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o(Courtesy of http://pages.zdnet.com/ rkeene/psychic_protection_how_to.html)

Protection meditation to send back to Source, blessed and transformed, any unwanted psychic, elemental and other negative energy attacks

You can do this visualisation just before you meditate or whenever you feel that you may need to protect yourself. If you are sensitive to energies, you will need to ensure that anything that comes into your zone of consciousness feels right and appropriate. If your aura burns brightly, learn how to shield it (you) from unwanted attentions. You are a Supreme Being and you decide with whom you interact. You also decide whether or not you want to 'share' yourself with anybody else. You need not sense anything that you do not want to experience. If you use this exercise, you will notice that interactions with certain individuals in your life will no longer be draining nor will you feel that you have to 'shoulder' their pain, angst or heavy feelings.

You can be sitting, standing or lying down, just as long as you are comfortable and not restricted in any way as this will distract you. This visualisation ideally, should form part of a meditation routine or practice. I use this visualisation just before I get out of bed (its great if you cannot get out of bed in the morning), a couple of times during the day when I need some private space in my thoughts, even if for two minutes, and just before I go to bed.

1) Take deep breaths, allowing the air to come into your body to cleanse and relax you. Breathe slowly and deeply. Continue deep breathing until you feel comfortable and relaxed.

2) Visualise strong, beautiful light streaming into the top of your head via your crown chakra. The light is Divine energy, prana, chi, etc. it has many names. It is the outbreath of Prime Creator and of the same essence as Spirit. It is Love, unbounded. Feel in-spired and breathe in deeply. On your out-breath, visualize this energy streaming from your heart centre to bathe the world and its universe in your intent of Love for all and everything. Visualise a positive cycle of in-breath /out breath as the bubble of light expands an energy shield around you. Hold this feeling and knowing about yourself. 

3) You feel the light totally surround your body, covering you, enclosing you in its protective wings. Now the light forms a bubble, extending to about 1 meter around your whole body starting at the top of your head. It is like a strong elastic white bubble that is full of universal energy and the powerful protection of Divine Spirit. Every cell of your body is being bathed by light; nothing can enter here without your say so.

4) Take a further deep breath and feel the peace as it spreads through you as you relax completely within its protective bubble. If you have trouble visualising a bubble of light, imagine a snowflake with you in its middle or hold that feeling of being immersed in a hot bubble bath - nice!

5) Now is the time to state your intent that any energies that do not have your highest good as their intent, be re-bounded back to their source or transmuted within the Love of Mother Earth, Gaia. Also ask that the Family of Light i.e. those energies, entities and beings that have your highest good as their intent be allowed into this bubble of light so that they may share these Moments of Grace with you.

6) Feel these energies as they slip into your bubble of light and acknowledge their presence with a Thank You. Allow them to leave gently and without regret and then state your intent that the bubble remain around you for the remainder of the day, even when you consciously forget its Presence.

As with any meditation the real point of this practice is to focus your intent i.e. you are more powerful and expansive than you can ever imagine, provided you will it into your reality.
Home Articles Book a spiritual counselling session
Meditation products My science Spiritual workshops and upcoming events