Spiritual Counselling – I am based in the Wirral, Merseyside UK

I offer guidance, counselling and help for those deep into their spiritual journey. I facilitate these services via SKYPE, in-person or email. At the end of each session I write a precis of what we discussed and options on the best way forward. I do have to say, however, that any significant awakening experience will shake the very foundations of your life and of those around you. In spite of that, it is YOUR journey and you will intuit how best to deal with your awakening states. The greatest gift we can give each other during these times is simply to hug each other and say “I understand what you are going through”. You need space, friends /family and time to integrate all these new energies. For the individual undergoing a significant spiritual awakening (and their carers) this is perhaps the most life-changing series of events you will ever experience. You are awakening from the dream and its many illusions to the true nature of yourself.



For those wishing to talk and discuss these issues and regardless of where in the world you live:

(1) the first step is a quick chat about yourself and this session is free. You tell me about yourself, your situation and what you are going through (usually via email). I will get back to you asap and if I feel other people are best placed to help you I will tell you straight away. The next step is to sort out how we chat and discuss stuff. We can phone, SKYPE or email, whichever you find most comfortable. Once that is agreed we arrange a date and time and then you:

(2) pay online via PayPal or credit card to book a session. Each session costs £50 per hour or £30 for 30 minutes. Concessions available for those in limiting financial circumstances.

(3) at the end of each session I will write a short summary of what was discussed. This will be sent to you via email so that you have a record of what we discussed. I always envisage these types of sessions as an exchange of energies. I also understand the awakening process is deeply sacred, highly emotional and experiential, yet perfectly natural. In other words, within these melds of energies, lots of stuff do play out and for much of the time, it is difficult to make sense of literally, anything. That is part of the journey and for each problem area within our lives there are also many alternative solutions already in place that just need to be used.


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