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Remembrance Workshop II: Introduction to our Many Selves and the Nature of Our Reality:

The symbolic fires of Kundalini


We are individuated 'splinters' of the All That Is and as we journey into this 3D drama, much of our Greatness and our 'other selves' are hidden. Our Mer-Ka-Ba light body vehicle which is a double tetrahedron in shape (see above) connects us to many other dimensions and realities of Existence. Kryon reminds us that our individual DNA hold record of what and whom we are, what we have done in innumerable lifetimes and these knowledge, knowing and experience are available to us right now. The DNA in a sense is a portal or vortex to our Higher Self and part of the DNA's 'physical' manifestation is our Mer-Ka-Ba crystalline lightbody. Recommended reading on this aspect of our hidden selves are: (a) Drunvaldo Melchizedek - The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Vol. I&II and (b) Robert Lawlor - Sacred Geometry.

Our 3D physical body is a wondrous vehicle in which we can explore our 3D reality. It is a complex biological instrument that on the one hand, identifies us as 'me' a definite persona, yet on the other hand also plugs us into our much bigger unseen 'matrix'. That bigger 'matrix' is what is contained within our DNA. The 3D body holds various physical bits and pieces such as the lungs, heart, spleen etc. which are modulated by other physical bits of our body. Various glands regulate and initiate all sorts of biological signals that automate many of our physiological processes. Crucially, specific organs such as glands are under the control of chakras. Chakras (Sanskrit for spinning wheels) have a characteristic frequency and there are 7 easily identified areas of the body in which they are located and there are several more beyond the crown chakra (whose purpose at this time I know nothing about).

Body chakras and associated colur spectrum energies:

Each chakra has an individual role within the body i.e. survival, power, heart-centred, expansion etc. but they ultimately function as one in keeping us balanced, aware and conscious. That is to say, they act as one to ensure our physical and conscious bodies are open to the 'intelligent energy' of the All That Is. Sometimes, we get blockages in our lives and blockages may occur when we attempt to hold things in, do not face the 'facts' or consequences of our actions, thoughts and deeds. These blockages (usually in the meridians) manifest as dis-ease or specific parts of the physical body become adversely affected. Ultimately, the chakras have been 'pulled off' frequency and in effect, Life is saying that there is something in your life that you need to look at and resolve. Some people who can see beyond our 5 sense reality can see several colours around the human body including the individual colours (frequencies) of the chakras and how these colours interact within our overall human aura rainbow.

The human energy field is therefore vast, multi-faceted and beyond measure. Beyond all this spiritually-tekkie fluffy stuff we directly effect this cosmic dance of energy and biology within our physical body by our thoughts, words and deeds. Life after all is a huge mystery whilst we are in 3D and the fun is putting it all together whilst in body. Without the veil over our eyes, Life would be full, there would be nothing to search for because we would be 'within' that which we seek: game over.

I have talked a little about energy and frequency so far but I would like to move onto consciousness. That perennial question 'who am I' can quite literally drive you to elation or despair (depending on its outcome). For a long time, I have accepted that who I am is something that is out there somewhere; quite where was not an issue for me. Kryon says that our 'consciousness' the mysterious 'I Am' is held within the DNA and not the brain. The brain in effect, mediates stuff between our DNA and the brain but its the DNA which holds this aspect of us. There are numerous examples of people having more than half their brain removed yet they are still able to remember who they are and to reason and function more or less normally!!

I would like to shift the discussion somewhat by talking about and presenting stuff related to our awesome powers as creators. Other star races call us the 'dreamers' because within our holographic setup we consciously create either joyfully or not, the type of world we live in. In a nutshell, we have created every single thing within our conscious field and its all playing itself out to perfection. Within and throughout these drama we sent ourselves 'reminders from Home' in case we forget why we are here. One such messenger is Dr Emoto and his signature tune within our Cosmic Dance of Remembrance is all about Intent.


The experiments that Dr Emoto has been doing for some years now can easily be done at home. Instead of using complex equipment such as scanning electron microscopes etc. you can use vegetables, cooked rice and perishable foods to focus your Intent (see below).



 and the final outcome is here:


Dr Emoto's work reminds us that the power of Intent is awesome in defining an outcome that you would like to see or happen. Within this concept of using the power of Intent it also makes sense to assume that through our conscious thoughts and focus we can get things done whether negative or positive: intelligent energy has no bias to dark or light, up or down, it merely responds to Intent. This is one reason why collective focus on an event is very powerful in getting the job done. When you meditate as a group and the facilitator is pure in Intent, the facilitator can set the tone and outcome for the entire group. Meditating in a group is awesome and full of power, it can unlock all sorts of blockages, particularly for those 'stuck' in the early stages of meditation who say they 'feel nothing' or 'nothing ever happens'. I like Emoto's 'reminders from Home' because they span the gap (with evidence) between those who know that there is a lot more to Life than is on the table to those who are perhaps skeptical or unable to release themselves from within the confines of a 5 sense reality.

