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Remembrance Workshop 1: Introduction to our Many Selves and the Nature of Our Reality:

This is our Merkaba light body


In spite of what we are told about the nature of ourselves and how things work through the social processes of friends, family, religion, the media, schools and universities, there is much more going on, unseen within and between ourselves and the planet we live on. In essence, we are Beings of Light doing our stuff in a Divine state of not knowing; we are much, much bigger than we think we are. Part of our journey and much of the reason we are here is to remember the immensity of who we are and why we are here. We consciously and purposely agreed to come here into a set of physical and spiritual constructs to 'test' the energies of this part of the Cosmos and also to explore all possibilities of ourselves. In doing so, we further expand the knowing of Life or God-Source and continue our journey upwards and within the frequencies and spirals within Life.


There is a great DVD called 'Tuning In' available on the Kryon.com website which is full of all sorts of goodies. I illustrate a 4 minute clip where 4 channels talk about the Soul, the nature of the 'veil/forgetfulness' whilst we are in 3D and the 'big picture' itself.

At a higher level of awareness/consciousness, there is no such thing as right or wrong, everything is as it is. At a 3D level of experience, we all have views on what is right and what is wrong. This is appropriate because we cannot see or feel the 'full picture'. To explain this further, was Hitler evil, right or wrong to do what he did to the peoples of Germany and the global community before and during the second world war? From a 3D perspective and with historical hindsight, there are some people who still argue he was right whilst the majority now say he was evil. It is also useful to point out that at that time (and also during the first world war) a lot of the European nobility and the royal families supported his views as did Father Bush' grandfather, Jed Bush give massive financial support to aid Hitler's war effort. The point however is this, from an expanded consciousness, Hitler was just another soul winding his way around the spirals of Life who volunteered to come back to Earth to shake up mass consciousness by carrying out truly evil deeds and offer choices to people to define themselves. In other words, the 'rules of engagement' if you like on Earth are based on free choice or duality. From this expanded perspective it is easy to say that Hitler came into body to provide the peoples of the world to choose between good or evil. Our history is replete with such characters from back in the day to present day e.g. the Bushes, Blair, Mugabe ad nauseam. If there is no black, how can you define white, without an up there is no down, without right how can there be left? Without the dark there cannot be light! I envisage this basic template of 3D Life as a line or continuum between light and dark i.e. duality/yin yang thing, not a strictly this or that i.e. polarity.

 These people have provided us the opportunity to define ourselves as something which we are not - the choice is ours to make. Strange as it may seem, the God Source provides us with nothing but angels. Life after all, is a 'stage', we make our entrance, do our stuff, make our exit and leave it to the audience to think what they think. To bring this smack up to date and to link what happened in Germany (i.e. from a 3D and expanded consciousness perspectives) from the 1930s onwards I am writing this on the 10th May 2010 and I stayed awake for as long as I could to watch events as they unfolded at the televised British General Election. Besides the voting 'irregularities' experienced at key marginal seats, I was gob-smacked that anyone would vote for parties that legitimised an illegal war in Iraq and as a consequence of these actions, many hundreds of thousands of people died, many of them children. From my 3D perspective (I did not vote) it was unbelievable that many people 'forgot' those atrocities against fellow man during a so-called democratic event but at a higher level I understand that all happens in perfect cosmic order with good reasons for these events taking place. Everyone regardless of their intent are providing the perfect landscape to enable me or you to define ourselves in relation to events which we agree to - or not. When we begin to truly understand ourselves a truly unhitherto reality begins to emerge as we begin to Remember who and what we are. For a fuller discussion, see the early Neale Donald Walsch (Conversations with God) books - truly inspiring.


