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Remembrance Workshop 7 - Taking Our Power Back II


 We are multidimensional beings and we create our own realities

Everything we experience in Life is down to us. It was brought to us by us; everything. Our focus provides the lens on which we see, feel and interpret our world. Our 3D reality or world of duality i.e. infinite possibilities enable us to choose in a particular way, how to view and respond to a given situation. It is easy to respond to a given situation in the same old ways; like a vinyl record that you play over and over again. Eventually, we get 'stuck' and appear helpless to Life's situations. We then close down on available Life opportunities and continue to chase our 'tail', unhappy and out of balance. We have created our reality (based on the expectation we gave it) in which a given set of relationships and social encounters play themselves out. The maestro in all of this is you and its all perfect according to your choices. Some people attract the same life situations time and time again whether its spouse abuse, helplessness, shallow relationships, feelings of lack of this or that etc. This is Life knocking on your door and asking you to choose what you would like to do with this particular moment. Will it be the 'same old same old' or will it be something completely different? Life, is very accommodating, It will send you the same opportunity a myriad of times until you choose to change the 'record' and do what you came here to do. Life can be dull, boring and mundane or it can be 'interesting', 'exciting' and full of wonder. The choice is yours. You can look at this in a 'small' or 'big' way. The world of work is ripe with both small and big opportunities for Change.

The first step is recognising that for most of us we are 'creatures of habit'. We respond to events based on expectation. Expectation is both familiar and to an extent 'ingrained'. Before you can allow the 'new' in, you must release the 'old'. Instead of going to work in the same way, try a different route or mode of transport. Instead of passing 'old grumpy' from the third floor in total silence, say good morning, stop and have a chat. Instead of sending off a flurry of email requests for help/advice, go and see that person and talk face to face. The quality of your life in work is based to a large degree on how you interact with others and your expectation of how they will react with you. Within the context of 'tantra' this is known as acknowledging the existence of someone i.e. 'I See You'. This 'I See You' concept is the very basis of your humanity and it works wonders in clearing old-age blockages. In order for any of this 'magic' to enter your Life, you firstly remember that everything that is happening to you is a gift to you from You and secondly, you must be open to changes. Its all about taking responsibility for everything in your Life, being open and not being scared of doing something completely differently. Its time to change the record. In a literal sense, we create our moment-by-moment realities 'on the fly'. Its manifestation is instantaneous and literally smacks us in the face. This is because what we focus on becomes our reality. Neale Donald Walsch's Conversation With God books remind us that 'Life shows up in no other way than what we expect it to'. There is no bias within the design of Intelligent Energy, Love/Life or God-Source, it gives us exactly what we expect. That is why some people go to work 'under a cloud' and literally hate every moment of it whilst others are accepting of this Life situation and manage to get on with their Life.

When the stuff in your Life is not working, its time to change it. These times represent moments of real big opportunities for change and in understanding yourself. I also felt called to another part of the globe where the energies are different. Last night (14/6/2010) I read an article here which fully described my state of mind back then (click here). When Life nudges you in a particular way, you will know very quickly whether you have made the right decisions. Firstly and in perfect synchronicity, your world may open out for you to embrace new vistas of reality. You will meet new people, places and events and they just slot into position, creating a new 'mosaic' within your Life. Life is based on joy, happiness and bliss and was not meant to be a chore. Feel the fear and do it anyway is the motto of the day because what we fear is based on our past experiences, expectation and part of our 'drama' its nothing more than illusion. You knowingly take your power back when you leave fear behind and embrace the new.


The bottom line: your focussed intent is a very powerful manifestation tool. If you do not exercise your brilliance to your own good, there are other people who spend a lifetime perfecting ways in which they will do it for you; to benefit them and not you!! (see BBC below). Our notions of reality can to a large extent be steered and moulded into a particular direction. We listen to all sorts of explanations on what's going on and then we make a choice as to whom we believe. Unfortunately, instead of looking inside and feeling for our answers, we are persuaded of a given reality by the people telling the fairytale i.e. the professors, scientists, politicians and of course the media talking heads. Discernment is key and in most situations, its a case of analysing what is being said and comparing that to what actually happened. In any event, Truth does not need to defend itself, it just is.

