic appointment to take part in the great events unfolding on Planet Earth at this time. And so, we ask you to peer boldly into the dark corners, rather than fear the unknown and the ‘unthinkable’ – for there is no better way to truly heal and move past the shadow.

We encourage you to overcome your blanket denial of what seem to be insurmountable evils, for you can and do affect change and alter reality in every moment of your lives. This you do most effectively when you are operating in the light of conscious awareness.

You must never lose sight of that.

You must never believe you are helpless in the hands of the Power.

A crucial aspect of this particular phase of your liberation involves developing a clearer understanding of how global advertising is designed to create wealth and power for the elite, while controlling you, the ‘masses’, through mind-numbing and manipulative images and sounds.

You do realize and understand that the mainstream media exist merely to provide the corporate giants a vehicle from which they can drive their messages into your minds, creating local, national and global markets for their goods. You see how the media exaggerate and perpetrate conflict and doomsday material to hold you paralyzed in fear, glued to your sets and newspapers, sitting-duck targets for their corporate sponsors.

This you do understand, don’t you?

It is essential that you recognize one fundamental principle: that since advertising finances media, it dictates what you see and hear through its various projections and venues – omniscient invaders of your sovereignty. It affects what you desire and how you express that need, what you buy and how much you consume, and how you think – insipidly robbing you of your ability to decide (of your own volition and free will) what is good for you. The greater whole is, in such a way, steered in the direction the Power wishes to drive society … for the express interests of the elite who rule your world.

Such control mechanisms you might expect to find in a totalitarian state, but could you ever have imagined that you would be so programmed and de-humanized there … where you still believe yourselves represented by your government, rather than manipulated by it?

More of you are becoming aware of the part advertising has played in the uncontrolled global explosion of mass consumerism, but you may not have a clear understanding of how corporate management teams use it to manipulate you at the subconscious level, selling you without your ‘conscious’ consent or worse – creating desire and frustration at the unconscious level. Indeed, there is an overriding trend in contemporary advertising to attack and alter your libidos, activating the animal response and numbing the intellect.

How does advertising distort your reality? Let us explore this phenomenon as it regards the veritable war that is being waged upon the collective unconscious of the entire human race.

The fundamental requirement for the creation of a consumption population — a ‘throw-away’ society — is the stirring of the populace into a state of escalating desire and diminishing self-worth … a sense of ‘lack’. You are marketed into believing that you are never ‘enough’ so that you will believe you can never have enough. In this way, you will keep buying and believing what you are fed as the ‘solutions’ to what is causing you to feel inadequate, inferior and afraid.

This is what sells. Pure and simple.

Manipulative advertising campaigns are designed not only for the corporations that produce consumer goods for global distribution. Your governments advertise and market you to embrace their philosophies and political abstractions by adhering to that very basic marketing fundamental: the creation a sense of scarcity and the stimulation of your desire to fill the illusory void. Persuasive thought implants and subliminal messages are tools of the architects who design the puppet leaders’ political speeches, build their campaigns, create the advertising and sell you on nationalistic fervor and patriotic ideals.

Considering the information you have already acquired regarding the strategies of the New World Order, you can surely recognize how the Power manipulates the media in order to put its agenda of global domination into place on Planet Earth.

If you believe that your country is not safe from the ‘enemy’, then you will buy the idea that a space-based anti-ballistic missile system will protect you – and you, the taxpayers, will finance it. If you can be convinced you are running out of energy, you will agree to unnecessary drilling for fuel in the last of Earth’s sanctuaries: the diminishing habitats of endangered species; the protected forests; the marine environments.

The Power has accelerated the environmentally disastrous campaign of wanton (and unnecessary) drilling for fossil fuels and you cannot but be concerned. It is being waged not only against the American citizenry but against the entire global population — the planet itself — for in nature there are no arbitrary borders … just as there is no natural ‘separation’. All is interdependent; all is connected.

The power elite knows all-too-well.

So do the animals, the plants and minerals.

It seems that only the human race, the ‘most intelligent’ species of Earth, has forgotten what Gaia has always known and has attempted, in every way, to teach her children – the ones with the ‘superior’ minds.

And so, despite the outcry of your most devoted ecologists and environmentalists, the Power’s appeal to your collective fear of scarcity is so driving and so masterfully articulated that the petroleum lords dare to push you to the limits. If they are to have their way over you, a horizon of pristine forests and sapphire seas in Alaska’s wild life refuges will be obliterated by the grotesque blackness of the rapist’s steel drills and towering oil infernos.

