Spiritual Emergency Counselling - I am based in the Wirral, Merseyside UK


Hellostarseed Spiritual Counselling

I offer guidance, counselling and help for those deep into their spiritual journey. I facilitate these services via SKYPE, in-person or email. At the end of each session I write a precis of what we discussed and options on the best way forward. I do have to say, however, that any significant awakening experience will shake the very foundations of your life and of those around you. In spite of that, it is YOUR journey and you will intuit how best to deal with your awakening states. The greatest gift we can give each other during these times is simply to hug each other and say "I understand what you are going through". You need space, friends /family and time to integrate all these new energies. For the individual undergoing a significant spiritual awakening (and their carers) this is perhaps the most life-changing series of events you will ever experience. You are awakening from the dream and its many illusions to the true nature of yourself.

I also offer advice, workshops and sacred tours on spiritual emergence for those individuals passionately in pursuit of those quintessential questions we have always asked ourselves, who are we, why am I here, what is my life Purpose. It is during the 'emergence' stage that you allow into your reality, stuff you never thought existed or had never previously been interested in.


Also know, that any spiritual awakening is both perfectly normal and natural. The path will unfold in all sorts of ways which to the onlooker, may be bizarre or absolutely absurd. At present there are few professionals within the west who are able to recognise anyone undergoing a spiritual awakening. There is also a lack of a social language within western societies in which terms such as 'awakening' Kundalini energies, mind-reboot can be adequately explained. There is no template that can describe what you might be going through but at the very least, you will merge with the Universe, you will feel Love so deep it will make you cry and bend your knees, you will also feel your vibratory signature in everything around you. You become a 'superman' or 'superwomen' as you effortlessly explore the quantum nature of yourself and the reality within this particular dimension. Many questions within your life will swell up looking for resolution whilst at the same time, many 'secrets' of the Universe reveal themselves in such a simplistic fashion that you will know that the very reality you are experiencing is authentic, real yet illusory. You will understand the nature of duality.

Above all, you will need to ground yourself within nature as much as possible. If you have a place in the country, go there and experience nature in its raw. The nature spirits, elves, goblins and devas will know what you are going through and will be able to help you. Gaia herself will extend a place within Her earthly bosom in which you can relax and Just Be. Be gentle, very gentle on yourself because what unfolds will be part of a unique experience that will find no place in your present mindset.

If possible, journal your journey because later on, stuff will settle down in your life. Eventually, you will be able to comment on and understand your experiences in a much more meaningful way. You will also be able to help others undergoing the same or similar journey.

For those wishing to talk and discuss these issues and regardless of where in the world you live:

(1) the first step is a quick chat about yourself and this session is free. You tell me about yourself, your situation and what you are going through (usually via email). I will get back to you asap and if I feel other people are best placed to help you I will tell you straight away. The next step is to sort out how we chat and discuss stuff. We can phone, SKYPE or email, whichever you find most comfortable. Once that is agreed we arrange a date and time and then you:

(2) pay online via paypal or credit card to book a session. Each session costs £20 per hour or £10 for 30 minutes.

(3) at the end of each session I will write a short summary of what was discussed. This will be sent to you via email so that you have a record of what we discussed. I always envisage these types of sessions as an exchange of energies. I also understand the awakening process is deeply sacred, highly emotional and experiential, yet perfectly natural. In other words, within these melds of energies, lots of stuff do play out and for much of the time, it is difficult to make sense of literally, anything. That is part of the journey and for each problem area within our lives there are also many alternative solutions already in place that just need to be used.

My contact details can be found at the bottom of every page on this website plus there is a wealth of spiritual information to read through if the all of this makes absolutely no sense to you (at the moment).


Background to my spiritual emergence and emergency

In late 2014 I underwent a spiritual transformation that lasted for about 9 months in which everything in my life changed. My perception of everything I thought I knew about anything was blasted apart. I had a complete mind re-boot and many 'secrets' of our Universe and of ourselves was revealed. This was not just a theoretical re-boot, the all of it was experienced experientially. It was deep, emotional and at times extreme. Both the 'good and the 'bad' of any spiritual awakening is a necessary part of the journey back to ourselves - eventually you will judge both states as the same because they simply offer opportunities for growth and development. Whilst it was happening I had absolutely no idea what had occurred other than it was a deep spiritual awakening. I also deeply affected all the people around me. It is inevitable because although they too, had no idea what was going on within me, they sensed or intuited something big, esoteric and unusual had happened to me.

