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Bio-warfare, coronavirus lies and its upcoming 'second wave'

(click here for Part II)




Many of the world's political, scientific, technocratic, medical, epidemiological and mainstream actors have slipped into a dystopian stupor of madness due to a virus. That form of madness has expertly distilled into the general public via life-long social programming methods. Some of us have responded sensibly to this virus threat by recognising our spiritual sovereignty and the fact that we have an absolutely amazing immune system. Others have succumbed to the programme and predictably listen to the so-called life-death announcements from the government and media. The SARS COV-2 virus has changed the course of humanity in so many ways in just 6 months.  In fact, viruses, bacteria, pathogens and toxins have evolved alongside us for aeons of earthly existence. I am getting fed up listening to the myths and fables spouted by the mainstream media actors and scientists who parrot and echo the same story time after time following a newly emerged virus threat. They inevitably explain a virus associated with animals x, y or z, bit Patient Zero and jumped the species barrier to infect us. The second part of the big lie implies the locus of this virus jump is a food market, bazaar or cave!! They then go on to say that because it is a novel virus that we have no biological defence against it. It is at this point that the mainstream media beat the drums of fear as loudly as possible.

Inevitably, they forget we have an immune system which keeps us going during these events. Within a broader picture of what is happening, it is true to say that during the past 200,000 years as homo-sapien sapien, we have faced numerous viral threats, yet, we are still here and number almost nearly 8 billion souls.


We have to think beyond the baby-ish narrative that a bat virus somehow jumped the species barrier to infect us. The science and the timeline of events that offer a different narrative on the origin of COVID-19 must be looked at. Before we can solve the puzzle of the SARS COV-2 virus, we must first determine its origin. If we understand its origin or cause, we can put in place measures to quantify its potential effects on humanity. If we ignore the origin of the virus and focus purely on its projected effects, we end up with societal and global paralysis based on fear-laden projections of doom and gloom.


The alternative scientific evidence of the origin of the SARS COV-2 novel virus is not mine and I detail the work of Peter Meyers later who painstakingly wove together a tragic trail of scientific experiments that went wrong. This alternative and evidence-based narrative may entail a journey down the rabbit hole. If you think that government leaders and their  medical, scientific and regulatory advisers are there to ensure our biological and psychological safety, you may need to think again - the evidence says otherwise.


Bio-weapon laboratories - BSL4 or P4

Thinking back over the past 20 years or so, the world has faced myriad viral infections from Ebola, SARS, MERS and H1N1. The emergence of these viruses has more or less coincided with the introduction of bio-containment laboratories called BSL-4 or P4. These so-called biological containment buildings overtly and covertly deal with bio-warfare/bio-terrorism agents. Bio-warfare laboratories can be found in most industrialised countries yet for purposes of this article, I focus purely on those labs located in China, America and Italy. These and others like them have no citizen, national or global oversight because many of them are involved in the mindset, rhetoric and activities of national defence and bio-terrorism - in other words, their real objectives are above top secret. In order to see what is cooking in these buildings requires a clearance level way beyond that needed to become president or prime minister.    Within the  context of the SARS COV-2 virus that leads to COVID-19, the question remains of course, was (the virus) pushed or did it jump? If it was pushed it means the virus is artificial and cooked up in a military or private laboratory somewhere. If it jumped, the virus is yet another evolutionary trigger that we as a species have faced and managed since time out of mind.


Back story to the virus

The latest epidemic/pandemic caused by the SARS COV-2 virus propelled governments all over the world into a tailspin of draconian lockdown measures followed by social distancing, the wearing of masks and obsessive hand sanitising. All these measures took place in lockstep whether you live in London or Timbuktu! Many countries assessed infection rates in the same or similar way, namely by PCR (polymerase chain reaction), antigen or antibody testing. The inventor of PCR has said his test should not be used for diagnostic purposes as it was not designed for that, but he was ignored. The false positive rate for PCR alone has been estimated between 60% - 90%. There is also further uncertainty within the test itself because it is not known exactly what the test is looking for. Not only that, many countries rigorously inflated COVID-19 deaths by taking the unusual steps of reporting deaths from and with as just cause. Hospital doctors in the UK (and presumably elsewhere) can also put COVID-19 on the death certificate even if they merely suspect it was the cause of death. Across the pond and according to the US Centre for Disease Control's own figures, only 6% of the 180,000 COVID-19 deaths recorded in America were due to the virus itself, which means the headline figure of 180,000 deaths due to COVID-19 is reduced to just over 9,000 deaths.