Now we ask you: is the politically-motivated manipulation of your psyches any different than the commercial application of advertising for more specific financial interests, whereby you are sold, say, that you are not young-looking enough, so that you will buy their overpriced face creams, make-up and other beauty products?

Advertising is the business of persuasion by illusion, whereby you are presented with images that appear to the conscious mind as harmlessly clever, provocative or simply entertaining, but which conspire (at the subconscious level) against your free will. This insipid manipulation of your power centers can be far more harmful than you can imagine, particularly now – when you are determined to release yourselves from all controlling mechanisms and walk in the light of your absolute freedom of body, mind and spirit.

It is designed to activate your desire, which is being perennially stimulated at the lower mental, physical and emotional levels – so that you will buy the products which purport to resolve the states of disharmony that such constant bombardment of your psyches creates.

Advertising can also persuade you to adhere to a stereotype … a dogma or mindset. It can incite you to embrace political doctrines, justify war and set the fashion dictates of global corporate interests. Indeed, through its practice of mind-controlling advertising, the industrial complex of the ruling class has waged an all-out assault upon you. They know how their overt messages and the subliminals planted within them alter your subconscious desire, affecting the economic, cultural and even sexual standards of your societies.

As far as these messages are intended to reach you at a conscious level, where you are able to accept or reject them at will, it can be said that they are invasive and upsetting to the spirit, but we would not define them as mind control methodologies, per se. We would not consider overt advertising (in its honest form) a ‘manipulation’ of the mind and spirit, however influential it is upon human behavior – for you are responsible for what you consciously allow into your minds. You are the screening agents and you alone decide what you deem worthy of consideration or relevant to your experience.

When, however, advertisers employ techniques that involve the covert use of subliminal sounds and imbedded images upon the subconscious, that is a quite a different matter.

Hidden to the conscious mind, such implants are a deliberate form of mind control technology – technology that denies you that free will faculty of selection and elimination of the endless ‘input’ of images and data that daily attack and filter into your consciousness. Their widespread application in advertising and broadcasting denies your sovereignty as individual units of the All-That-Is and as vital members of earth society.

Isn’t it time that you pay just a little more attention to how their overt and subliminal messages are altering your awareness – as individuals and societies?

We observe how your wealthy nations’ current perception of fashion, which embodies every aspect of physical beauty, has determined that ‘chic’ is necessarily reserved for the drastically underweight (not the starving, of course, for there is nothing elegant about famine and poverty by your social standards). Indeed, it is in those overfed, wealthier populations that ‘thin’ has become the standard of beauty and elegance, as if the deliberately diminished form somehow signals a mastery of the physical being (whereas the starving poor are seen as victims of social injustice).

Ironically, in those wealthy societies, people are fatter than ever before.

The leaders of the fashion industry go to enormous lengths to entrain you to obsess on unrealistic icons of beauty, where pubescent youth represent the models of that unattainable perfection that keeps you buying skin and hair care products, pharmaceuticals, fitness equipment, chemicals, and industrialized ‘fat-free’ foods. In a parallel reality, the commercial food industry is gorging you and your children on nutrition-less, chemically-enhanced fat foods and sugars.

As a mass, you have embraced the ‘fast food’ industry, filling yourselves and your families with horrific chemical/food stuffs and creating incredible dis-ease at the individual and societal levels.

Meanwhile, the icons of beauty in fashion advertising dictate the unrealistic standards to which society must aspire, but which only a minute percentage of the population can achieve. Does this not register as a paradox in your minds?

* * *

To assure that what you see portrayed in advertising is how you will believe you must be, subliminal graphic images are implanted into the artwork of the ads – messages that serve as powerful triggers for your unguarded subconscious minds.

Open any magazine and observe the advertisements. Relax your eyes and ask to be shown not what the mind believes it is seeing in the graphic, but rather what is being activated in the subconscious by the hidden messages there.

Look beyond edges and outlines (as the human eye identifies form), into the shadows and the reflections in the imagery. Go deep – beyond face value. Ask yourselves: what am I being sold here? How am I being activated psychologically to believe I must have this pro-duct or that other? What is the underlying message?