For me personally, the most powerful aspect of Intent is in upping my power of discernment. When I see or hear an event take place or politician on TV etc. talking about what they are going to do or would like to do I ask myself the question, what is their Intent? This immediately opens the floodgates to various bits of information that is apparently un-related but one by one the Intent is made clear, I am able to dot all these events into the questions I ask and I am able to respond accordingly. Quite simply, it is a matter of asking that this or that happen and it does, providing you are clear in your Intent.

Another aspect of our wondrous selves that will turbocharge our inner understanding in connecting to more of Life is merely to accept oneself in all and every way. This one thought will re-configure our spiritual energy signature to optimum. To love yourself is to be happy 'within' yourself. You begin to recognise that you are more than your physical body. You no longer need to conform to accepted notions of beauty and thought or, in doing things in the 'traditional' manner. You become self contained, you glow or should I say that people sense a change in 'You'. Your aura proclaims to the world at large that you are balanced, happy, open and able to engage with all sorts of circumstances good and bad and all sorts of people good or bad. Any form of spiritual change begins within and from this change of perspective and that is all it is, Life itself flows and you go with it, rather than against it.

The other powerful aspect of accepting oneself fully is to realise that you are one player, distinct and individual yet intimately connected to the All within Life. You will give thanks to everything and everyone in your world simply because you recognise, they are you and you are they, including all the sources of your food and the water you drink. This one thought has the ability to change your perspective on how we produce food and/or the true Intent of the farm producers. The saying 'do unto others as you would like them do unto you' springs to mind. The tapestries of and within Life suddenly become much much bigger and elaborate. You also become happy in the knowing that you do not know All There is To Know. This is subjugation of the mind/ego and allows you to be open to that you formerly closed off. You are able to change someone else' life, simply by being there and holding your energy. Its all about the energies and the Intent within those energies.

Following on from this is the notion of 'letting go'. Your mind is constantly at work weighing up all the options and implications. It 'thinks' on all sorts of levels. It is always good to be 'mindful' of situations but it should not close you down to Life: the opposite is needed. Past experiences are just that, they should not colour the way in which you respond to constantly occurring events. Each happening in your life occurs within a specific space/time focal point within the Wheels of Life and although you may think you are caught up in some form of de-ja-vu, there are always new opportunities for you to re-define yourself in response to those new events.

Before 'letting go' however, you need to identify and reflect on who you really are, what are your buttons, how easy can someone else press them, where has your knowledge/knowing come from and are they yours or not? Do you respond to people based on what you think you know about them? Do you dismiss people having certain racial features, gender, age, occupation? Lots of people are over-socialised to the point that they will defend their point of view with their life. They are unable to see other alternatives and become 'cannon-fodder' to the media storytellers who have an intimate knowledge of which buttons to press and for how long to achieve their intended effect - usually division.

The intent behind much of the content within our socialising processes is to recruit unknowing 'helpers' of the status quo; in effect, our media storytellers thrive on separating us from who we truly are by belting us daily with belief systems that ultimately direct our very thought process....and subsequent actions towards a specific goal. Letting go in this sense is just one thought away....the Authentic You does not worry about what people think, having the latest status symbol (whatever that may be) fear of any sort has no room in your heart, ego is finally subdued, you have peace of mind and a balanced outlook on Life because you are in the power of You.

The Authentic You understands something of the Game of Life with a highly developed sense of discernment and inner knowing. In return, Life opens out to stretch you in your pre-arranged Contract on what you wanted to experience, see and do prior to you coming into body. Letting go will re-configure your characteristic energy body signature to allow more of Life (light) into your world and it is one more simple yet powerful facet of taking your power back.


The Power of Now:

Eckhart Tolle is another messenger with an amazingly simple 'reminder from Home'. The absolute focal point of our attention and consciousness should reside in the absolute moment of Now. We 'dilute' our Now creative powers when we think back to past events. Past events act as a prison to how we could or should react to what is happening right here right now. Future events also diminish the power of Now because we have projected our consciousness to some place in the future. There is absolutely nothing we can change in the power of Now to alter past or future events. The power of Now is 'tabula-rasa' roughly translated as a clean slate. A clean slate in this sense has no experience or expectation on how things will turn out. Thus, you give it your full undivided attention, focus and consciousness. It is out of these moments that come 'wahah' or revelations because you have simply dipped inside of yourself to reveal that which you are looking for. Lack of expectation of any kind leaves no room for pre-conceived ideas of thought and subsequent old fashioned behaviour. The power of Now unlocks magical moments in how you manifest that which you want out of Life or an aspect of yourself that you need to understand in relation to the Game of Life.

To summarise the above, we are amazingly powerful beings of Light and we have inserted ourselves into many slivers of many different realities. Our incarnation into 3D is challenging because we come in under a veil and part of our effort in understanding the world is to firstly understand ourselves. All of Life is co-operative and we have numerous helpers both physical and off-world/dimensions to nudge us back to where we said we would like to go. They point the way but its up to us to open the door. There are no victims within this Game of Life and it is a case of remembering Who You Truly Are.

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