False accounting of mortality attributable to COVID-19 also played itself out over here in the UK. Public Health England (PHE) was latterly forced to reduce the COVID-19 death rate by over 10% due to dubious mortality accounting practices. Yet, the whole saga of COVID-19 was so poorly managed by PHE that it is now in the process of being disbanded and replaced by another government department. In spite of all the ballyhoo around increased testing capacity and ‘a vaccine just around the corner' psy-op, not one entity, government or private to my knowledge, has sequenced and presented the full genome of the SARS COV-2 virus and its implications on health in a peer reviewed journal. In order to identify a virus, it must be isolated and purified. Various experiments take place in which it is injected into other hosts to assess whether the same symptoms occur. The physical outline of the virus can then be visualised using 3-D modelling software. Having satisfied various criteria called Koch's Postulates, its full genome is sequenced and the virus is acknowledged as existing and real. In other words, governments and other agents cannot claim a non-existent threat from a non-existent virus to lock us down and take our civil liberties away.


Coronavirus lies

The bits that physically stick out from viruses attach themselves to receptors on the surface of human cells called ACE2 receptor sites. It is crucial to understand the surface protein makeup of a virus because that gives us some idea of how the virus attaches itself and gains entry into the human cell. If we have no knowledge of the surface proteins of the virus, how can diagnostic testing take place, never mind elucidating its holy grail, the ‘vaccine’! The testing and diagnosis of the SARS COV-2 virus is fake science on a gigantic scale. The Department of Health recently said that it is no longer necessary to use Koch's Postulates to identify viruses. I have no idea why they said that and if they do not use Koch's method, how do they identify a virus - it's all fake science?


Alongside all of the above has been a fear project so intimidating that many sectors of the UK population are scared to face the outside world, go back to work or mingle with other family members! The BBC in particular has, for the entire duration of this virus saga, broadcast daily death rates whilst ignoring the recovery rate. The recovery rate for most age groups is close to 100% and even the critical age group survival rate is probably higher than thought – COVID-19 is not a death sentence for most 80-year olds providing they do not have too many co-morbidities.  Most COVID-19 deaths for several older age groups are due to existing co-morbiditites, and in this lies an important clue on how this virus appears to work (more on this later).


The BBC aided and abetted by the Tavistock Institute’s behavioural and social engineering unit produced such a dystopian vision of fear and paranoia around this virus that the BBC is now rightly despised by many sectors of the British public. The Tavistock Institute specialises in covert social engineering projects of British society. One example of the Tavistock Institute’s role during the early 1960s was their covert social engineering manipulation of the ‘swinging 60s’ using the Beatles. The Beatles were programmed prior to the start of their first US tour in 1964. I mention this association here because few people are aware that social control programming has been around since before the 2nd world war in one guise or another.


There is much distrust of the British government here as well due to its mixed messages, lockdown and other social control measures. None of the government guidelines make any sense to people other than the chattering classes and echo-chambers of the mainstream media. As rates of depression and suicides soar across the world, the only antidote to the orgasms of fear pumped out by the media and political classes is very simple: switch off and disengage from your social media platforms. They are literally killing us with their programming. Their sole job is to amplify and disseminate the energies of fear, separation, social fragmentation and spiritual dissolution. If the social engineers of this world get their way, we will lose our human-ness and allow the technocrats to tell us what to do, how to do and when - such is the currency of fear! 


Overlying these dystopian events are the controllers of digital information who powerfully manipulate and shape the perception of a locked down global population. Voices with a different message to that of the state have largely been silenced by individuals who code the algorithms for Google and Bing. Similarly, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter ad nauseum ban from their platforms any voices that do not sing the same song as their masters.


Supper-singing professors of probability modelling, virology and infectious diseases


The role of Science in this pandemic has been crucial to the agenda of the social engineers and the cult itself. Science itself does not operate within a social vacuum and university professors need research funds whilst Big Pharma or Big Industry need legitimate and respectable white-coated academic types to vouch their goods, products and services are safe to use. The ‘you scratch my back and I scratch your back’ is so common in science nowadays that the first question anyone should ask of any research is, “who funded it”. When you follow the money, you normally find the data, results and conclusions of an experiment before it’s even carried out – very sad but true for much of scientific research and its ‘funding’ fathers during the past 50 years.


