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Wildcards, time-space, fractal time and our accelerating spiritual awakening

It is 23 June 2017 and four and a half years have passed since the End Date of the Mayan Long Count Calendar. Life has changed for many as our societal, political, economic, cultural and spiritual paradigms have explosively split, cracked and fractured. We are in the Age of Aquarius and at a unique time-space transition consciousness turn point. Are we tipping the balance between increased collective super-consciousness or running backwards into the arms of the Matrix? In spite of the seeming chaos and turbulence of our current times, many significant happenings are taking place that are gifting us opportunities for spiritual evolvement. Behind all of the dark headlines, there is a stirring of super-consciousness awakening many individuals to action. We are being gifted with looking at old problems in a new ways. It is our choice and our choice alone that will determine how we express our individual selves and how we shape the collective reality we eventually experience. 


To hasten our awakening states, many wildcards have appeared in our political landscape and many previously undreamt possibilities are there for the taking. These wildcards are not saviours or heralds of a new consciousness. They are ordinary human beings like us who make all sorts of choices throughout their lives – they are neither good nor bad. These people are called wildcards because it is not possible to guess what their next move will be. The ultimate spiritual purpose of wildcards is to shake things up in order to present us with new ways of looking at old problems. The implication of any wildcard is that they either map out new ideological territory or attempt to deliver us back into the Matrix. Political wildcards include the US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, leader of North Korea. Both of these leaders have the power to effect massive social and political change in their respective regions of the world. Time will tell whether they carry on with business as usual or set in motion novel and new ways of ‘squaring the circle’. Trump has backed away from the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) and the policy-driven phoney global warming scam. Jong-un however, follows in the footsteps of his father taking us all back into a Cold War era. Free choice rules and free choice dictates many aspects of our current reality. 


The Matrix and its illusions:

Geo-politically, it is clear that many developed regions of the world have their democratic process stage managed. Both the Left and Right of Europe bat for the same team and in America, Liberalism and Capitalism have been steam rolled into one ideology. Europe, for example, would like to consolidate all political, economic and military decisions to one centralised command. Nation states, patriotism and cultural uniqueness are to be crushed as the mould of the New World Order yet again creates an even more centralised trading and living zone. The so-called ‘work of ages’ of the Secret Controllers, however, has sprung a few leaks and things are not working out as planned. Taking the UK as an example, a referendum led to a Brexit and a political manoeuvre by the same Tory party has led to an election in which its majority disappeared. This is the first time that any political party in the UK is attempting to govern the nation without a working majority. The alliance with the Northern Ireland D.U.P. will be doomed to early failure. Not only that, many voters in the UK are fed up with the austerity programme imposed on them and switching to Labour. Labour promises to re-nationalise the railways and scrap student tuition fees etc. The Tony Blair or NWO members of the Labour Party are attempting to remain quiet through gritted teeth. In other words, the work of ages is showing massive fissures in its concrete fist. Similarly, the European Union is in the process of splitting back into its constituent parts with many countries wanting their national status back. These events represent massive change and are analogous to a dam (New World Order) trying to hold back the powerful sea of consciousness (awakening populace i.e. me and you) forcing change across the world. The mainstream media predictively call these movements ‘populist’. They are anything but and represent the cutting edge of a spiritually-awakened populace. If these movements were populist, voters would be turning out en-masse to vote but the opposite is true. Over 12 million people did not vote in the recent French Presidential elections and voter participation this low should lead to questions about the legitimacy of their democratic process.

 Mayan Calendar End Date:

The Ancients, however, foresaw the flavour of these current times thousands of years ago. They also said that events following their calendar end date would usher in a new consciousness and mankind would plough a new field in which no-one knew what was being planted and what the fruits of these labours would be. Interestingly, military and commercial ‘remote viewers’ were unable to see past 2012 because these times were ‘off’ the time fractal pattern or cycle. The Ancients based their calendar on the Earth’s Procession of the Equinoxes which takes approximately 25,925 years to complete. At the end of this cycle within cycle within cycles, a spiritual ‘harvest’ takes place. According to the time fractal pattern cycle, civilisations rise and fall within a 5,125 year period. This is the fifth time we have come to this point and miraculously, we made it into 2013. As we passed through this pivotal time-space region, planet Earth found itself in a part of the galaxy it has never been in before. The energies within this part of the galaxy are different and they are waking us up. We are being bombarded daily with powerful and creative waves which are life-saving, life-preserving and life-changing.

 Fractal time and a new space-time path:

Gregg Bradenwrote a book called ‘Fractal Time’. In it he argues that our history has been punctuated by significant social, cultural and political events that show up at specific and recurring time periods – time fractals. One pattern of time fractal images can represent for example a global war. This global war fractal pattern may repeat itself every 425 years. Thus we are ‘doomed’ to experience a global war every 425 years and the only thing that changes is the technology of killing and the amount of dead bodies. At other times in our not-too-distant past, it was almost impossible to speak our individual truth and if we did, we could be burned to death at the stake. Women were vilified and many of the ‘old ways’ of healing and honouring the earth were stamped upon. The current shift in the balance towards the light and away from the dark is illuminating for the first time organised, high level paedophilia, political and industrial corruption at massive scales. Many of these revelations do indeed wake us up because none of it was ever expected. Many politicians, movie stars, singers, business and religious leaders will be exposed for what they are and what they represent. Their time is up and they must, like all of us, make conscious choices on their next expressions within Life. The energies of the past 2000 years have been dark, sticky and dense and just like the worm that turns, we no longer have to hide – it is now time to shine our light.

Fractal time however, can only operate within the time period of 25,925 years because the end of this period represents a new cycle. Thus, the path we are now treading has no time fractal associated with it. This means we no longer need ‘repeat’ historical patterned events from another part of a past fractal time cycle. Based on this understanding, it is highly unlikely a global world war III will break out, yet there will be regional aggressions, particularly in the Middle East. We are at a transition point in consciousness and the old must go before we let the new in. That is why police forces the globe over are now highly militarised and why the old Control System wants to know everything about us – they have lost control and do not like it. Our spiritual transition is made much easier because planet Earth is now line of sight to our Great Central Sun. This stellar ‘black hole’ is changing the consciousness of everything in its path. Some people call this new cycle the Age of Aquarius.

Our awakening is now

This is a time of massive social and spiritual change and we have to go through all of this in order to change what is not working in our lives. Whether we feel any of this or not, we are all in a cosmic state of flux. Change is something we should get used to because the cosmology of our soul is moving to a new plateau and birthing of super-consciousness. This is our sole reason for our existence in this dimension of life, a graceful and grateful return back to the One.



Gregg Braden, Fractal Time, Publisher Hay House, 2010