Propaganda, bias and social conditioning as a means of societal control


The global media whether its in the UK, America or elsewhere has a very simple goal in Life. In essence, to persuade us that 'their' view of the world is the correct view to adopt in our world. The irony behind the BBC is that the British taxpayers unwittingly pay for and subsidise this organ of mass persuasion and manipulation. All the major media persuaders usually get their news material from one source, usually Reuters. The co-ordination and reporting of global, country-specific and local events are orchestrated almost perfectly across the globe, every single day of our lives. Much of the media fanfare is based on fear because they know that in order to herd the collective decisions of country A or country B, to a given outcome, there has to be a bogeyman or terrorist to get our focus and attention. Once they have our attention, they fill it with dire consequences and pummel us mercilessly, day in day out on their chosen storyline /fairytale. Their purpose is to psychologically soften and prepare us to incorporate their agenda-driven view of the world and consequent actions. Over long periods of time in bombarding us with a particular view of reality, they make us think their fairytale is in effect 'ours'. The content, format and timing of news events is prepared by the entities behind these organisations who collectively I call the 'dark t-shirts'. The dark t-shirts leech and parasite off us via our emotional states and literally are less than human. Their food is our fear, hence the daily onslaught of death and destruction on TV and myriad other 'news' media outlets.


The BBC is a perfect example of the orchestration of the reporting of news events to follow a pre-determined agenda. This is evident from what they focus on or more significantly, what they choose not to report. There is much on the internet regarding the positive bias of the BBC with that of the zionist leaders of Israel. When the Israeli leadership pummeled the Gaza Strip, a few years back its reporting by the BBC was a bit washed-out to say the least. The BBC also refused to air and support a humanitarian Aid type event to help these survivors and come to think of it, was Geldof and Bono supporting this humanitarian event? The latest Middle East gung-ho event was the commando-style raid on the civilian Aid flotilla by the Israeli militia. It was interesting to see and compare how the BBC World News, France24 and Al Jazeera (English) satellite channels covered these events. All these channels are Illuminati-controlled (including Al Jazeera, English) and the general tone of the presenters were indignation and angst that anyone would try and break this Israeli embargo. At one point the BBC news presenters blamed the victims of this flotilla massacre by asking 'what else could the Israelis do if the Aid convoy protesters were told they would not be allowed to break this blockade'. Unbelievable but true!

When I do watch TV news its usually PRESS TV (Hotbird channel 816). At one level, it is the antithesis of the globally controlled news networks (particularly regarding the Middle East) but at a higher level it is clear to see that this channel like all the others, serves up a dish of humanity's dark deeds on a daily basis. Fear and terror are the dishes of today and every day.

Another news story that has not been aired is that of Hollie Greig who was repeatedly raped by the so-called movers and shakers of the Scottish political/legal establishment 'elites' Gordon Brown and other persons of the English political establishment are also implicated in this paedophilia ring. The Scottish legal establishment have turned a blind eye as have all the Scottish political leaders. The media has not reported on this issue in any depth and I saw or heard nothing of these events during the recent British General Election.

At this brief superficial level of analysis it is clear that the media is used to promulgate some stories and not others. The BBC news media focus on effect not cause and of course, they employ 'talking heads' who are either mind-controlled or sympathetic to the New World Order (NWO) cause to further their agenda /fairytale. The BBC media define the terms of reference of the so-called 'debate' and quickly extinguish voices of dissent by pulling the big switch or cutting to either a commercial break (satellite viewers) or change of topic i.e. its infamous 'weather forecasts'. Interestingly, I have noticed an awful lot of English ex-BBC presenters on the French24 satellite channel as well as many others reporting for the Al Jazeera English speaking channel. Al Jazeera even has one of the pillars of the BBC establishment in the form of David Frost and I think these ties and links between the BBC media people and the new news outlets of satellite TV all over the globe, says a lot about how 'tight' the control mechanisms are within the global media.