In this respect, I use the phrase that many professors of virology, epidemiology, modelling and infectious diseases dutifully ‘sing for their supper’. This is especially true for those professors used by the BBC in morning weekday radio broadcasts. Academics that support the official narrative without question or scientific rigour are re-paid by the Big Pharma/state bodies with further research grants, monies and easy entry into all sorts of other research avenues. Imperial College is at the forefront of much of the modelling forecasts and it is here that time after time, its so-called professor, Ferguson inflated predicted deaths by such a massive amount it was easy-peasy for the UK prime minister to lock us down. The record of professor Ferguson is lamentable in that all the other epidemics he has been involved in including badger cull forecasting regularly produces data for the state which are wildly at variance to that found in nature. None the less, governments can advance their agendas using dodgy data and forecasts from people such as Professor Ferguson. The more these technocrats exaggerate a situation, the more monies, credo and influence they have within the world of science. In such situations, Science works against the best interests of the people. Suffice to say, I carried out my PhD at Imperial College using probability /Monte Carlo modelling. I remember what my professor told me, “ensure data and model parameters are characterised as rigorously as possible because, ‘rubbish in, rubbish out’. Many bureaucrats and political leaders are easily swayed by the sooth-sayers of mathematic or probability modelling. Pretty graphs that start at zero and end at 1 million with deaths at the top of the page can be very persuasive to policy-makers. In these types of situations, probability modelling can spew out the most ridiculous data yet untrained policy makers think they represent the reality and truth of the situation.


Light shining through the haze

One must look elsewhere to find out what might be going on both here and around the world. The official state narrative is that a bat virus somehow crossed the species barrier to infect us. Based on the work of Peter Meyers (see below) a bat virus, bio-engineered as a vaccine for a previous SARS infection, was accidentally leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. It has been estimated that SARS COV-2 is at least 20 times more contagious than a typical flu virus. 


The reaction from the British media that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was responsible for the SARS COV-2 virus was very swift and concerted: the BBC and much of the media shut down any narrative on the origin of this virus other than the Wuhan fish market story - quite incredible! In the USA, it is a little better; websites devoted to science and freedom of speech and information have already told the same story I am about to tell. The noise from the mainstream narrative has much more impact and the fear around this one issue has grown to epidemic proportions (no pun intended!). Fear is now being used to herd and control the global population to snap to obedience to our new masters: the political 'gofers', be-speckled university professors and pen-pushing diplomats/technocrats of the digital age.


In late April, I came across the website of Peter Meyers (http://mailstar.net/coronavirus.html), containing lots of information relating to the possible where/why and how of the current COVID-19 saga. All of his assumptions were based on peer reviewed medical and scientific evidence. His website has a large dossier on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It blew my mind and I hope it provides much food for thought for you as well.


Meyer's hypothesis for the origin of the SARS COV-2 virus is based on research carried out between key scientific personnel at the University of North Carolina (UNC):  Zheng Li Shi (aka batwoman), acknowledged as the world's foremost expert on coronaviruses and Peter Daszak, who worked closely with batwoman on her bat-related research. Read below what happened at the end of one research project involving Daszak and batwoman in 2015;


"By 2015, (...) research was met with an enormous amount of concern, scientists at UNC had successfully created a "chimeric, SARS-like virus" by altering the viral genome of a Chinese bat coronavirus's spike-protein genes sequences that code for the spikes that poke out from surface of viruses and allow them to unlock entry into hosts, in this case making the bio-engineered coronavirus incredibly contagious. This research raised eyebrows since it was clearly gain-of-function research, a practice banned in America from 2014 until December 2017 when NIH lifted the ban, specifically to allow research on this sort of virus. Looking at UNC's gain-of-function research on coronavirus spike-proteins, which received its funding just before the ban was implemented and was only allowed to go forward following a special review, a virologist with the Louis Pasteur Institute of Paris warned: "If the [new] virus escaped, nobody could predict the trajectory."(https://www.the-scientist.com/news-opinion/lab-made-coronavirus-triggers-debate-34502)


How prophetic is that last comment!!


