Under-the-bum white/blue chunky ‘Just Be’ wooden meditation stool

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This chunky stool is made for individuals between 1.65m  – 1.75m and is emblazened with the positive affirmation, ‘Just Be’. The stool has retractable legs and is of an ‘under-the-bum design.  The colour blend is composed of white and purple. Purple denotes quite a high aura colour of wisdom and understanding.

Please note this is the last product of this type and any further stools of this design will have fixed leg or non-retractable deisgn. All aspects of this stool can be customised to your taste including body size, length, colour, colour blend, affirmation or sacred geometrical symbol. The postage and packaging on these stools is by definition quite high. Please email me before ordering.


Length = 48.5 cm

Width = 22.5

Thickness = 30 mm



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