Everyone I talked to tried to help me but unless you can explain and they in turn understand, quantum multidimensional states of being, dancing between multiple timelines and dancing within the interstices of time and space whilst there is not much you can do. Halfway through my journey I realised that I was in the middle of a Kundalini awakening. I was very relieved to understand that all the aches, pains, body spasms, body 'quakes , 'shakes' and states of bliss I was experiencing was due to this dance of Kundalini energies up my spine and across my various chakras. I also remember (as everyone else close to me will never forget) my mood swings and consequent behaviour. Parts of my journey remain indescribably not explainable because at present there is no language I can think of that adequately paints a picture of that which I witnessed and experienced. Luckily, my homeopath correctly diagnosed me as being in 'spiritual emergency'. Once I understood what was happening to me I was able to let go and be in the flow of this deeply spiritual and transformative process. It was also a massive relief to me knowing that my immediate family understood I was not 'going mad'. I was just deep into a natural and sacred transformative process. This inner process of transformation does and will change your very persona. Even now I am unsure on my reactions in response to many, many things which previously, I responded almost automatically to. It is a journey from pupae to butterfly and if allowed to progress within your journey, you will come out of it with a massively increased awareness of consciousness. You will have an intuitive knowing and understanding of many things you never even knew existed. You will also feel a need and desire to 'be in service' to everyone in all ways and always. One of the most amazingly emotional experiences is to feel Love so deep it is literally transformative. You finally understand that you are a fragment of Creator-Consciousness and that everything in your life is brought to You, by You, through You for You. It's that simple!


Having been through the sometimes raw fires of inner transformation or 'dark journeys of the soul' I feel well placed to be of service to anyone who happen to suddenly find themselves in the midst of something they have no idea about. It is an individual experiential journey and it is one that we must all go through yet, its passage is made easier when we understand something of its process. There are no rules nor templates within this inner journey and every single spiritual awakening experience is as unique as the geometry of a snowflake. Thankfully, we exist within a loving and benevolent Universe of Love and these experiences are meant to evolve our spiritual understanding of who we are and why we are here. That said, however, perhaps it is inevitable that for some, the journey or the breaking away of mind, associations and automatic responses to Life's experiences can be traumatic. It is here that I must put on hold the experiences of the one undergoing spiritual emergence and discuss some of the stuff carers are going through.

The carers have a massive responsibility in first, understanding what on earth is going on within their loved ones and secondly, besides ensuring the best of care of the emergee they must also ensure they do not 'burn themselves out'. Looking after someone undergoing spiritual emergence can at times entail a 24 hour day. Carers must be able to pace themselves and ensure this responsibility is shared because you will need time to sleep, rest and recuperate.

There is much information on this site, particularly in the 'Articles' page which lists some dozen articles on different aspects of spiritual awakening and what to expect as you progress through your journey. I also include links to other sites that offer help, advice and counselling to those deep into their spiritual journey. As a carer, you may need to find practical help and advice from someone close to where you live, it just makes good sense. In the short 18 months since I experienced my spiritual awakening there are now (12/03/2016) lots and lots of websites that give good information on spiritual emergence as well as many organisations which are seeing an up tick in their requests for help and advice. The 'shift' or the number of individuals going through a spiritual awakening is increasing exponentially. If possible, seek help and advice also from transpersonal psychologists/therapists and if you do happen across any psychiatrists ask them if they are familiar with spiritual emergency or spiritual crisis and the Grof Foundation. In most cases, any form of medication is useless to anyone undergoing spiritual emergence.

Whilst you are going through these inner states of change, there are things you can do to alleviate some of the physical aches and pains and at the same time, mediate some of the absolutely burning inner questions you may ask of yourself. These involve special meditations and access to clean, green spaces plus a diet that is nutritious to your body. Simply put, you must develop the ability to change the focus of your mind if you find yourself stuck within one issue and secondly, you must also develop a method to both physically exercise your body and also to ground it. All of these issues can be dealt with by simply getting out into nature so that you breathe in the energies of Gaia.