Biowarfare laboratories, key personnel, circumstantial evidence and coronavirus wars


Zheng Li Shi left UNC to take charge of a BSL-4 (also called P4) secure bio-containment laboratory in China. This laboratory is called the Wuhan Institute of Virology located a few miles from Patient Zero, one of the first patients to die from COVID-19. Incidentally, the fish market at Wuhan is some 20 miles away from Patient Zero who had no connection with the Wuhan fish market. Back in the USA and because of legitimate concerns over 'gain-of-function’ research, the federal government pulled funding 2014 - 2017 and I quote a piece from trialsitenews.com April 28 2020:


"gain-of-function (“altering natural pathogens to make them more deadly and infectious”) “as a result of rising fears about a possible pandemic caused by an accidental or deliberate release of these genetically engineered monster germs.” They say the now-famous Dr. Anthony Fauci of NIAID “outsourced” this research in 2015 to the Wuhan lab and licensed the lab to continue receiving US government funding" -


Dr Fauci enabled coronavirus research to continue at the Wuhan Institute of Virology by giving it research grants in excess of 3.7 million US taxpayer dollars. Dr Fauci is the same Dr Fauci who stood next to President Donald Trump and kept very quiet during press conferences about the exploits of Zheng Li Shi, Duszak and his involvement with the SARS COV-2 virus work. Thus, US universities and its military, in one form or another, are also part of this SARS COV-2 mess. Incidentally, representatives of the US government visited the Wuhan Institute of Virology on several occasions and were not particularly impressed by the bio-safety procedures or leak potential they found in place. Mr Fauci probably knows much more about SARS COV-2 than he speaks about. However, it is difficult to determine what he knows about further experiments carried out at the Wuhan Institute of Technology by Zheng Li Shi because this work was by then under the direct control of the Chinese Communist Party!


Secure bio-containment BSL-4 laboratories carry out research on the world's most deadly disease-causing agents. They are usually controlled by that country's political/military elite but some BSL-4 laboratories are privately owned. BSL-4 laboratories are sited across the globe with little oversight and what goes on in these establishments is akin to something out of a James Bond movie. One such BSL-4 laboratory located in the southern part of the UK is sited at Porton Down and is run by the British Ministry of Defence. It is notorious here for its work on phosgene (mustard gas) used in the trenches of the First World War. 


Getting back to the present pandemic, I was totally baffled why governments around the world attempted to totally eradicate SARS COV-2.  It never happened with the previous SARS, MERS and N1H1 incidents so why this one? One example of this extreme response from political leaders to eradicating the virus is the case of a family of 4 plus 20 other individuals tested positive in New Zealand and the country was locked down! Similar events are playing out across the UK, with partial lockdown restrictions being imposed on swathes of the country. Note, these events are nothing more than positive test results that result in almost zero hospitalisations and deaths thus far (12 September 2020).   Meyer's paper provides a clue as to why governments the world over are enacting further draconian measures of lockdown control. What follows is probably the most important paragraph I have read from Peter Meyer's paper because it tells me that in the early stages of the virus, some governments were probably told what had happened (accidental virus escape) yet decided not to tell its citizens. Six months into this pandemic, they also know potentially what might happen if re-infection takes place yet still refuse to come clean and tell us what is going on.


Second wave

Those individuals who recover from COVID-19 have antibodies in their system specific to the virus and it appears that the virus is able to re-infect those individuals again, hence the media screaming “second wave” without telling us what it really means. "the Wuhan Strain COVID-19 (uses) antibody-dependent enhancement to much more efficiently enter into cells, and then become much more virulent since this enhancement hijacks the body's pre-existing immune response to coronavirus infections and allows easier entry"


Clearly, the characteristics of this virus are very different to any other viruses known to man. The key to unlocking all of these issues is the virus’ primary author, Zheng Li Shi but thus far, no word from China. A group of Indian researchers isolated and purified a strain of the Wuhan virus from the lung innards of an infected man. They went on to fully code its genomic structure. They argue in their research abstract:


" We are currently witnessing a major epidemic caused by the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019- nCoV). The evolution of 2019-nCoV remains elusive. We found 4 insertions in the spike glycoprotein (S) which are unique to the 2019-nCoV and are not present in other coronaviruses. Importantly, amino acid residues in all the 4 inserts have identity or similarity to those in the HIV-1 gp120 or HIV-1 Gag. Interestingly, despite the inserts being discontinuous on the primary amino acid sequence, 3D-modelling of the 2019-nCoV suggests that they converge to constitute the receptor binding site. The finding of 4 unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV, all of which have identity /similarity to amino acid residues in key structural proteins of HIV-1 is unlikely to be fortuitous in nature. This work provides yet unknown insights on 2019-nCoV and sheds light on the evolution and pathogenicity of this virus with important implications for diagnosis of this virus"