The BBC is a monolith of mass persuasion not just because of its position as Illuminati newsreaders but because it also has its tentacles in radio broadcasting, TV and the new news frontiers of satellite and digital programming. Besides managing the news and setting and preparing us for upcoming Illuminati agendas, it also plays a big part in British social and cultural life. If you look at its terrestrial TV output, particularly its 'soaps' and very light 'dramas' you find that its full of the worst of human negative emotions. Murder and murder are the BBC's soup of the day. East Enders in particular is one of the most depressing pieces of TV I have ever seen.

Through the medium of TV, all sorts of stereotypes are served up for our edification. If you think that all of this is baloney, cast your mind back to the 1950's onwards and how Hollywood portrayed the arrival of the white settlers and subsequent violence and ethnic cleansing of the native Americans. The 'cowboy and injun' film became a profitable genre for much of the world, yet the story of genocide on the indigenous peoples was conveniently forgotten. The media and Hollywood portrayed black people as gestures of fun vis-a-vis 'yessuh', whilst he/she tapdanced around the floor holding a broom. The portrayal of all sorts of races /people within the Illuminati-controlled media being this or that do have an effect on the people who watch these movies.

People whose realities are thus 'positioned', buy into the notion that 'primitive' peoples are savages who need 'educating' into the ways of the West. The histories of the peoples of Africa, Australia and India were shaped by these notions of reality whether from the movies, newspapers or the political leaders (Illuminati-controlled) of the West from way back in the day. Times and technologies have now changed yet the same old control systems of 'reality shifting, reality changes' are still in operation and they are still trying to mould and manipulate our world views in both subtle and covert ways. We are approaching the Mayan date of 21/12/2012 and over the past 10 years there has been a huge awakening amongst the peoples of the world. Conscious viewers represent a threat to the dark t-shirt NWO agenda. In response, the media have ramped up their efforts to programme us into being model NWO citizens by dumbing down what we watch and shifting the focus of programming to either police/secret security-type dramas and of course the 'reality' shows in which everyone wants to be a celeb. You could say, switch off then! The same old stories /fairytales are also found in the newspapers, magazines, radio and they hammer us relentlessly. It all works through repetition until one day, all we talk about is what was on TV last night.  In the same vein and bringing us almost upto the present day, the output of the BBC in terns of its TV content is poor. There are no dissident comic talent on the BBC, its documentaries, particularly its so-called flagship Horizon programmes are nothing short of blatant lies, hearsay and misinformation. This programme's stance on so-called global warming has to be seen to be 'believed'.

To say that BBC TV has been dumbed down is a massive understatement. The BBC has always dealt in promulgating a particular world view based on its orders from the dark t-shirts. Real political debate within the environs of the BBC is almost dead because the time frame in which they needed to inculcate a NWO mentality into our very consciousness has now passed its zenith. Comics with an alternative societal view of today's realities just do not cut the mustard with BBC controllers, they are never given any airtime. More and more people now recognise that there is a huge discrepancy in what's being reported and what actually happens. The shift of ages is now upon us and for the people with eyes to see and ears to listen, the BBC news, weather, political and economic reporting (and reporters) could well be reporting from another planet.

The BBC began its life with radio and this branch of the monolith is particularly aged and matured for its unspoken role in manipulating our realities. Take BBC London which is a local station for Londoners. Supposedly, this is espoused to be a model of citizen democracy in which the State (BBC) ask its listeners for their views on the day's news. The phone-ins are particularly instructive in illustrating precisely what goes on behind the scenes. Before you phone in, you are vetted to ensure you are on topic (which is fine) but I seldom hear alternative views on anything. By alternative views I mean anything outside the remit of the so-called left-right political consensus. BBC London uses its phone-ins to check where we are on particular issues i.e. it is used to gauge our opinions and this information is given to the powers that be so that any proposed changes /legislation etc. can be introduced in one giant step or whether the step by step, tiptoe approach (Icke) is more appropriate.

