Starseed Awakening – Level 1 Workshop

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This is the first of three workshops designed simply to enable us to remember who we are, where we came from and what we are doing here. There is nothing in our life that happened by accident, nor are there any coincidences occurring within our lives. Everything but everything is simply perfect as are we and everyone in our live is an angel. Ther are no abusers nor abused, no victims nor victimisers. In order to remember all of this, we just need to remember – wakeup starseeds, now is the time to remember and awaken from our slumbers. These workshops are for anyone who is beginning to notice their quiet voice, that elusive easily drowned out voice of our inner healing /intuitive Higher Self. Our Higher Selves have been waiting for these times that will bring out the roars of lions as we boldly explore the new world that has coalesced around us.

Our story has rarely been told and when it has, few have believed it. In truth, we are everything we have been told we are not. Society and religion has told us that all our answers to Life can be found in God and that God is outside us. The sweet fact is this: we are Pure Consciousness having a 3D experience, we are not our mind nor our body, we are slivers of Creative Source, God, Life Process (insert whatever term you are happy with) on a journey back to the One. What we perceive as reality is not even solid nor is it everlasting – it is a holographic projection of our pineal gland which is then mapped onto brain synapses. The brain de-codes signals from the pineal gland and just like html source code transforms quantum Os and 1s to the solidness and feel of our present reality. There is no such thing as death either and most of us have experienced the joys and sorrows of this earthly plane thousands of times – it is a Grand Journey back to the One. There is no such thing as time and everything that has, could or is happening, occurs in the same moment.

This workshop delves into the nature of our reality by asking ourselves who are we, where did we come from, what are we doing here and what is next. Our holographically-created reality is a bit like peeling an onion, each layer presents another bit of the jigsaw and it is up to us to determine fact from fiction. Our lineage is very grand yet we are starseed because our bodies are made up of exactly the same stuff we find in the cosmos. We are Pure Consciousness having a 3D experience and in order to understand this experientially, the basic components of our consciousness ‘placeholders’ will be discussed i.e. our esoteric bodies, chakras, meridians, merkaba etc.

The Level 1 workshop is first and foremost a day of sharing and storytelling. The first part of the morning will be introductions in which you say as little or as much as possible about you and your journey. We then move into various exercises and meditations to really shake up our perceptions of 3D reality. Meditations and discussions will also be periods of inner cleansing and much will fall into place.

The Starseeds Awakening Level 1 workshop will take place on 10 June (which is a Sunday). It starts at 1 o’clock and finishes at 19.00. The venue is Stollies Cafe in Wallasey village which serves refreshments, meals and drinks. Lunch is not included in the admission price.

What to bring: meditation stool or aid, favourite crystal or sacred object, warm comfortable clothing preferably white and plenty of water.

Costs: £60.00 with £20 deposit to secure your place.


Details of Level 2 Starseeds Awakening will be posted shortly!!