This paper was later retracted yet the authors found what all political leaders and the mainstream media were instructed not to say anything about. The spike inserts found by the Indian researchers resemble what is found in the HIV gene i.e. proof positive that the SARS COV-2 virus was artificially produced (it was pushed) and not a product of an inexplicable virus jump between bat to man. What the world needs right now is a peer-review of the complete genome sequence for SARS COV-2. They did this with the HIV gene back in the day, so what has changed since the 1980s that no one is clamouring to see, characterise and ‘put out there’ what the SARS COV-2 virus looks like in all its gory detail?


Vaccines and the Oxford Research Group

Research groups around the world are scrambling to find a vaccine. Does this mean that the UK Oxford Group is privy to just fragments of the virus or its complete genome? If this group is working on fragments of the genome, how can it come up with a vaccine? During the past 20 years or so, many coronaviruses have been patented, including a patent on their method of analysis. I find it incredible that no one from a single BSL-4 organisation has actually come out and said, "we have vital information on this or that facet of coronaviruses”? I also understand from the nature of the beast inside BSL-4 laboratories that they always justify their work saying if this or that disease threatens the human race in the future, we will have a vaccine to stop it. If that were true, most people would understand what these labs do and where they are in their research objectives. Most people I talk to have never heard of these types of laboratories never mind the deadly arsenal of poisonous substances it holds and what they work on! A properly designed vaccine causes minimal side effects and effective against disease. A vaccine gone wrong is a weaponised vaccine because it was designed to enter human blood cells easily to wreak havoc on the population. In that sense, there is little difference between a vaccine and a weaponised coronavirus.


Fauci’s organisation holds patents on coronaviruses – why?  Some 8% - 14% of viruses responsible for the common cold and flu are coronaviruses. Thus, coronaviruses and in particular, SARS COV-2 are easily weaponised in the lab and once released, behave environmentally like a typical cold virus yet become deadly towards critical age groups i.e. the over-80s with underlying co-morbidities. I also understand the mutation rate for SARS COV-2 is high meaning the genome of the virus has changed within the past year or since its release. This implies any vaccine produced today may well be ‘out of date’ by the it is marketed for use. Incidentally, the efficacy of a typical flu vaccine is between 6% - 10% each year.  Doctors, nurses and GPs (general practitioners) never tell you that and from some of the data I have seen regarding fit, healthy strong US soldiers, those who took the vaccine were more likely to suffer from that disease. What on Earth is going on within the world of Big Pharma, the medical establishment and political leaders?  In any case I strongly argue that any vaccine developed within the backdrop of SARS COV-2 must be treated with extreme caution.


Drug countries have indemnity against any adverse effects from the vaccines they produce i.e. you cannot take them to court if their vaccines cause injury. If you check the backstory to the ability of Bill Gates to sow his vaccine deeds in many Indian, African and S. American countries, you really have to wonder why the mainstream media over here and elsewhere treat him as a guru. I know the reasons for the soft pass he gets from the media and that is another story and other article.


In spite of the background and context of most vaccines not actually working and causing more harm than good, governments around the world are queuing up to buy millions of doses of vaccines which have not yet shown any real efficacy in trials data thus far. For once, let all the politicians, the aristocratic and noble families, chattering classes, mainstream media, paid-for academics, hobnobs of the NHS and all those individuals who accept without question the state narrative, vaccinate themselves first. I would never take this or any other vaccine and have not done, since I was 14 years old!  


Economic lockdowns and the anesthetising of society


Looking back with hindsight from February 2020 onwards, I was amazed that countries like France and Germany locked down their people and economies before anyone else. No modern industrialised country has ever shut down the bulk of their economies over a virus, particularly the two major economic powerhouses of the European Union.  I was also amazed when the Tory government of the UK announced a furlough scheme that would pay 80% of salaries in order that workers stay home to ‘protect the NHS and save lives’. The Tory Party had previously and vigorously pursued a policy of ‘austerity’ during the previous 10 years in which nurses and ancillary workers within the NHS (National Health Service) did not receive a rise in salary throughout this period. This change in tack by the Tory Party is akin to the Sheriff of Nottingham suddenly turning into Robin Hood and showering the peasants with gifts!