The nature of reality:

Everything is energy and matter of all kinds can be defined as having a specific frequency. You can say that something with frequency has movement or is able to oscillate. This applies to us as individual human beings, as it does to grains of sand and to those great balls of fire in the Cosmos. We each have a specific signature of electromagnetic energy that interconnect to everything else, thus at some level we influence each other in both subtle and not-so subtle ways. When I began understanding that Life and all within her was bits of energy all connected into a great web it explained an awful lot about the nature of my reality. Not only does everything have a specific frequency, in so-called inert matter its physical form can be altered by changing its frequency. In other words, everything that we see or deem to be physical is made possible through the media of sound. An illustration of this is shown below through the study of Cymatics as brought forward by Hans Jenny. Cymatics is the study of wave phenomena and the clip beautifully shows how differing frequencies of sound energy are able to produce various geometric shapes in sand, spores and other environmental media. All you need is a flat plate, sand or spores and a signal generator (to produce a frequency) and a speaker (see below).





This next clip illustrates what happens when you use the same principles using sacred chant music. It begins to get interesting I guess if you were to use the music of Beethoven and Mozart to see what patterns emerge and then change tack using heavy rock music. Mozart's music truly is of the Celestial Spheres i.e. geometrically arranged and is able to provoke deep emotions such as timeless space, deep reflection and love/acceptance of self.



Getting back to 'everything is energy', it can explain an awful lot about ourselves. If everything has a specific frequency, by definition two possibilities can emerge, (a) everyone and everything has an optimum frequency and a range of frequencies around this focal energy and (b) frequencies just outside our optimum range i.e. higher or lower have the capability to de-tune our characteristic signature frequency. We are all different (thankfully) and we experience the world slightly differently. We are aware of stuff that our neighbour has no idea of its occurrence. Some of us can see and feel stuff that is well out of the range for most people. Clairvoyants, seers etc, are able to 'tune' into different realities and bring forward in their visions events that will take place a few days ahead and some people can see auras around people, objects and places. These people are 'broad banded' in their energy signature in that their optimum operating frequencies go well beyond what most people are able to experience. To them it is as real as real can be although they have to consciously achieve these altered states. Some of us have to work a little harder to achieve these altered states and its do-able through conscious breath work, meditation and intent. The downside to our energy bodies is that we can be de-tuned in all sorts of ways by the inclusion of mind-altering food additives and toxic substances in our food and water.

Our auras show our present state of being, 'red with rage', green with envy are sayings that go back into our evolution. The saying, 'living under a black cloud' which amply describes that you are unable to think straight, you are stuck and off balance. Thus, one of the biggest single dis-ablers to achieving a balanced state is fear. Its propagation via our social processes, spearheaded by the Secret Government media is one reason why so many people 'close down' to what Life can potentially offer; being aware and discerning of everything that comes to us is one way of taking our power back. We also live in an electromagnetic soup with transmitted radio waves from all sources that collectively pull us 'off frequency', decrease the powers of our immune system and cause dis-ease. The list of de-tuners is vast but I mention vaccines as a major issue here and now because the Secret Government are after our kids and young ones because their DNA is different and they are attempting to shut their new spiritual centres down. Do an internet search on Indigoes, Crystal children and DNA to see what I am talking about.


I think that enlightenment and a happy well-balanced outlook on life is just one thought away. That first step or thought sets in motion a whole chain of events, synchronistically arranged to offer us a new way of experiencing Life; as ever, Life may not show up in the ways we thought and we can dismiss these events as just events, embrace these changes or consciously choose 'not to go there'. Once you recognise and allow synchronicity into your Life, most things will never be the same again because it will offer new opportunities to old scenarios. It is a time for reflection because these new events will ask you to consider a new way of thinking. Its a good time to let go of all the stuff that is not working in your Life. In some ways, having a 5 sense view of reality i.e. accepting conventional wisdom on the stuff of Life is the norm for a lot of people but there is more, much more to Life when we look beyond the things we can only touch, see, smell, hear etc. I illustrate below a clip from a channel who brings forward information from our other-dimensional friends to talk about 'synchronicity' and how these events are 'gifts' from you, to you and that every single thing in your Life you sent to yourself (with a little help from your angel friends).


To summarise the key theme in this workshop, in spite of all the seemingly crap/hard going stuff going on in our lives, there is rhyme and reason for it to be there. Its a case of looking beyond the obvious to ask - what is Life asking of me right now..... because you (an aspect of Source or Life) set all your challenges and issues within Life, and, you also provided yourself the answers as well.


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