About Touchwood Products and its Owners

Sandrine and Ellis met whilst working as civil servants. Fifteen years and three children later, they decided to leave behind their scientific background in order to focus on their creative side and to produce unique quality products that reflected their outlook on life. Ellis loves working with wood and does the cutting, sanding and priming of each item, while Sandrine enjoys experimenting with colours and the finishing touches. Right now, Touchwood Products is still a small home-run business, which nevertheless fills Sandrine and Ellis with a lot of happiness and fulfilment.  All Touchwood products are lovingly hand-crafted from quality woods and eco-friendly durable paints. Each creation is unique with no two brush-strokes the same.



Every Touchwood creation undergoes a comprehensive process of wood cutting, sanding, priming, further sanding, and painting. Each product’s background is created by blending two or more vibrant colours. The choice of colours imbibes a specific energy to the product. For most of our products, a positive affirmation or symbol is then lovingly added. All affirmations have an energy about them, which can be felt between the spaces of each letter. The primary focus of Touchwood is to provide positive affirmations either to yourself or your loved ones. Our products can of course be created to your wishes, including size, colour blend and affirmation/name/wording. Please contact us to discuss your wishes.

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