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The ascension process and how space-weather affects our awakening states

This article is about the ascension process, some of its causes, symptoms and what to look forward to. Unlike spiritual awakening which is individual, ascension implies a systems-wide consciousness shift and re-boot. Ascension is simply defined as vibrating upwards in frequency towards a higher dimensional consciousness. Our bit of the cosmos is currently shifting from 3rd to 5th dimensional consciousness. To understand the process a little better we need to be aware of our exposure to (a) Photon belt energies from our Central Sun and (b) the Sun acting as a delivery system of these and other high end energetic particles that travel through our lower atmosphere. Collectively, all these energy systems are burning a very bright light throughout the Cosmos and changing everything they come into contact with, especially ourselves.

The Awakening Process

The unfurling of our junk DNA is now possible because planet Earth and this part of the Cosmos is line of sight to the Centre of our Galaxy. Our great Central Sun is located here and this region is also known as the Creative Centre, ‘a black hole’ or simply as Creation. As we move ever deeper into this region of space we are bathed in celestial energies from the Photon Belt. These energies are first captured and mediated by our Sun and finally unleashed as high energy matter towards Gaia, planet Earth. Some of this material is captured by our magnetosphere and allowed access into our upper atmosphere. Some of these energetic events cause auroras near the north and south poles. Simply put, photonic energies from our Central Sun are waking us up by re-connecting our mostly dormant DNA double helix to 3 stranded mastery. 

          The magnetosphere of earth and how energy flows in and out around Earth


Our eventual 3 stranded DNA then light body ascension state


Significantly, we have not been exposed to Photon Belt energies before and in one sense they can be loosely defined as high energy particles that ionize our lower atmosphere to produce light and chemical changes. Yet these same particles can also be defined as ‘god particles’ because they are exquisitely capable of catalyzing our spiritual development. Since the passing of the 1987 Harmonic Convergence, there have been significant shifts in the properties of the Earth’s magnetism. The Earth’s magnetism couches the potentials of our consciousness. As the magnetic properties of planet Earth changes, so does our awakening quotients and potentials. Significantly it is the influx of Photon Belt energies consequent with changes in magnetism that is firing up our awakening and catalyzing the Ascension process.

There are many different types of energies emitted by the Sun towards planet earth which includes sunspots, x-ray flares, coronal mass ejections (CMEs) and other charged particles carried by the solar wind streams. As these streams of energy impact planet earth they initiate massive earth changes such as volcanic eruptions, particularly within the pacific Ring of Fire regions of Asia, earthquakes, weather changes i.e. increased regional temperatures and other environmental phenomena. These types of events are quite normal in one sense because they have been going on for millions of years. The difference nowadays, however, is that the severity of these events has increased dramatically because Gaia herself is in process of transformation. Planet Earth has to transfigure itself because it too is ascending just like everything else. Long dormant environmental processes beneath Yellowstone Park (USA) and the region of Earth’s fragile tectonic plate regions along the San Andreas Fault (USA) are beginning to ramp up.

Of spiritual significance today is that we are exposed to the normal output of energies from our Sun, as well as the sun-mediated Photon Belt energies from the Centre of the Galaxy. Consequent with the shift in the properties of Earth’s magnetic field, all of these events are coming together to activate our Kundalini, ‘junk’ DNA and chakra regions. When our sacred centres of remembrance are activated in this way, the veil of forgetfulness thins and we begin a journey in which we experience the Oneness within Life. You may or may not notice the first stirrings of awakening because they may present themselves to you very subtly. Some of the signs of awakening are listed below.


Increased Awareness of Consciousness includes:

1. Feeling of déjà vu in which time itself breaks down and you are able to traverse different timelines. You may or may not experience significant events in the reality you find yourself in. Focus your consciousness on events you would like to experience because the time lag between thought and manifestation is swift.

 2. From time to time you may experience the tremors of an earthquake when you sit or you may wake up and feel like your bed is shaking. Relax, it is your Kundalini activating or awakening.

3. You experience life as a dream in which you are able to sense ‘potentials’ of all those around you. You may also see the shapes and symbols of the Cosmos within the very bodies of the people you are looking at. I clearly observed the cleavage lines of a quartz crystal in the body of a crystal child I met. I was also able to gauge potentials of that child when he grows up into the world of quantum physics.

4. You experience life as an observer in which everything emits a glow or etheric energetic signature. Physical form is light slowed down and you are able to see differences in form based on energy, not shape. This is awesome and will leave you gasping at your own and everyone else’s magnificence.