Study the way the products are being presented to you and how the advertisement is emotionally manipulative and exploiting. When you look — truly look at what is being placed before you — you can see beyond the illusion. Identify the triggers that are being used there. As you train your mind’s eye, the imbedded images, designs and letters will slowly become visible to you. These have been planted deli-berately for your subconscious minds to perceive and internalize while the conscious mind is being teased into accepting what is on the surface.

Once you have trained yourselves to release the hold your conscious minds have upon what they believe they are seeing, you will find you cannot help but see such subliminal implants in most advertising. The most common range from the use of words (such as SEX) etched into the background to the use of suggestive masks and icons that are perceived at the subconscious level, regardless of your conscious awareness of them. They are there to activate your survival, sexual and power centers and they are designed to stimulate your animal desire, your irrational fear and an unquenchable need that can never be satisfied!

They are there to assure that you remain manageable consumers and willing slaves.

Subliminal sound messages are overlaid into the audio of television commercials, imperceptible to the conscious but perceived at the subconscious level. They are also transmitted via the Internet – you are just beginning to recognize the dark potential of such tech-nology.

Imagine the power of being able to broadcast hypnotic suggestions or commands to millions of viewers without their slightest awareness? This technology has existed for some time now and it has been tested not only upon individuals, but also on pockets of the society: without your consent; without your knowledge that such insipid manipulations of the free will zone are taking place right under your collective noses.

What if the subliminal message were to ‘obey’, or to ‘go to war’, or to ‘kill’? You are told, of course, that no such technology exists. No advertising agency will admit to using these covert and manipulative tactics, and yet you experienced them back when the dark forces circulated their test fear film, ‘The Exorcist’. That exercise involved creating study groups of audiences, who were the guinea pigs of some of the first widespread applications of subliminal sound overlays.

Your response to that level of sound and imbedded graphic images was monitored, registered and analyzed, setting the groundwork for much of the methods being used against you in today’s advertising and media programming.

This, in our understanding of universal law, constitutes invasion of the free will of sentient beings … and it is anything but ‘democratic’.

We believe it is time that you bring this assault of your lower energy centers up to full awareness, as part of the preliminary to your preparation for ascension. Once you see with your conscious minds that which is being planted in the subconscious, you will be free to reject it. In so doing, you strengthen your experience and under-standing of true freedom, while emitting crystal clear waves of heightened vibrations from your enlightened minds … waves of integral mind that are washing over the dams that for far too long have restrained the flow of human consciousness. This river of human spirit, free to run its true course, will cleanse the earth zone of the dark waters and their reflection in your collective soul.

When you, as conscious individuals, make manifest that which you perceive at the conceptual level, you serve as beacons for those who are still seeking the way. Empowered by your discoveries, you facilitate the process that releases you from the clutches of those who would enter your etheric bodies to manipulate and dictate your behavior. Thus, as individual units of the greater whole of humanity, you empower yourselves, raising the vibration of the collective unconscious.

We ask that you observe and analyze five minutes of television advertising. Make this a conscious experiment – a learning process. Consider a number of peripheral aspects, making note of the quantity of advertisements comprising the commercial ‘break’ in the television programming. Record the duration of each and the number of back-to-back spots presented.

You will immediately realize that most of your television viewing is dominated by advertising rather than by the programs themselves.

Be aware of how the sound volume is raised at the onset of the advertisement sequence and how it then returns to ‘normal’ when the regular program is back on air. This is one of the more easily recognized examples of subliminal manipulation: the television programmers are assuring their advertisers that you are going to listen to their message – or rather, that you are going to hear it.

We cannot stress enough the importance of being aware of what is around you and of seeing and hearing the underlying messages that are being imprinted upon your receptive minds. Now, at a time when the restrictions against such subliminal controls are being lifted and the governments are freed from the scrutiny of civil liberties vigilantes, you are going to have to create your own safeguards – and those of the children.

It is essential that you be freed of such invasive mind control technologies if you are to achieve your mind’s true liberation, bringing the Wisdom into focus and contributing to the communal good – the Light Alliance that is working its razor sharp brilliance through the density and darkness.

Unfortunately, the mainstream is still so blindly infatuated with the earth-grounded electromagnetic grid that most have yet to recognize it for what it truly is … but that, too, is about to change. As you have seen with the drastic devaluation of the technology markets – they have simply pushed you too far, overestimating your appetite for virtual unreality and forgetting how you so love to play and gather in the great outdoors, dance in the sun and bask in the moonlight, worshipping all that is right about your world.