Like other BBC media, an awful lot of airtime is taken up with weather and traffic updates and of course, on how wonderful the station is. In reality, there is very little time to discuss issues that really matter for an awful lot of people. This is compounded by the fact that the phone-in presenters (one female daytime presenter in particular) talk for so long that by the time the question has been asked, you have had time to make tea, eat a sandwich, go shopping and do other stuff. In other words, BBC radio and BBC London in particular are not particularly interested in giving us diverse, uplifting content, rather they are more interested in garnishing information from all the people who phone in or email. This info is used to see how far they can push their agenda.

The BBC is just one piece of the mind control /manipulation jigsaw puzzle that goes on in our lives. If you also include the various agenda-setting objectives of the newspapers, fashion/culture magazines and this new media weirdness about everyone wanting to be a celebrity, it is no surprise that they have managed successfully to imprint their fragmented view of reality onto large sectors of our society and consciousness. We are blasted and bombarded every single day by all sorts of sound frequencies, radiowaves and lets not forget the onslaught of advertising on our TV, radio, transport and even the clothes we buy plus the foods we eat. That said and in spite of all the other myriad forms of social control including the use of subliminal embeds, the crap in our food and water, the worm is turning. We are finally starting to remember who we are and our magnificence. The more they push us the more they awaken us.

It is time now to take responsibility for what we believe to be true for us and by that I mean we should look at every single aspect of our belief systems and chuck out all the stuff that is not working. I repeat again and again, what we focus on becomes our reality. If we reduce the entire content and thrust of our lives to paying bills and the mortgage, what does that say about our collective realities? If we are in fear of losing our jobs, what sort of Life does that lead to? If the dark t-shirts force us all into 'survival mode' where is the joy in that?

In spite of all the stuff going on in the world, the dark t-shirts are finding it very difficult at the moment to contain our brilliance. We are now living in an amazing time in which the sand of time itself are changing. Chaos is beginning to reign and by that I mean that all the social, cultural, religious, political, economic and industrial control systems are behaving erratically. The dark t-shirts are finding it more and more difficult to control the situation. A hole appears here, they plug it and another bigger hole appears elsewhere. The CO2-derived global warming scam failed and they are unable to make the trillions of dollars, pounds and euros they so greedily wanted out of carbon trading credits. Instead, they manipulated the money markets to downgrade the credit ratings for several EU countries and forced its citizens to endure 'austerity measures' i.e. pay more taxes and expect fewer civil service jobs and less services from the state. Eventually, all the member countries of the EU will have power in deciding how to manage financial budgets taken out of their hands into a centralised unit of the EU. This scenario is now been rolled out throughout most of the developed countries and even countries like Japan (outside the EU) is shackling its population with 'austerity measures'. As they squeeze us into giving more of ourselves to them, they actually kickstart our awakening. We all have a limit on what we can do and when the state ask for more than which we can be given, chaos will reign i.e. the system will overload but unlike previous times, the dark t-shirts will not be able to contain us. Thank God /Life Source for these times because when we get through these next years, the world will be a completely different place.

Before our New World can really take hold within our consciousness, we have to release all the dark stuff and we now have very powerful energies which are doing just that. Its a case of getting rid of all the shysters and chucking out everything that is not working for us. It only takes a very small fraction of the global population to have a new thought i.e. just saying NO to bring this whole circus of deceit and illusion crashing to its knees.

We are much bigger than wannabe celebrities, cannon-fodder for the military or consumer soldiers for industry. To be really free of all this old energy programming of 'Little Me' we need to remember who we are, (Infinite Potential) and take responsibility for all facets of our Life experiences. The light will then literally pour in to make it so.

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