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First published around 2003             

SUBLIMINAL ADVERTISING Workshop Introduction 1


Camel cigarettes subliminal advert: golden oldie from back in the day, relax your vision and then focus on the figure that starts at halfway up the front leg. This is a side view of the human body with a big ???? sticking straight out



This material follows on from reading Pat Cori's missive - No More Secrets, No More Lies which was published in 2002. Since its publication, the world has become more tightly knitted and integrated around everything related to our 'popular culture' of art, music, dance, theatre and internet connectivity. Thanks to people like Snowden most of us understand that governments spy on other governments. The point however is this, it is the secret government aka the 'hidden hand', or dark t-shirts  that lurk in the shadows that ultimately issue orders to their placemen and women in government. The true architects of our ever increasing surveillance and social conditioning exist in the lower fourth dimension and these dark energies have fed off us for thousands of years. They have put in place many processes in which to subdue and control the population, one method of control is called subliminal advertising. They understand how to imprint and embed messages that in some future date lead to changes in thought, action and behaviour, The intensity and level of subliminal advertising nowadays has gone sky-high and in some areas of our popular culture, i.e. music, it is so clear to see the many layered dynamics of 'gender-confusion, satanic ritual, mind control and real dark stuff subliminally transmitted to a global audience day after day. Sometimes for example, it is difficult to distinguish between MTV music videos and commercial soft porn. Such has been the way of things but it is all beginning to change.


Since early 2000 the control infrastructure of mind control and frequency entrainment has massively increased with the introduction of mobile phone transmitters and WIFI. The infrastructure of the telecommunication giants has enabled and unleashed microwave energy close up and next to our brain due to our ever-increasing dependence on all things related to the internet and TV. This final step has allowed the control structure to 'pipe in' and interlace all sorts of frequencies onto TV, radio signals, computers etc. That is the only reason why analogues signals were replaced with digital transmissions. Digital gives you the advantage of adding lots of 'intelligence' and wide modulation frequencies onto the main carrier frequency. This was impossible with analogue signals.


Wakeup to what is playing out before your eyes and look at all the people in all sorts of situations completely and utterly entrained by their microwave-enabled devices be they, mobile phones, tablets, computers or TVs. A sad case recently reported here in the UK was a man who fell off a cliff and died whilst talking on his mobile phone. Symbolically, there is little difference between the spate of hollywood-derived zombie films and how many individuals obsess and lose themselves in their phones and other gadgets. Simply put, this is frequency entrainment of ourselves from the products we intimately use, day in day out, Some of us are more susceptible than others to frequency entrainment yet as we become swamped in a sea of electrosmog microwave frequencies, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to get away from it.

What are subliminal adverts? They are covertly embedded images or ‘messages’ that ‘speak’ to the subconscious and not to the conscious mind. Subliminal adverts are used as tools of persuasion by our media manipulators. They are embedded in advertising material for a variety of reasons, usually to stimulate consumption, alter our moods, and enhance negative associations and lots of other stuff we are not even aware of. Before I launch into this however, I would also like to point out that we ‘react’ to images and symbols in a powerful way and our media persuaders know how to use this fact to their advantage. In other words, depending on the intended effect, specific words or images can trigger unconscious thought which may lead to subsequent action. My intention here is to help make you aware of what is placed before you and that you ask yourself why? I present some examples of subliminal adverts for you to chew over, show you how to look for these things, give some links to a few excellent sites on the techniques of ‘embeds’ and best of all, once you are aware of the game being played, you can see ‘it’ and hence, see through it.

I also welcome any examples of subliminal adverts you find so that I can expose this to a wider audience and if you want to write your own piece to accompany your examples, feel free to send them in, so that I can update this section of the website on a frequent basis.  If you can accept the idea that we have a subconscious and conscious mind and that the subconscious mind misses nothing, it is at this level that our media persuaders target their advertising materials.