I argue further, based on Peter Meyer's paper that select governments around the world were quietly told of the severity of this issue, yet were asked not to inform their citizens. I also agree with Peter Meyers that the SARS COV-2 virus was an accidental release from a BSL-4 building from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.  Something else also occurred during the early stages of this epidemic and this was the relatively steep rate of infection by the SARS COV-2 virus in the Lombardy region of Italy. Clearly, something happened between China and Italy and the common denominator is that both countries operate BSL-4 laboratories. Is it possible that consignments of virus leaked in transit between China and a BSL-4 laboratory sited in the Lombardy region of Italy?


Other actors in this virus farce include the World Health Organisation and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The American President, Donald Trump rightly de-funded the WHO because he said the WHO covered up the initial SARS COV-2 outbreak. Erroneous WHO advice early on in this epidemic also stated that the virus could not transmit from human to human. In spite of these brazen gaffes, world leaders parrot 'guidance' from the WHO stating masks should be worn, yet in the same breath argue there is “weak evidence of benefit in their use”. This is cognitive dissonance on an institutional and global scale. These nuggets of fake science/fake news are allowed to circulate and become internalised because of an incompetent/muzzled/complicit mainstream press. The original advice from the WHO (and for many years before July 2020) was that masks do not work and evidence of their efficacy is weak. Suddenly, and at the end of the pandemic, the advice from the WHO has changed. It now advocates the use of masks and when pressed further, admits this change in policy is based on political lobbying and not on evidence-based scientific research. You really cannot make any of this up but they did and look how it has changed the perception of what ‘normal’ is!


Masks and virus particle size

Incidentally, B-type coronaviruses are in the sub-micron particle class median aerodynamic diameter. Particles this small exhibit Brownian Motion in the atmosphere similar to the movements of gases. Particles this small are capable of travelling very large distances once released to the environment. Most mask types cannot effectively filter out particles within these size ranges.


An analogy of how ineffective masks are in the dystopian times we live in is to string a football goalpost net across a plane hangar entrance and to pray insects do not sneak in! There are decades and decades of mask research, mostly on their professional use by surgeons in operating theatres that demonstrate masks are no barrier to viruses. One six-month trial in an operating theatre in the UK showed no difference in infection rates for surgeons using a mask and not wearing a mask. These are professionals who actually know how to use masks and it makes you wonder whether diseases are transmitted in the ways we think they do? Masks also reduce the amount of oxygen taken into the body (hypoxia) and increase the levels of carbon dioxide in the body (hypercapnia). Masks also inhibit the natural expulsion of saliva and other respiratory fluids from the body. These substances get stuck inside the mask or indeed, on the mask surface itself. Frequent wearing of the same mask without cleaning leads to a less than sanitary state of affairs particularly those individuals who ‘fidget’ with their masks, constantly taking them on and off and stick them under their chin and atop their nose etc.


Also, dentists now define symptoms of 'mask mouth' in which gums become infected and hard tissue become soft.  Psychologically, one tends not to chat to other people because of the in-audibility of the conversation and hence the social aspect of living amongst others is literally coming apart.

Spiritually, to close down the throat chakra in this way leads to further frustration and fragmentation of self from others. Masks are nothing more than societal control measures imposed by political leaders and their technocratic advisors. They do more harm than good, yet many people are under the illusion they help keep themselves and others safe. Mask wearing is yet another fragment of lies that supports the COVID-19 psy-op virus agenda. Make no mistake, the virus is as deadly as influenza to certain groups of people yet the accidental release of SARS COV-2 enabled the cult to further their agenda of total subjugation and control of the mass of world population!    


The pointlessness of social distancing based on no-science /fake science

It is almost impossible to predict the movement of aerosolised particles in the atmosphere for sub-micron sized particles - there are just too many variables. Particulate and atmospheric modelling may offer a glimpse of likely particle travel and their deposition characteristics, yet at the end of the day, it is all boils down to the science of probability.  Viruses mixed with respiratory fluids will be larger aerodynamically i.e. a few tens of microns and deposit to ground more rapidly. The distance of deposition from source(s) depends on many factors: virus source concentration, source height above ground, aerodynamic size and shape, weather conditions, boundary layer type, ground cover, ground type etc. Significantly, without knowledge of the source of contamination it is impossible to predict their trajectory within urban environments. With so many variables out there, largely unknown, governments across the world came up with arbitrary measures of social distancing. There is a lack of empirical evidence on whether social distance rulings have any effect on reducing infection rates.