We call upon you to use great discretion when approaching the Internet vehicle. It is of great importance that you take the time to prepare yourselves spiritually, mentally and emotionally and to protect your energy fields whenever you enter this technology web. You can significantly alter the vibrational fields coming from your computers and entering others by willing that your thoughts intention to raise the intention of all conscious ‘travelers’) moving along those wires.

This can be accomplished effortlessly, whenever you ‘log on’ to the net, by first stating your intent and purpose … in a manner such as this:

“As I enter here, I ask to be surrounded in the White Light, calling upon my Spirit Warriors to shield me from all vibrations that are not of the Highest Order, and asking that those unwelcome energies be bounced back to their source – as is appropriate to their evolutionary pace.

I send my grounding cord into the below, dropping like an anchor deep within the body of the Mother, as I hook solidly to the Earth.

And as I embark upon this journey, I ask that the Light Ones guide the way, infusing the grid with the light strings of the Universe.


We suggest that you:

• Dedicate some serious time to analyzing your media. Observe in full consciousness the overt messages that appear in advertisements, and their actual relationship to the products being sold. Study and record your impressions. How do they make you feel? What is the underlying message? How are you being persuaded or manipulated and on what levels of consciousness do you respond?

• Record your discoveries. It will serve your process of learning how to decode and disarm mind control technologies and assist you in helping others broaden their awareness.

• Whenever possible, scrutinize ads for imbedded words (SEX, WAR), mask-like images, animals and demonic images and bring them to full consciousness. In no time, your trained eye will instantly extract the subliminals and you will soon see clearly what is being broadcast into the collective unconscious.

• Write and petition the media as to your objection of manipulative and subliminal advertising – let them know you know and that you refuse to purchase their products because of it. Remember that you are six billion; they are two thousand.

• Write to the advertisers utilizing subliminals that you intend to boycott their products. Write to consumer interest groups and associations – and to the politicians.

• Write to the broadcasters that you intend to boycott their programming as a protest to the use of subliminal advertising by their sponsors.

• Write to the companies that produce the goods and services and voice your boycotting of their products until subliminals are removed from their advertising methodologies.

• Extract yourselves: limit your television viewing or cease altogether and be sure to monitor the children. They are the most susceptible targets and they need your discernment as loving guardians of their developing minds.

• If you must watch television, boycott all advertisements by muting the voice and walking away while they are being aired.

• Trade in your gossip magazines and other meaningless, brainless reading materials for works of poetry, literature and the noble mind.

• Do not allow your brilliant minds to atrophy by yielding to the brain-numbing abstractions which proliferate in your societies.

• Reduce your purchasing of consumer goods, recycling and repairing what need not be thrown away.

• Consider that wearing designer t-shirts and bags is free advertising for the industry. Do you wish that you and your children serve as walking billboards?

• Be wise; be discerning; be aware of what you allow to infiltrate your mental bodies. Knowledge is your liberation.

• Share your observations and insights with others, raising the flame, Dear Ones … stoking the fire of human consciousness.

• Intend that your sovereign rights be upheld and that you always act of free will and conscious mind.

I am indebted to Pat Cori for kindly allowing me to reproduce the use of this material which is from her latest bestseller. Please note this work is copyright and cannot be used or quoted without the strict permission of the author (contact details below).

Excerpt from Patricia Cori’s 3rd missive, No More Secrets, No More Lies: A handbook to Starseed Awakening (2002). Published by Lightworks Press Paperback – 230 pages ISBN: 88-901040-0-7 Website: http://www.sirianrevelations.net for further details


Me again:

The Sirian High Council missive above provides backround and context to my section on subliminal advertising. Please note, subliminal advertising is just one small segment of our highly manipulated consciousness and 'window to our shared reality. The real point of all of this is to say that if you include, school, television, song, dance, poetry and drama etc, all these endeavours to some extent have been hijacked by the black suited ones. They feel a need to control every aspect our lives from cradle to grave. It is the only way in which this manufactured reality can reproduce itself and function fo their benefit. If we are left to our own devices, life in many respects would be much sweeter because most of us do not need this air of 'competition, exclusivity, caste, class, gender and all the other isms which tend to fracture our collective consciousness. Click here to go to the first subliminal advertising example.

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