5. You experience the Oneness within Life and you come to a swift realization that all the individuals in your life and all that you have experienced is nothing more than a dance with Oneself – All is connected, All Is One.

6. Your life begins a phase of Authenticity. You jettison that which is not working and in very short order, find yourself in new situations, circumstances, relationships and parts of the world you never previously heard of.

Eventually we begin to feel just how sacred Life really is. The illusions of life, which include separation from the One and each other, can be seen as nothing more than self-provided contextual fields. Contextual fields in which to experience oneself as individuated Self before merging back into the One. The sheer logistics of what we have to do, see and be, will knock your socks off. We do all that and much, much more.


A few physical symptoms of Ascension include:

 A reworking of your nervous and immune systems – towards light body status

A reworking of your significant internal organs, especially glands – towards light body status

A re-visiting of old medical issues – working out old emotional issues

Dietary changes – your body will tell you what foods to avoid and what foods to consume. Some people will be very surprised by these changes.

For some, cosmic energies will be very tough to live with. If you feel your body is being activated too strongly e.g. hot flushes in the face or body, take a long hot bath and sporadically, take deep breaths to ground yourself within and between heaven and earth.

Finally I draw attention to another form of energy from the sun not mentioned in detail thus far: sunspots. Presently we are in a time of low sunspot activities and it is the appearance of sunspots that largely govern our weather systems. I feel sunspot activities are crucial to our awakening states. Because of the sheer volume of material and energies emitted from the surface of the Sun, sunspot activities also carry great creative and destructive powers. It is not too improbable to see that in the near future sunspot activities plus CMEs will be capable of triggering electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) of huge power that will find their way towards planet Earth. When this happens a number of things will occur: (a) an electromagnetic pulse will bring down many quartz-based systems of communication: hard drives will be zapped, surveillance and other terrestrial control systems will go down and much more significantly (b) an EMP will bring down most of the satellite systems surrounding planet earth. Some of these satellite systems employ space weapons and are used as such. Other satellite systems employ surveillance and mapping systems. Crucially, some of these satellite systems are used for mind control purposes. When these systems go down, large swathes of the population will awaken from deep slumber. That represents a big threat to the Secret Controllers. That is why Obama recently signed his Presidential Order that if and when this happens, he can impose martial law – it is all about loss of control. Finally, as we journey ever deeper into the Photon Belt, the energies will become unbearable for some covert bloodline families such as the Anunnaki.

The Annunaki, home planet Niburu


The Anunnaki are represented on Earth via their hybrid reptilian bloodlines. The European aristocratic families and most of the blood lineage of American presidents will also be affected. Even now, it is clear to see that those countries governed by these ancient hybrid bloodlines are pursuing policies that are suicidal in nature. America, for instance, insists on perpetual war everywhere and wants to especially control, all of the Middle East and Northern Africa. The European reptilian bloodlines and their banker families want to control all forms of financial and monetary transactions. They are attempting massive social change and transformation of whole countries into trading blocs via the use of ‘austerity measures’. To any sane person, all of these machinations are completely whack.

I also suspect that in the near future, it will be much easier to physically see these reptilian hybrid individuals because they are finding it harder and harder to retain their ‘human’ form. These new Photon Belt energies may also explain the apparent health issues surrounding Hilary Clinton who, of course, is from one of these old aristocratic hybrid reptilian families. It will also be a time in which the Monarch mind control programs in Hollywood and the music industry will start to break down. The loss of sovereignty and human dignity due to mind control outside yourself is inexcusable.

The energies we are now exposed to are deeply cleansing both at an individual and planetary level. If you are feeling these new energies, particularly if they ramp up during eclipses and full moons, sign up to space-weather.com. If you need any further convincing that all this woo-woo stuff about ascension etc. is real, it is very easy to correlate space-weather phenomena against what you are experiencing and how you are feeling. If you find yourself traversing multiple timelines, check on whether you are in a period of high sunspot, high geomagnetic, CME or x-ray flares activities. As space-weather phenomena increase, the veil on our awareness of consciousness thins and we begin to experience the true meanings of Ultimate Reality. It is here we experientially understand the nature of our multidimensionality.

What a great time to be alive. Let go of any fears you may have and embrace the change, we are the change we have all been waiting for.



Cori, P, (2000) The Cosmos of Soul – a wakeup call for humanity. Publishers - Gateway

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