The subconscious mind sees all and interprets everything it ‘sees’ as it happens. We do not ‘see’ through our eyes and ultimately, the brain processes streams of energy or wave patterns prior to us making sense of what we think we are ‘seeing’ i.e. our ‘reality’. As the brain is the site of image-processing or reality vision based on how we perceive the world from a cultural basis, it is not too illogical to assume that subliminal adverts can also be made to target specific groups and classes of people within society. In other words, we interpret the world according to what we think we know and what we have experienced, i.e. we respond to embedded stimuli as we do to other societal messages as socialised beings. By this I mean that depending on our social class, age or ‘race’ (which is a big misnomer) we respond to images or words in predictable ways. Some embedded words are almost universal e.g. ‘sex’ but others can only be triggered if they have specific cultural meaning to particular groups. These words and images are usually taboo, e.g. fuck, die, nigger or whatever social descriptor is chosen. Other embeds may imprint the word, consume, work hard, etc. etc. A fuller description of this process can be found in David Icke’s excellent new book ‘Tales from the Time Loop’ (2003), Bridge of Love Publications.

How to look for subliminal advertising and other manipulations:

First off, get hold of a top-end glossy magazine which focuses on 'brands', make yourself comfortable and 'skim' the adverts. Do this quickly e.g. spend no more than 1 - 2 seconds per page and do not purposely look for anything other than what you can see. Think about what you have just seen and go back to one advert that caught your eye and look again. What caught your attention? Was it how your eyes were led from one part of the page to the other? Did you wonder about all the dark shadowy stuff that is peripheral to the products being advertised, was your attention drawn to the face or bodies of the models? Did you spot unusual grammar that particularly caught your attention? Was the advert slightly suggestive, hinting of societal taboos? Did you notice something about how the model was standing/sitting? Did you notice that something was not quite 'right' but you had problems identifying it? These are just some of the techniques that are used by our media manipulators to get the message across at a number of different levels and in a number of different ways. Some of these adverts are extremely sophisticated, polished and subtle.

Secondly, arm yourself with a big magnifying glass, put the magazine on a flat surface, relax your eyes, ease your expectations and re-examine those adverts which particularly caught your attention. This is not an easy exercise to do and it does take some time to get going but you must remember that much of the advertising material that is put before is meant to engage at the level of the subconscious mind. Enough waffle, check out the stuff below. I include a few images on the use of skulls and demons for those hard drinkers of scotch whiskey plus more. If you find something interesting, particularly recent stuff, send it in (email) so that I can expose the tricks of the media manipulators more widely.

The image below can be found on t-shirts. Look closely at what you consciously see and identify the hidden message. The first step is to de-focus your vision by relaxing you eyes. Click on next for the answer. Remember, that once the message has been identified, you will automatically 'see it'.

Image 1


Click here to reveal

The second image is from David Icke’s excellent new book ‘Tales from the Time Loop’ (2003), Bridge of Love Publications. Soloflex do Mens Stuff and they are very much into the body beauty culture. Look closely at the body shades, shade and form. Its quite an artistic style but something is not quite right. Can you see this one?


Image 2


Click next

David Beckham H & M 'big dick' 2016 Update

The next one is in exactly the same style using David Beckham. I have long thought that David Beckham has a blood relationship to those who attempt to control the world. By blood relationship I mean an 'out of marriage' dalliance by one of the elite The elites marry and produce babies amongst themselves. They do not like 'diluting' their DNA/bloodline. However, some of the glitterati sire many babies and because these babies have some semblance of the 'blue-bloodline' they are looked after by the elite because these 'love-babies' can be programmed quite easily (due to their blood). It works like this, doors and opportunities open to these individuals in all sorts of ways which benefit those individuals financially - they become very rich with all its trappings. Regardless of whether they have talent or not, they achieve global dominance in their field. One example being the other half of Beckham, the Spice Girls. None of these girls can sing yet they have a manufactured 'success' in the pop field because of what one or two individuals in that girlie-band are, not how well they sing as a group.