As far as I am aware, there are no peer reviewed scientific journals that indicate or suggest a social distance of 1 to 2 metres is effective in reducing the spread of any virus. Even when people sneeze in your face it is still problematic to determine whether or not you catch anything. One factor is the amount or concentration of virus exhaled and its particle size characteristics prior to deposition, impaction or interception onto or into you. There are no simple calculations to look at when looking for evidence of these types of incidents!! Clearly, politicians make these guidelines up as they go along but people like me and many others more qualified are not allowed to ask relevant questions of science because we are not of the paid posse of 'actors' parroting a script that supports the state narrative. The numerous professors of this and that who are dutifully trotted out onto our mainstream viewing screens each morning and evening are mere parrots singing for their supper.


Instead of psy-op social distancing rules, masks and constant hand sanitising, we need to be told the truth and facts of this outbreak. When we do understand what has gone on, all BSL-4 laboratories that covertly bio-engineer viruses, bacteria and pathogens will by necessity be shut down. Secondly, all those responsible should be brought before an international court of justice for crimes against humanity.

All political leaders need to share the information they were told prior to them locking us down. All elected leaders get their power and authority from we the people. If elected leaders do not do as requested in this vital issue, they should be divested of their office and told to go elsewhere. The Chinese Communist Party and other governments around the world must release details of all coronavirus ‘gain-of-function’ research immediately so that scientists can have a glimpse of what is going on and offer solutions to what is now a global pandemic. Millions of people have lost their jobs and livelihoods, including family members to a bio-engineered virus accidentally leaked from a BSL-4 research building.


Finally, physicians and doctors the world over should re-consider their treatment protocol when assessing patients with COVID-19 patient symptoms. COVID-19 has been classed as a respiratory disease. From what I have read elsewhere, the amount of oxygen in the blodd is very low and the use of intubators is harmful to the patient because it causes too much internal damage within the lung. Doctors should check instead the number of CD4 white blood cells and its role in the body once the virus is able to enter human cells. Doctors should also look for metabolites in the blood that suggest the auto-immune system has gone into hyper-drive or has been over-stimulated. Anecdotal evidence suggests something gets triggered in the body and that person can succumb to the disease in a few hours. The fatality rate for patients using intubators is extremely high, that should give clue that it is not primarily a respiratory illness.


Old science vs. new science according to Fauci

Incidentally, Fauci's National Institutes of Health oversaw studies looking at the efficacy using hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in treating coronavirus-type infections from as far back as 2005. All these data are available for viewing on most science review sites. It is clear from the trial data undertaken many years ago that the use of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is beneficial to human health.  Much of the recently published research on HCQ was carried out by scientists and organisations 'singing for their supper'. These experiments were designed to fail the hypothesis that treating COVID-19 patients with zinc and HCQ is more beneficial than present methods stipulated by non-medical technocrats who run our hospitals and regional health authorities.


I think it is time to ask serious questions on where and how this virus originated. I suspect many political leaders and their staffers will feel the heat of public opinion. Yet, it is up to us mere citizens, the great unwashed, to wrestle this issue from all the state-funded chattering classes and professors of virology. The job of the media and their technocrats is to instil as much fear in the populace as possible. If we allow this to happen, entities cheer-leaded by the likes of Bill Gates and Elon Musk will silently walk us into a dystopian nightmare of population reduction, a strip-down of our human-ness followed by an AI-inspired dream existence. We are much bigger than any of that and we demand answers to the origin of the virus, right here, right now!!


In Part II of coronavirus lies and its social engineering I detail what we can do to defeat the fear and mis-information pedalled around this virus. Yes, it is a virulent strain and its rate of mutation is high, yet there are still physical and other steps we can take to ease the fear constant and take back our power so that we can once again have the space to think rationally and clearly. The SARS COV-2 socially-engineered buzzword is “stay safe” yet I and others like me say “stay happy”. Life is all about perception and perception can change how you think and make sense of your world.   The back story to this virus is but a symptom of a much larger series of events that is propelling humanity back to a much greater sense of ease, grace and humility about itself.


Dr Ellis Evans is a retired environmental scientist living in total obscurity in the North West of England. He can be contacted here: e.evans@hellostarseeds.net

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