Secondly, the 'would-be-controllers-of-the-world' use individuals like Beckham (or more precisely, their image) to subliminally embed various 'symbolic messages' into expensive consumer items. The subliminal embeds can be anything from the words 'sex' to images of 'devils' or even political messages. Thirdly, the individuals chosen by the 'hidden persuaders' usually pursue a very conventional and traditional lifestyle away from the cameras and whirl of social media. Thus, ideas and concepts of marriage, home ownership and status amongst peers are engrained within these individuals. Thus, any and all social developments related to that individual or 'couple' can be reported on within the media. Once these individuals receive the blessings of the so-called image and personality consultants of the secret government, a media frenzy ensues. It is here that the tentacles of industries dedicated and predicated on what the controllers want us to think and style ourselves within becomes very apparent. On-line newspapers are awash with images of the glitterarti having breakfast, being drunk, wearing no knickers getting out of cars, exposing a breast at football shows and bulging bellies at sandy beaches etc. It is all coldly-calculated and manufactured for a reason and that reason is to enslave our perceptions to what the controllers wish us to focus on. This whole circus is designed to feed on its self until the next (subliminal message) comes along and it all kicks off again. The image is shown below. Check it out and in future images I will be showing the imagery and symbolism that Beckham 'sports' on his body. In essence it is no different to what we see around other similarly-placed people such as Madonna, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Taylor Swift etc. etc. ad nauseam.

 David Beckham and his H&M subliminal ad


See image below for subliminally embedded 'male-concept' which is a common theme amongst the Illuminati art, symbolism, imagery and publishing houses.


The next example is from Tesco and as everyone knows, 'every little helps'. As the daily mirror article from 2014 explains, "With thousands of products battling for your attention at every turn, supermarkets go to great lengths to capture your attention while you're walking the aisles. The warring big four of Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's and Morrisons have even employed psychologists in the battle to fill the most trolleys and grab the biggest share of the £160million spent on food in Britain every day. So, if we're the human version of lab rats wandering around in a supermarket-sized experiment, what does this Tesco Buttermilk packaging say about our thought process? Snapped by a shopper in Terenure, Dublin, the carton has more than a hint of male genitalia about it".


Much deceit, mind control and very sad stories of exploited individuals come to mind when we delve into the techniques of the secret government and to the extent they go in controlling the landscape of our mind. It all plays out on many subtle and different levels. Also note that we are exposed to these sorts of images and concepts day in and day out and it is incessant and increasing in volume. Train your vision to look for these embeds and they literally jump out of you - just like the scenes in that early classic by John Carpenter movie - They Live.


If you notice 'flashes' at the back of your eye whilst viewing your favourite TV programme or sponsored ad, it's probably nothing more than subliminally-embedded messages from our 'would-be-controllers'. Even if we agree to dis-agree on the contents of this page and the workings of subliminal advertising, modern day TV scheduling is all about ads, ads and ads with a sprinkling of actual TV programmes. Industries spend vast amounts of money getting their products across 'our desk' day in and day out. Why? Because it is profitable for them and also for the government (secret or not) who can can socially condition us into accepting all sorts of stuff we would not normally think about nor accept. Check out Common Core and the subversion and dumbing down of education around the world as a prime example. All this stuff is interlinked and its all about control.

This next one is a little surprising because its from a Walt Disney advert for 'The Little Mermaid' and its so blatant as to be perceived at the conscious level. Yet another 'big dick' embed.


Since that time back in 2002/2003 when I first wrote this section I came across much dark information relating to the true nature of Disney and as I tumbled quietly down the rabbit hole I realised that nothing is ever as it seems. I had no idea for example that Frank Sinatra and Bob Hope were involved as 'minders' and controllers of mind control victims including Brice Taylor, (see image below, yet it is as clear as day (now) that those 'successful' in many spheres of popular culture are in fact quite not what they seem!!


Click here for further examples of subliminal adverts

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